Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 30)

Manik came to lunch with two members. Nyionika is suffering with head ach so she is taking rest Nandini greeted them Manik went inside to fresh up fab5 was talking to them Nandini and Mona were fixing table Manik called Nandini she ran up
“I want some files in cupboard”she opened cupboard she removed all files he said which one he want she kept all them inside while she was going down Manik held her hand and stopped she turned back
“Look since long time iam trying to fix my hair iam unable can you help me see if mom is well she will so …”
Nandin took comb but Manik was tall she couldn’t reach him he sat on bed,she took his chin in hand and trying to comb Manik took hold of her waist and sitting Nandini gave small jerk and looked at him with same old broad eyes
“Don’t look me like that iam like this look iam not tolerating your so silent attitude you too tolerate me like this” he casually said it with his smile
This smile makes something in Nandini. she ingnore and combed him
“Now on daily your works are only mine and don’t even dare to make late in them” Manik tried to warn her
Nandini laughed she is laughing very much Manik is observing her
“Since from morning you are trying very hard to make me busy and divert me that was ok but this warning doesn’t suit you” she is still laughing he took her in arms put on bed and kissed her very passionately he was totally on her
“You know how hard to control these feelings when you are with me and you are making fun out of me so this is your punishment” he again kissed her
She pushed him away and got up and while running out said “I too know how to run away” Manik try to catch her but she went down Manik smiled
“I will make you normal like this laughing it’s a promise Chutki”
At lunch Nandini served with her hands fab5 want to go back to Mumbai Nandini asked to stay for sometime Manik also they agreed on a condition that Manik and Nandini should show them Delhi around they agreed
Evening they planned to go out all together

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. Jagada

    Nice story I like the way u r taking the story pls update soon if u could give lengthy one that would be great

  2. Lisa

    I dont know sunitha from where u got soo perfect pic with the situation. I just loved this cover photo

  3. Roshan Ara

    Very good good night maan to Kr raha sab aj hi padh Lu but its too late to sleep so I will read tomorrow ?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.