Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 15)


Nyionika was tensed nd in irritating mood just now pandit said to arrange frist night for Manik and Nandini she went to meet Nandini
“Nandu! As per rituals I had arrange for your wedding night but don’t stress yourself if you are not comfortable I will cancel its not that”
Nandini closed her eyes and said “I do respect rituals”
Nyionika looked straight into her face Nandini was like a beautiful moon surrounded by dark clouds she kissed her on forehead and hugged her “don’t think that you had to just follow rules are don’t think that it’s take more pain to cover the pain your appa don’t be so hard on yourself you only said na forgive your appa you will feel better”
“He said if I want him to see alive I had to go out of his life he said iam already used Nandini murthy is been used before marriage if whole world had abussed me I would have not cared because I have my appas lap to forget everthing but it he my appa nanidi’s appa said it to me” “I do follow rules all rules he set him I will” tears are flowing on cheeks she is totally in vein the pain she kept inside is killing her nyionika wiped her tears and said “Nandu it’s just temperory gussa it doesn’t make any sense look everthing will be ok soon”
“No!” She was trying hard to stop her tears
Manik entered room he saw both in tears he was about to ask Nandini said “mom! I will get ready”
“Nandu listen it’s….
“I can mom! Please can you get me ready”
“Yes! I … ” her tears are rolling
Manik got frustated “can you both say me what’s going on”
Nyionika explained Manik saw her with anger he was about saw something Nandini said “iam not crying about this its just I went in past please I don’t want to make things complicated so let us make it short”
Manik saw her face which is bent in such a way that she want to hurry herself into earth if there is any chance “fine!do whatever you want” he spoked harsh to his mother and left room
Manik came to talk to Nandini to make her feel good but things are going to be more complicated “why me? Seriously everytime y me? if I get a revolver god I will kill you for making my life hell frist my mom whom I love the most used to blackmail now I have one more in my life to make it twice why seriously these ladies are like this playing with emotions nd tears I just hate them yaar” he wiped his tears

Nyionika came to Manik “bhacha!”
“Seriously you think you can give me explanation for this”
“No! But”
” mom! It’s disgusting to me think how she might be feeling the person who rueined her life total is now expecting a formal wedding to … ” sorry” “but bottom of the line is a big no from me iam going out”
“Bacha! No! Listen listen I explained her”
“What how to sleep with me”
Nyionika slapped him “shut up! Get ready and go to room and sleep on the caoch” “don’t even dare to talk to her”
“Mom” Manik looked with anger
“Show this to someone not me”
“You are taking adventage of me”
“Now go” she kissed him nd hugged”I understand you both its just a formality”
Manik took Shawee and went to his room
Room was filled with jasmines candles lighted all the room light music is kept Nandini is in white simple saree looking like angel Manik felt very bad I tried to explain but Nandini said ” I know I shouldn’t every man has there own perception but please I need time”
“Nandu please don’t ”
“Good nite ” he took his place on caoch nd slept both are in there own thoughts
Nandini is unable to understand when everything is fine with me why it is like this here everyone humble but they frocely brought me here to punish my appa about my life my appa want me to have a family which iam lliving now but he thrown me out why??? Am I cursed that I will have everything but not happiness when I joined space Manik was my senior I used to bunk my class to see him who didn’t even noticed me I used to dream about me I used to call him my antic piece which I want to store in my heart for lifetime navya used to pull my legs saying Manik’s name when iam here as Mrs manik Malhotra which was my only dream my life is messed up what should I do I can’t forget what appa said I think it’s me who is complicated if iam not there my appa Manik mom amms everyone would have been happy yes Nandini u got your dream true so it’s better to finish your life go no need of this tears go finish your life
Nandini went to washroom searched for anything which can help her she found a razor her face got smile she took it into her hand removed bangles from left hand and just closed her eyes and cutter her hand with anger thinking about her appa sending her out in frustation blood was flowing fast she felt relief tears are going on she felt down
Manik was in his thoughts suddenly thought of Nandini he turned towards her bed is empty looked at washroom its lock he felt relaxed waited for tenmins still door didn’t open he got some doubt her knocked the door no reply nock it more strongly still no report this time Manik got tensed switched on lights went look for keys didnot find opened the room door shouted for manager everyone came running as he really shouted loudly
“Munna ! What happened ?”
“Nandini is in washroom from longtime may be fainted I need keys”
Manager brought duplicate keys Manik opened the door Nandini is fainted all her saree got wet with blood became totally red Manik got panic his mind blocked nyionika took her in her lap and trying to wake her up Arnav called docter nyionika shouted ” Manik ! Manik! frist take her to bed” Manik came to senses took her to bed tied a cloth to her hand to stop bleeding but it is flowing ” iam taking her to hospital ” he carried her and started running everyone followed him arnav’s son Prithvi drives the car Manik was trying to stop bleeding and trying to wake her up they reached hospital Manik took her nd ran in jet speed docter came towards him they took to room docter stopped her bleeding gave her injection treatment started Manik was just looking her
After four hours docter said she is out of danger Manik was about to cry just took a deep breathe his cheeks flowed with tears nyionika took Manik in her hug he cried “I would have died mom”
“No bacha chupppp”
“It’s all becoz of me I should have not bring her”
Munna be brave frist takecare of her go
Manik sat besides her she is still in deep sleep becoz of medicines

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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