Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 33)


Manik felt that they both should spend some time together then he remembers the dress which he buyed. “Shall I ask for a date?” He that date word as something different

After two hours of regarous thinking he decided to take her on date he called her
” hello!” He took a deep breath after listening her voice he is little tensed
“Hello did you had your lunch?”
“Yes! Did you?”
Yes! Are you free at evening
“Kind of anyone are coming home?”
“No! Not at all can we go out?” He is shaking his legs
“Yeh!where and when?”
“On date with me”
Nandini heart stopped beating and again started beating fast “ok” she hardly spoke that
“Ok! Then at sharp 7 I will pick you up”
Both hanged up phone.
Nandini went to nyionika room stood still
“Nandu! What happened you want to ask anything?”
Nandini nodded her no
Then? Want to say something?
Nandini nodded yes
Nandini blushed
Munna said something
He asked me for date
What did you say?
Yes both hugged eachother twodays back nyionika while taking some file found bracket which Nandini has hidden it. She asked about it Nandini though feeling shy told the truth
Then on nyionika is forcing Nandini to ask Manik for a date but our ardarsh Nandini felt shy now as Manik praposed it she felt happen
Nyionika called designer and parlour ask them to come home
Nyionika, Medha and Sheela made Nandini to wear ten dress atleast took a white long frock then Nandini is been handed over to beaution she took three hours to make Nandini glow most

Here Manik called for a event manager and ordered for beautiful date theme with white curtains a sofa small table all natural lighting equipments like fieflies along with that southindian food lots of jasmines in a basket and rose petals on the path

Manik after everything was arranged called Aliya for a best suit for him on date. As it was group call all shouted mukhti warned not to be in hurry

By four Manik left office went to venue to check personally. He checked everthing then took parcel and reached home
Manik went directly to his room the room was empty called nandini for which her assistant said that mam went out she will reach 6:30 asked to inform you. Manik felt relaxed “Chutki you are getting ready to impress me ok! It’s my turn”
He shaved took shawor wear dress combed his hair wear shoe and looked in mirror twice looked at time it’s 6:45 o! No! He called Nandini
“Iam at home shall I come to pick?”
Come down iam here replied Nandini
Manik came down he wear a white shirt dark brown pant brown shades Nandini totally flat on him he is looking dashing
Manik looked Nandini she is white frock with a gift pack in her hand
Manik ran back to room and picked the packet and came down both started
Nandini appreciated his taste it was top hill place where a setting is placed in full white she walked on rose petals. Manik made her sit on sofa offered drinks.
Both started to compliment each other. Before Nandini could say aomething Manik said let me say about frist he started to say;
“This place is my favorate one when ever I feel lost I come here. When mom said to bring you I came here last time on that day.
Chutki! I don’t remember my dad when ever I see my brothers with my chachs I feel lonely is it not that they do so they love me a lot. Mom is my only weakness nd friends are my strength. I never did any mischief or any thing which may lead to any contraversary because I don’t have father to defend me. All cousin respect me lot more than their parents because of my such behaviour
My music is my passion architecture is my profession. How I have passion towards music got logic with my chachu’ my bhuwa is a singer in radio her voice is gods gift chachu say so I too have same passion
About kidnap and marrying you I speak honestly when mom forced me I thought of marrying you for sake of repayment but when I saw frist time on home theatre screen I felt that I was searching for from long back after that I was falling for you more and more I can’t see that Abhimanyu touching
But when I saw lifeless fainted I cried I repented after that what happened you know” he paused “it’s my story”
Nandini smiled” I too have same with little changed I too never did any mischieves I don’t want Appa to feel bad.
I sing all say I have special voice which miracle as in my family it’s only me who sing and dance that’s it”
So we born singers
“Shall we sing together now” Manik praposed
Nandini accepted Manik brought his guitar he carries it everywhere
Both started to sing “Mula Mula mera Mula Mann mathwalla kyy huwa”
In middle of the song he gave her gift she opened it after singing
” same dress we checked on that day” Nandini opened it in excitement
” yes I loved it”
“I too” both eyes struck Manik went near her from her shoulder removed hair and left them back her bare shoulders are shinning in light he touch form fingers to shoulder with his fingers which made Nandini crazy she took one step away from him Manik pulled her back she is front of her he hugged her from back and turned her head and kissed her. Manik’s hands are exploring her body totally she is breathing heavy he too
Nandini sat on sofa Manik took her besides place and relaxed back she rested on his arm Manik smiled.

Nandini and Manik are looking outside as sky was full of stars it’s beautiful both are just enjoying the feeling of each others presence
Nandini took his hand in her and handed gift to him
“What is this?”
Open it you will know
Ok he opened
Two bracelets of same design ” it’s for both of us”
He showed his hand she took bracelet and placed on his hand Manik did same
“From now on I will keep it I’ll never remove it” Manik said
” may be in concerts you have to”
“Not necessary”
She took his face and kissed on forehead, cheeks then on lips

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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