Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 31)

Fab5along with Nandini drives in her Benz which nyionika gifted her. All went to a pub as its evening time.
Everyone are enjoying Nandini too all are dancing then suddenly the other people in pub noticed them and started to ask for photos, autographs, Manik bit annoyed but did not show it
Suddenly they all shouted “fab5 song please”
Manik let leave it’s going to be a bad idea to stay here more” cabir said
“Why don’t you all sing? When you go home you do same so why not here they are showing so much love” Nandin questioned
“We came here to spend time with you” Aliya said
“May be but I too enjoy you guys playing music iam your fan so” Nandini exclaimed
Manik looked at her and smiled “ok! Guys lets do it”
They started playing music
Yaara o yaar a
Next it went on to five songs Manik was observing Nandini she is totally enjoying
After performance they were surrounded by crowd after a lots of efforts they came out of pub which was totally blocked police are trying to handle them these five are kept in safe zone
Nandini as she was coming out of police stopped her she was strucked she told police that she is Manik’s wife but they didn’t give attention she felt disharted
Manik about to walk out looked back for Nandini and noticed she is missing he turn around found Nandini standing in crowd he walked back fast and gave his hand she took it and hold it tight Manik looked into her eyes she was scared like a baby misses in crowd from parents he put his arms around her police man came near her and said sorry mam! She smiled in returned all came back

Manik sat besides Nandini holding her “I thought you will enjoy but it turn like this way”
“No! I enjoyed it most” Nandini declared
“But u were stuck some where which was not good ” mukhti in sad voice
“No! Don’t say that people don’t know me that’s it”
“What? Oooo! Wait I’ll show you something”cabir took Manik’s iPad
“Look this! All are your fans”
“Me????” Nandini is surprised
“Yes! They have your history biography and everthing ”
Nandini took iPad and started reading.
“It was about her to Manik”she smiled reading each comments
“Look one I will show which you have to read” Aliya showed one
“Manik you are my dream boy I love you so much I feel jealous on Nandini but she is cute”
This is best “dear Nandini protect your Manik he his so handsome that oneday I may snach him from you” Aliya read it loud everyone started laughing
Nikhil came from outside seeing them he to joined
Aliya was reading some more
Nikhil said to Nandini “did you remember that one day in masoori concert you got bhai’s autograph”
She said yes
“You know guys she travels to any place to attend your concerts and best part is her Appa gifts her everytime the tickets to three of them navya, Harshad and bhabhi”
Seriously?????? All shouted st a time
“Yes! It’s true” she exclaimed
“Oho! We have die hard fan in our own place and married to our lead that sounds great”
“Cabir bhai! You don’t know her she is …,”
” Nikhil please don’t Nandini stopped him
“Why??? All together said it
“Nikhil stop saying its my order iam your bhabhi now so” she tried to scare him
Manik was surprised at her and listened to her and went to his room though everyone tried to stop him
“This was not fair Nandu we need to know” mukhti said
“I used to stock you guys all the time skipping my Veena and vocal classes” Nandini smiled
“What! And we guys never know this”
“Yes even on that photo shoot your frist album where nobody were allowed to enter”
“How?”Aliya was in shock
“I used to sneak before you guys enter”
“Manik Malhotra you have a spy” druv warned Manik
” beware if you have any extramarital affairs you are dead ” cabir showed his neck with finger
“Bottom of the line we didn’t get Nandini you spyed for fab5 or for manikkkkkkk” mukhti blinked her eye
Manik is just admiring her the way she smile, talk, laugh, expressions, and surprisingly she commands ?
Nandini looked at Manik and then at mukhti “I like cabir so I used to do so”
Along with Manik everyone laughed cabir was just like o god expression
They all had good time together nyionika was observing Nandini from top floor she felt happy she wanly avoided them so that Nandini will get more closer to them usually nyionika loves this fab5 entertainment moments

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. Roma

    Omg it’s so beautiful n loveliest story. ..I feel so blessed reading it…sunitha my dearrrrr you’re amazing, love you loads. …

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