Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 21)


Murthy’s house is totally shattered no one are in mood to talk or eat harsad and navya are totally num
“I want to see Nandu” navya exclaimed
“I can’t face Chutki if she ask me why did you not save me what answer will give? I hope she adjust with them soon that Manik treat her well she have to be OK God give me strength to dissolve the truth my mind is bursting how appa had managed all these years??? How hard it might be for malhotra’s to bear the pain I want peace navya I may shattered my brain may blow like boom please give me strength to recollect myself”
“Iam totally in same position I want my friend”both hugged eachother
Murthy called everyone to dinning hall all reached thinking of any more shocks are surprise shouldn’t be on the way
“Chutki went to her house it is happiest thing if we are like this how she will be happy there ultimate goal of us is to make see her happy so behave normal my Chutki is happy with her husband he is very nice person as girl she as to go so I beg you all don’t be like this be happy I suggest send her gifts”
Manager returned from Delhi and came to murthy’s house at same time
“Sir baby signed papers nd returned shares said that she doesn’t deserve them” manager explained in detail
“Sending gifts is worst idea”said harsaad

Nandi and Manik avoid eachother whole day night after dinner Manik took his guitar and playing randomly but his mind was revolving around Nandini ‘kiss bhatoovu tuja” he just feeling nandini’s touch, her lips softness the way she responded the fragrance he totally lost in them

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Why her father believes manik

  2. superb yar.
    why there are happy what is he truth.when will u reveal it.

  3. i am reading ur both ff they are superb yar.u r a good writer.the way u writing story is a big fan of ur both ffs.plz continue yar.dnt dissapoint us plz. dnt end it.

  4. amazing dear…..
    super intresting….

  5. Di …plzz do something so they can address eachother with their name and plzz update next episode very fast ….waiting for it

  6. Whts d secret? Please reveal it na n why ismr.murthy trusting manik so much??
    But amazing story….continue it dear

  7. When will u reveal the truth yar….it’s going good and may be my guess is right na….nandus is maniks aunts daughter right….pls reveal it soon na….keep updating

  8. Yaar,,i luv ur ff,,ur words n all make me visualize d scene…N its interesting too…Evrythng is in flow,,jst make it a lil longer,,,lyk its damn short yaar….

  9. nice…

  10. Its very short but good

  11. amazing update soon. i want to know further …..amazing job yaar

  12. Srsly yrr loving ur ff very much:*:*

  13. its awesome dear i love both ur ffs…………dear plz dont mind but can u please add some punctuations ike commas full stops then it can become easier to read and hey dude am not so good at hindi so can anyone tell me what that ‘kiss bhatoova tuja ‘means????
    plzz guys am confused regarding that phrase someone kindly explain
    dear plzzz plzzz plzzz update next asap cant wait to read the next part also the other ff of urs MM its my love story i am waiting for both
    love u take care

  14. It’s a song from happy ending movie which Manik plays thinking about kiss its kisa batoov
    Guys please excuse me as I don’t mention punctuation marks as I deeply involve in writting that I don’t hie attention but I will seriously try to do so

  15. Plz update next part as soon as possible….
    Plz…can’t wait…..

  16. stop this ff rite now .! ?

    1. Ok I opted one after that you will not get any but may I know reason please

    2. I posted one after that I will stop posting but may I know why you did like it

      1. Please don’t stop.. Its a humble request…. We all luv ur ff

      2. ignore this comment yar.

  17. its interesting please dont stop

  18. There are so many people liking ur story.
    Why u considering this comment?
    Why u not considering others who r giving attention to ur ff?

  19. Awesome episode my dearyyy sunitha. …plz continue dear. ..just one negative comment can’t be the reason to break all the hearts who like your ff….we love this story from the bottom of heart…so ignore any negativity n think positive. …be happy n believe in you ….you’re doing phenomenon job. ….just keep that in mind. ….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt

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