Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 24)


Manik complimented her art of cooking she blushed nyionika made a groom and said”this is not fair she took so much efforts to satisfy you and you just give a small compliment that’s it?”
“Ok mom you suggest me what I had to give”
Ask her
Manik looked at Nandini she is standing back of nyionika placing her head on her shoulder “ok! You say what you want?”
“Munna! What that ask properly and why don’t you address her with name?”
“It’s different story ask your bahu”
“O! Bahu! And I remember wait what was that on your phone aaa….antic peice for minna’ no you too don’t call him why so?”
Nandini was totally shy and felt like stricken between both slowly said” in our family husband and wife don’t address with names”
Oooooo all exclaimed at a time
And this antic peice means???
Nandini closed her eyes nd took a deep breath and went to her room
Nikhil arnav’s son said “Nandini and navya used to call bhai as antic peice”
Chup kar bhabhi Bhol nyionika
Manik with surprise asked y???
“Actually it’s long story bhabhi was bhai’s fan she used to follow him everywhere by seeing bhai they oneday said he is anti peice which gets precious with age your bhai get more handsome with age and music”
All shouted ohoooooooo!
Manik blushed and was trying to stop smile but he couldn’t “I got many complements but this is definitely unique one” “antic peice”
Manik ran to his room all shouted back of him he didn’t give attention nandini’s heart was beating so fast and loud that she is able to listen it she is acting like reading
book very interestingly
“It’s revers” said Manik
She checked

“When you don’t know it’s correct or reverse then what you are trying to read?”
“Ok! Leave it but say me what is antic peice? And am I?”
Nandini looked very scared into his eyes
“It is….”
Ha it is….Manik repeated
It is …. She nodded her saying no
Manik too nodes in same way asking that you don’t say
She again said no
He held her hand made her stand she did he pulled her she fell on him
He kept one hand on her waist and pulled her much closer and asked it is…
“It is just nick name which was kept in college”
O! So ..he turned her to wall and push her hair to one side and slowly kissed her on her shoulder then on neck “iam antic peice”
Nandini went out of control she is breathing heavy and said “iam sorry”
Manik hugged her from back and said “look I have a better idea whenever we want to say thank you or sorry instead of mentioning them it’s better to kiss like this”
He kissed on cheek
Nandini widened her eyes and looked at him
Yes it’s rule for both he declared
She blushed and pushed him and ran away
Manik smiled he too blushed for his own idea

Nyionika planned for a party on occasion of Manik’s marriage on week end
Fab5 came to Delhi for concert they came twodays a head thinking that Manik may need some recreation and help in Nandini pattovo mission
Manik felt happy seeing fab5 all started jamming in between Nandini brought them snacks all felt surprised she is totally normal
Mukhti Aliya wished her cabir and druv too and all together opologised for past
Nandini said its ok

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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