Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 26)


Nyionika ordered mukhti, Aliya,Mona to make Nandini look great in party so they went to shopping Manik was forcely follow them
Each one are giving her dress and she is changing and coming but nothing is finalised. Nandini want to wear an ethic style like saree,laghanga,gagracholi but they are looking for frocks Manik was observing her she was ok with them but not happy
“Try something different mostly Indian style” Manik just suggested all ladies at a time looked at him the designer brought them Nandini tried one after the other frist pink then yellowish orange colour lehenga with golden yellow blouse and same colour chunni Manik liked it a lot she was gorgeous but all ladies want to try something more Manik went to counter asked to pack that and keep it in his car they did it

Finally a lavender colour laghanga is selected Manik found it good
They went for all matching things shopping nyionika was taking care of everything personally
Nandini watched Manik he is getting bored so listening to music from his mobile
She searched for a bracelet there was one pair for both man nd women of same design she picked that a buyed it for him with out others noticing it
Finally after seven hours of shopping Manik was released
Nandini noticed that he hates shopping

It was party day Manik wear white blazer he noticed once that Nandini was starring at him when he wear white shirt so he wear it
All the bussiness associates, partners,shareholders,music companies owners,office staff,friends are in party nyionika is personally receiving guests fab5 are busy with music company managers as all are asking for there dates
Nandini came she was dressed well and looking as if she is most prettiest diamond Manik looked her she is bit nervous he went near held her hand she smiled
“No need to get nervous everyone are close to us so relax and enjoy party”
“Ok! Iam looking ok? I generally prefer simple this much heavly getting ready? I don’t know”
“I just want to steel you from party and kiss you think how you are looking”
Nandini blushed

“See! Don’t blush I may go out of control and kiss you here” Manik said this without looking her smiling at all Nandini looked with wide opened eyes and smiled he too smiled
Party started fab5 took their position “this only for you” he showed her with finger all clapped Nandini smiled
“Sawalisi si raat Ho kamushisi Ba’ath Ho”
Song is melody all lights were dim spotlight was on Nandini and Manik
Nandini is enjoying the song

Party was on peak everyone are busy Manik too Nandini was with girls gang Nandini was searching for nyionika as she didn’t say anything how she is looking she didn’t find so Nandini went to her room she was about to go in heard her name as a point of curasity she listened
“Manik! She is just a mohara to fulfill your moms revenge which completed so now let her be as furniture marry my daughter you will be the chairman”
“Khurana!” Nyionika shouted “Nandini is my daughter and you are my husbands friend and share holder so I respect but coming to my party and insulting my daughter in law will make you pay a lot” she warned him

“If my dad was here he would have gave you best answer which you deserve” Manik was suppressing his anger as nyionika was holding him back
The man opened door Nandini was standing still as dead body he went away both nyionika and Manik looked Nandini they are shocked both came running to her “look! He is just timid avoid him” Manik is tiring to make things cool
Nandini turned back and walked away without uttering a word nyionika followed her Manik too
Nandini stood in a corner her ears are just listening only one sentence “Nandini is a part of revenge use her a furniture” all party those lights, music, people nothing is visible or she is able to hear anything else not even Manik and nyionika’s words they are trying very hard to make her normal but all went to vein nyionika made her to sit and asked Mona to handle her Aliya and mukhti also came
Nyionika and Manik finished party in one hour everyone went away except family members and fab5
“Nandu look bacha! Just once listen to me I will explain its not true you are my daughter”
Nandini just stood up walked to her room and slept even a single drop of water flow from her eyes nor she uttered any word all followed her Manik sat besides her
“Look iam not going to leave you for a second it was my mistake I brought you from your family godsake Nandini speak something please” Manik begged her but everything was wasted she didn’t come out of that shock all came out Manik and Nandini left in room

Manik removed her Chappel, bangles,chunni,jewellery,flowers took her to shawor both stood under water Manik eyes were flowing he is so so shattered but helpless she changed dress and slept Manik was in wet clothes he came out of his room and started crying cabir druvu and nyionika along with all came to him

“Why did I do this to her? I rueined her life druv how beautiful was her smile and her bond with her father and family I killed her from inside how dare that rascal saw my wife is a furniture to stay in corner I will kill him” he was about to go nyionika and cabir held him tight druv stood infront of him and stopped ” bacha! Frist Nandini nothing else important”
Cabir made him to understand that he should be strong to make her normal

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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