Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 23)


Nandini noticed that Manik love food so decided to cook for as she love cooking she went to kitchen to cook but chef denied as she Is dulhan she goes straight to nyionika and stands with puppy face
“What happened Nandu? Why this puppy face?”
“Mom chef rejected me to enter kitchen to cook” she complained
Nyionika looked straight into her eyes she was serious” you want to cook”
“Ok!” She exclaimed “chalo!” She called Arnav’s wife Sheela nd abhiram’s wife Medha along with Nandini went to kitchen and performed puja told Nandini to prepare sweet dish Medha said ” Manik loves gulabjamun”
Nandini smiled

Nyionika was on nineth cloud she gave Nandini diamond set with a Benz as gift
Nandini prepared malai kofta, parathas, pulav, chola puri, lassi, dum aloo, halwa
Nyionika was shocked seeing them
Chef said to nyionika “madam! Dulhan is best cook and she does it neat and very simple way without an of our help”
Nyionika totally impressed
“Did you call Munna or not?” Asked nyionika
“No!”Nandini replied
Call him
She called him from land line Manik took the call”mom! I have meeting with client so can’t come for lunch little busy talk to you later” and hanged up with out listening her voice
Nyionika asked “he is busy had lunch with client” said Nandini with tears in her eyes
“O! Baby no! Call him with your mobile see how running he will come”
“No he is busy I should have known before”
“Frist call ”

” no need of pressurising him” she said keep a sad face
Nyionika took Nandini phone and failed no it came as anti piece on screen she ignored and called him Manik took the call she gave to Nandini “hello!”
Manik”did you had lunch?”
“I prepared lunch” she saw nyionika face pleading her no but nyionika look terrific
“O!” “May I pleasure to have that lunch?” Asked Manik
Nandini smiled broad and gave hifi to nyionika and said “sure! I’ll be waiting for you”
Manik lost a heart beat he hanged call and ordered manager to attend lunch on his behalf and ran to home
Nandin started dancing with nyionika
All smiles at her nyionika got tears in her eyes she took Nandini and kissed her on forehead and hugged her
“Be like this all time you made my life complete Nandu you are my daughter nor daughter-in-law u have all right to ask me Anything any time I promise I will never say no”
Nandini too got emotional Manik car entered both smiles “look how is coming running all the way go to kitchen I will play with him”
Nandini went in nyionika sat there reading paper Manik entered nyionika looked at him surprisingly and asked “you have lunch with client”
“I cancelled” he was looking for Nandini
” o! So you came for lunch”
“Yes mom” he was about to go up nyionika stopped him and said ” but lichen completed we ate everything that Nandini cooked I will order to do something for you pasta nd coffee ok”
“What she ate?”

“Ya” “she said no asusal but made her to eat forcely you know that I love her”
Maniki looked her in very pathetic look “seriously”
“Yes food was delicious yammy jamuns are so soft that pulav it is just iconic and you know koftas I never ate such a best dish parathas are soft”
“Nothing left for me”asked in anger throwed his court in sofa and sat
” yes me chachis we all”
Manik got frustated and closed his eyes with hand Nandini came in Marron saree she was beautiful he looked her between fingers mad removed them she was coming down “beautiful” he now got his mom
“Mom iam going” he took his coat and started to go nyionika looked shock her plan was turned she stopped Manik “no she will again cry yaar! Marvayaga Kay? When you said you have meeting she already cried please no drama again”
Manik looked at Nandini listening to nyionika’s words Nandini was full of shy her eyes are seeing down smile on her face blushing Manik felt like kissing her now but control and said “mom say your bahu to serve me food iam hungry”

Nandini served food everyone Manik really liked food he enjoyed lunch totally

Mainik after lunch complimented her

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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