Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 16)

Nandini woke up in the morning Manik was waiting for her to wake up near her bed
” can you realise what happened last nite?”Manik was trying to ask softly but it turned into anger
Nandini recollected and looked at her hand it was paining she said “ouch!” In pain
Manik came near her and kept her hand safe “look the pain which you are going through is same which iam going through don’t you atleast realise that being guilty is painful?? I know iam responsible for everything but today I will make one thing loud and clear before I saw you it was just guilt for decision of marriage but after seeing you that you are as similar as me I fall for you I lost my dad becoz of your dad i want to take revange but you are not my revenge part damn it I can’t see that blo*dy aryamaan touch you
You want to kill yourself bcoz of your appa’s rejection then live for my love from now did you get it? Your pain is seen your tears your face but I can’t even show how pathetic it is that iam happy I married a girl whom I love but iam the reason to hurt her the most so Iam not happy nite you are there totally mine as my wife everything was picture perfect do you know how I was feeling? I just don’t want to stay a inch away from you hug you such tight that air can’t enter but I can’t even look at you as iam the person who made you cry ”
Manik was breathing heavy with anger “don’t ever again push me to the dark where you try to do as last nite I will kill you literally ”
“Did you get it?”
“Ok!” She answered in low voice he hugged her tight bone crushing one he then kissed on forehead eyes cheek chin neck suddenly he came to senses and slowly left her
“Are you ok now?”
” I call docter” Manik went out all went in see her nyionika stood there Manik hugged her”mom! I was scared totally I can’t?…..” He cried nyionika was speechless sometimes guiltiness will kill more cruelly than anything else she too was feeling same “iam sorry Manik”
Manik looked her she is like a dead person he got panic “mom no mom don’t do this to me atleast not you if you loose then who will give me strength? I will die…nyionika closed his mouth “don’t”
Both cried silently

Nandini returned home nyionika made all the cousins of Manik to send time with her they all are trying to entertain her Manik and nyionika tried to avoid there presence to her so that she may feel better but Nandini after Manik shouted on her she want to explain that it was not him it’s just a pint of stress but she didnot see him
Manik nyionika are making food for her watching Internet southindian food which Nandini is eating
After twoday Nandini asked Mona about Manik she said he is preparing food she ran to kitchen
Seeing Nandini nyionika an Manik surprised she said” please understand it was just my stress which I couldn’t handle not you both nor that wedding nite no need to do all this things for me” she said like a answer for question speedly
Both mother and son looked eachother and laughed for the way she said it by seeing them Nandini too laughed

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  1. Great thinker..
    Plz continue it like this it growing more interesting ..
    I have a request plz don’t let nyonika play a
    Role of negative characte in future..

  2. awww…. tht was a vry heart touching prt indeed….
    nd finally our nandu laughed…

  3. Hiiii guys…i m new here…but I can’t stop myself to comment u…u r awesome dear….what a beautiful story..pls continue….

  4. superb

  5. the bond between nyeonika and nandini is awsome pls dnt change that in future…superb episodes

  6. Awesome manik

  7. if navya send nandini dairies and belonging’s to manik then he get to know how nandu feel for him.then it would be awesome yar….
    sunitha di update the next episode asap

  8. next plzz next plzz next plzz
    youe story is very good
    i am waiting for the next episode

  9. Awesome episode, loved manik’s shout…nyonika so nice here ,I like her role u in this story. ..last scene was quite interesting. …Finally they all laugh…..I just love this story very very much. ..and the images with each episode is so lovelyyyyyy….sunitha my dearrrrr friend you’re so creative….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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