Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 25)


Fab5 were jamming for days Nandini was personally taking care them everyone were happy for that
Manik invited Nandini for performance she was excited as love it
While having dinner Aliya observed that Manik Nandini are not calling by names she said mukhti to observe she to found it strange after dinner at jamming they asked Manik he said the story they all laughed Nandini came they got a funny idea
They started to play truth or dare along with Nandini
They twisted bottle it pointed druv he chooses dare all made a girl and ask him to dance for item song it was total fun
Then again twisted this time it’s Aliya she took truth they asked about her love life she said its not yet started everyone disappointed
This time it was Nandini she choose truth
Mukhti asked to call Manik by his name

Nandini looked Manik he was waiting to listen Nandini was thinking how to runaway “I will bring some snacks”
“No! No cheating Nandini” all shouted
“I can’t I agree for punishment” arey yaar it’s boring try
Aliya got a naughty idea “ok you are ready for punishment this time no cheating”
Nandini agreed
“Go and slap Manik or else call him by his name”
This time Manik shouted this is not done
Nandini decided to call him all are fight on topic just in hurry Nandini said “Manik!”
Manik was throwing pillow on cabir he just couldn’t by listening his name from her the pillow which cabir throwed hit his head still he was in same astonished manner he showed hand to them to be silent all at a time looked at him , he asked “once again”
She said “Manik” both eyes got locked
“It’s amazing to listen my name so wounderfull you spoken”
Nandini blushed
Manik! All shouted at a time in his ears Manik distracted
” yaar look we are calling from childhood but we never got such compliments”
Manik gave a serious look
All started making varieties of voices and calling him Nandini ran to her room

Next day it was performance day
Manik and Nandini went together all the camera’s flashed them enter of attraction was Nandini everyone are curious
Performance started crowed was full all are shouting they started singing
After program crowd shouted to introduce Manik’s wife
Manik massaged her is it? Can you come on stage
She replied yes

He came down the stage to her and held hand and walked to stage
” She is my wounderfull wife Mrs Malhotra”
Everyone are shouting to say her name
“Ask her” he wisely gave Mike fab4 were smiling for smart move
“Iam Nandini”
They all clapped whole place was filled with claps as a warm welcome she thanked them
She returned to her place all winded up the programme and returned home

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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