Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 28)


Nandini waked up in the morning when she opened her eyes found herself in arms of manik she tried to move he held more careful like a little baby who slip if he loosens his hands
Nandini recollected what happened last night what manik said. She looked at him sleeping. His hair is falling on his forehead there is fold on forehead which shows he is stressed “what iam doing? Why iam getting this pain? Why me? I failed as a daughter now as wife and bahu. Iam totally useless” her tears which flowing on cheeks made manik to wake up he looked at her, wiped her tears hugged her tight”don’t you feel that you are safe here ”
“I used to feel safe and secured with my Appa still he thrown me out of his life” she answered
Manik kept her head on his chest took her hand and kept on his waist “so you say that I will also do the same”

“Everyone has their own reasons for situations I don’t want to blame anyone except my fate which made me like this”
“People like Khurana will be there always to hurt us its we who has to decide wheather we get effected by them or neglect them”
“It is not khurana’s word which hurts me its my situations and circumstances which keeps me always on unknown road”
“If you don’t mind shall I suggest you something please don’t take me wrong basically you lost fate in relations, if you have a baby it’s yours only yours and you may gain all the faith and happiness.not any situation force you to go away from me”
“If so iam a daughter then why did my Appa send me away”
“I too have question which so difficult to get answer”Manik was also thinking since day one
“Ok!you suggest me how I can make you feel that iam always there for you”
Nandini (in mind) “you already did it”
Manik looked at her kissed on her forehead and said “it’s ok! Sometimes we have to leave things to time” let us go for jogging”
Nandini was not in mood still Manik forced her and took her along with him
Manik decided to spend lots of time with Nandini so that her mind will be occupied and he too can takecare of her

Fab5 kept a jamming session they playing music they all are in full swing Nandini was listening to them her mind is so disturbed she started dancing
Nandini is a classical dancer.she is trying to remove her stress by dancing all fab5 looked at her shocking nobody knows that she is a dancer cabir was playing drums for her druv guitar along with mukhti, Aliya piano Manik was just looking her
Nonstop for two hours she was dancing Manik went near her and held her hands and stopped her forcely she fainted in his arms.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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