Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 18)


Board meeting starts.All the family members,friends are in the meeting hall.Mr.Khurana is a very old friend of Malhotra’s.Everyone welcome Nandini to Malhotra group of companies.There is a formal meeting about shares bolonging to Nandini.After that there is a press meet.Everyone is eager to know about Nandini Malhotra.There is a photoshoot of both.They are eagarly asking about Nandini’s personal life.She tried to answer them randomly.Suddenly a person from press raises a question to Nandini “We heard that Mr Manik Malhotra kidnapped you and s*xually harassed for 3 days and married because of business and family rivalry in both families I.e.,Malhotra’s and Murthy’s.Even heard that 2 days back you even tried to commit suicide.”

Everyone in the hall is silent.Nyonika is about to say but Manik holds her hand and stops.Nandini looks at Manik’s face for a second which is plain without any expression.She raises her voice in a soft manner “No it’s not true.We eloped.And this bandage is due to my wedding bangles which were crushed in romance.And you know,my husband is too caring.He took me to hospital for such a small scar.”She removes her bandage and shows to media which was a small scar.”He is a rock star.All the women on the earth are crazy about him.Being the luckiest one,why the hell will I do so!”.With a big smile.Everyone in the media smiles back at her for her bold answer.Manik is literally shocked.He is out of his senses for a moment.All the media is shooting questions to Manik for which Nyonika stands up and winds up the meeting saying new wedding couple have rituals yet to be completed.So please,excuse us.

Nyonika,Nandini and Manik along with all family members walk to parking.

When Nandini reaches home,Murthy’s manager is waiting for her.By seeing him,was a bit surprised but managed and asked him to take his seat.She introduces everyone.Everyone goes inside except Nyonika and Manik.Manager opens his briefcase for files and placed them infront of Nandini.”These files are about your share and the other set of files need your signature.Nandini opens the files and signs them and gives them back.The shares files she returns and says “When I gain respect,I own them.Till then,I’m not worth handling them.I don’t want to trouble the company.So your welcome to my home whenever you need my signature.Nyonika offers snacks and juice to him.Manager asks Nandini “How are you Beta?Have you adjusted in your new family?Do I have any message for Mr.Murthy?”.Nandini smiles and answers “I’m fine.”.Manager returns.Nandini silently walks to her room.Manik follows her.

Murthy’s mansion-
Mr.Murthy is been sorrounded by his brother and sons shooting questions.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. She is awesome yaar

  2. too good yar.
    ur a awesome writer.
    no words tell abt the story

  3. amazing epi dear…..
    that was so sweet of nandu….
    she is really strong indeed…..
    thanks fr updating dear….
    keep up d good work….

  4. Nandini s answer was just awsome n bold. I like this avtar of nandini very much. Now waiting for more updates. N plz show some alone time spending of our beloved manan without nyonika and the other people n if possible plz bring some fab 5 moments. Thanks 4 such a loving ff

  5. Wow amazing…..such a bold answer… some mana seens also….u show how nandini was crazy of manik also….

  6. sujatha muthukannu

    Superb but very short, keep writing..

  7. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved nandini’s bold answers to media….this story is really outstanding. …fantastic. ..fantabulous….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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