Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 19)


Manik followed Nandini
Before asks anything Nandini replied “what I said is to avoid akwardness”
Manik exclaimed “ok!”
He changed dress and stood for a moment “if you don’t mind from childhood it’s being my room iam used to it iam really tired of using that guest room nd sharing with mom so please can adjust with me look I will not distrub you I will use caoch to sleep and the other room I will hangout”
Manik felt relaxed thanked her and took his laptop nd relaxed in caoch Nandini changed dress started folding it and thinking”thinks changed I had to change if not time forces me to change its better to change myself appa gave me pain same way he gave me good values amms good training Manik is my husband yes situation was different it would have been very
intresting yes I will adjust but why? Just
becoz iam a girl? I don’t have identity?? Till marriage be best daughter so obey appas orders fulfill his wish after that
husband’s surrender your soul nd heart
what if the person is unknown??? After that’s sons.women give birth to male they rule her why??? Iam one in them Manik kidnapped appa throwed me out both are equally injured me mentally still why iam not effected by Manik why appas words killing me? Why my heart is saying to adjust with Manik but not with appa?”

Manik took saree from her hands made her to sit wiped her eyes gave her water to drink she did “tears are good to get away from pain but overthinking makes things complicated ”
“May be” she exclaimed
“On that you said that we shouldn’t address each other with names”
Nandini looked at him
“So how to call you? see I thought of calling you but how nd you even in meeting you didn’t mention my name you said my husband nd rockstar but not Manik so suggest me how to call?”
He asked very sincearly Nandini got confused how to answer and surprised that he noticed “I don’t know”
“So I have an idea my nickname is Munna nd your is Chutki so let us call each other with that name”
“No!” She almost screamed “I don’t want to hear that name of mine it’s gives me only betrayal”
Manik said ushhhhh “runaway doesn’t give peace u have zillions of sweat memories so remember them”
” life itself is complicated with us why to make it more?”

“I don’t know” she just hugged him like she she do with her appa when she is in tensed she holded his stomach Manik was feeling different he hugged her slowly “why my life is so complicated I need normal life I want to be happy fed up with these tears I think in my whole life I never cried like I cried in one day” she hugged more tightly he too “I want appa amms bhais you mom all together without this complications” Manik was loosing control on himself he sat on his knees took her face in hands kissed her frist he tried to just touch it but by the softness of them he kissed her very passionately Nandini frist got surprised but she too was enjoying it her hands were in his hair his hands were on back of her hugging more tight

Murthy’s mansion:
Harsad went to mr.murthy’s room switch-on news channel onscreen it was showing Nandin “appa it’s done I can’t take this anymore iam getting Chutki from that blo*dy Manik’s … Mr.murthy slapped him hard everyone came there “Manik is my son in law his respect is frist to me and no one will go der”
“Why? See there she cut her pulse look appa why you are silent remember while she was cooking once she cut her finger you feed her full one weak with your hand didn’t even let her play her Veena now she cutter her pulse to kill herself y you are ok with it” hardshad shouted with angry
“You are watching her hand iam listening her words she is supporting her husband”
“Really is that true appa?” Abhishek devas tic way

“Anna! Even in business you support these Malhotra’s we need clarification Chutki is your only life nothing is above her we all know in these twenty two years you didn’t even let her get a small scratch on her if happens house was on fire that day you even slapped bhabhi when once she got fever then why we are not seeing a single drop of tear from your eyes when she is in sonic he of pain and living in hell why?”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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    what is the truth.can u plz reveal it in upcoming episodes or give a hint for us

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