Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 17)

Manju came to Nandini she started helping her like oiling her hair nd other things though Nandini denied she didnot listen so Nandini had to accept her services
Manik came in with Veena in his hands
“Music heals everything I feel so try it”

Nandini face glowed with happiness”iam missing my Veena a lot” ” I means a lot to me”
“Ok then play it”
“I will fresh up in 30 and return then I will play”
“Ok! Then I will wait”
She ran to washroom with excitement Manik felt relief thank god mukhti suggested this it really made her happy why didn’t I think earlier?
Manju bought coffee for both Manik thanked her in 20mins she came back in casual dress combed her hair put sindoor on her forehead then sat on sofa comfortably with prayed a little and started to play with closed eyes after five mins Manik couldn’t resist he took his guitar and started jamming with her she opened eyes and smiles at him music was going on
Suddenly Manik eyes catches her left hand with bandage he stopped she surprised and opened everything was perfect then why did he stopped she asked”what happened”
“You are straining you hand”
O! It’s not that much paining
“Still I suggest you should rest”
She kept Veena a side
Manik asked”which college are you from?”
“Space your junior”
“What? Seriously that means Nikil’s classmate”
Both started sharing there college topics
Time passed away easily Nandini was smiling forgetting everything

Next day was shareholder’s meeting Radhika informed Nandini in advance so she got ready with sea green transparent saree sleeveless blouse mangalsutra nd Blackbeeds bangles of marriage a thin chain of gold on her waist with only shines can’t be traced easily curled her her left them loose sindoor on her forehead she was heart stealing one totally attractive

She came down while she is walking on steps Manik just opened his mouth and starring with sparkling eyes nyionika spoken murmured “bacha! Close your mouth may flies enter”
“I can swallow anything for this sight”
“You are impossible stop starring come on we are she is your wife you can any time”
Manik smiled her and walked to office

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. deepu

    manik expression is awesome.
    nice episode tq for such a cute moments between them.what next suspens is like me.I am eagerly waiting for next episode

  2. Lucky

    Awsome yaar….. Ur skills r amazing…… Every episode gives smile on face……
    Keep it up

  3. thanks a lot dear……
    its just amazing…..
    manik’s expressions were damn funny….
    luvd nandu too….. she was so happy…..
    ur ff is jusst amazing……
    manan’s magic recreated***….

  4. Lisa

    This story is simply driving me crazy.reading 4 th time the same update. U r too gud.eagerly waiting 4 next part

  5. Roma

    Awesome episode, manan so cute, I always wanted to see nandini in saree….it’s mesmerizing. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.