Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 20)


Mr.malhotra is silent he didn’t react to anyone’s question everyone are tensed nd full of anger Harshad lost his control and took his gun kept in started to go murthy stopped him but Harshad is not in mood to listen he want Chutki safe and secure navya tried to stop Harshad but it all went in vein navya turned towards murthy and asked “appa! I know you love Nandu a lot there might be some reason but now to avoid more damage please I beg you tell the truth I promise on Nandu if you are silent”
Everyone including harsad stay still murthy looked at her in pathetic manner
Mrs.murthy came and stopped murthy falling down made him sit gave water and shouted at all you want truth I will say
“Madam!” Murthy tried to stop her but she didn’t she said everything
“No! It’s not true it can’t be” Harshad shouted
“It is truth! Now you all decide what to do”
“She belongs to that place now she is there” “nobody will try to distrub her she may take time to adjust but it’s ok she hates me its ok but getting her back or thinking to do which makes malhotra’s hurt will see real me I don’t mind killing them it may be brother or my sons” murthy warned everyone
All collapses at a time no one dared to talk to eachother whole day the house was like a silent valley even Parth didn’t make noise seeing everyone faces

Nandini was totally in Manik’s control they are just enjoying frist kiss he slowly loosened her and looked into her eyes she is totally in trans gave her lips again to him this time he took them with total force and passion after a long kiss both moved a part to catch breath Nandini was totally in shy she is feeling odd to look at him she sat down he took her arm dragged her and hugged her tight she slowly kept her arms on his back and moved to his shoulders Manik smiled Nandini felt relaxed in his arms

After a great kiss nd hug Manik was about to go out to suppress his feelings which are very strong and making him to go really mad he turned back “it’s our frist kiss so please don’t jump into any other thoughts which gives you tears it’s purely love and care if you feel I took adventage still it’s ok such adventage a worth taking as both….” “I hope you understand”
Seeing into her eyes he said which are looking down her face is filled with smile her eyelids are bent down with shy body is shivering with tension he smiled and went out Nandini took ssomuch time to gather herself and recollecting his words

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. thanks for d quick updates dear..
    i really luv ur ff….
    plzz dont end it…
    its a request dear….
    i m very much addicted to ur writing…. u r great writer dear…
    keep writing…

  2. Interesting……….

  3. I read twice the kiss scene..i m loving it. L. This ff is awsome..m waiting eagerly for next update always..i really loved this diffrnt so intrstng..

  4. Plz sunitha dont end it.
    Ur update was awesome.
    Continue karo.we want ur total story.

  5. Wow…..manan’s scenes are so romantic…. U r awesome yaar…so nice story…pls continue….waiting for next update…

  6. I dont have enough words to describe how gud u r. U started a totally different manan story than the serial. I m a big time kky fan but i like ur story more than the orginal. Keep it up and dont end it soon plz

  7. Hey sunita i just wanted u 2 know dat ur story is amazing n different…..its really too gud….n please dont end it

  8. Wowwww superrr dr

  9. what an episode…..superb, awesome….

  10. what a awesome epi dear……n cant wait for next part…..

  11. kavipriya venkatraman

    Hey u r doing a great job. Thats so nice …plz update quickly..

  12. Awesome episode, sunitha my dearrrryyyy it’s superb n very lovelyyyyyy beautiful narration. very few words you have magic to make us feel the emotions n imagination of the character n the situation. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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