Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 14)


Nandini slept for really long she is feeling better as room was total dark she opened curtain it’s dark outside she want to drink something hot a coffee she remember her amms her appas dialogues got in to her mind
She went to washroom and came felt tired mentally
Manik opened door slowly and came in saw Nandini sitting he switched on light”how are you feeling?”
“Ok!”” I think I slept really long”
“It good” ” shall we have some coffee?”

Manik called kitchen for two coffee
“Now saw shall we go to meet your appa?”
“Why?” Asked manik in shock
“It’s totally over i can’t go in my lifetime ”
“Nandini it’s not any affair that oneday it’s over to say it’s family this time of fights happen as I promised to you before marriage I will fix everything”
“No man…! No please for godsake don’t ask me again and this time my choice will be to finish my life”

“Nandini!”Manik closed her lips both looked into eachother a trying to convey their pain “don’t! Never!again!” Manik try to remove his hand but he touched with his finger slowly and removed it
“Anger kills our individuality once you go and see him u will be perfect so once try”
“No” she said strongly Manik kept silence
” by the way my name Manik” said Manik Nandini looked at him surprisingly Manik said ” you stopped saying ma so”
” in my family both wife and husband don’t address with names”
“Yah I remember your appa call ur amms as madam”
Ya Nandini got a flash “how you know””?”
“The one you order to make coffee and pasta the weeding organiser”
“It was you?”she totally shocked
Coffee came butler brought it he gave to Nandini and then he took one
” but in my family they call with names”
“You can call me”

“So you too call me”Manik suggested Nandini kept silent
Manik got it if she don’t want to continue she will be silent
Nyionika came along with her middle aged lady ” Nandu this is Manju from now on she will be your assistant she will do all works and this is radhika your secretary she will see all your accounts office works extra these are your files which contain your shares nd property as Mrs. Malhotra this is your keys from now on Manik’s and your wad robe duty ”
Nandin took all she didn’t utter single word nyionika thought she will refuse and practised how to convince her but here scene is ulta she was little shocked but happy
Mom! Will have some coffee are tea?” She asked softly
“Yes Nandu ”
Nandini was about to go out Manik said no need I will say number you can call”
“Actually no I like doing my works by own”

Manju said “ok mam I will bring”
Nyionika said ” Nandu she will bring come sit with me”
She came back and sat
” how are feeling now?”
“Better mom”
“Good actual i need to give you time for all this but I thought if I make you some busy you may get occupied nd feel relaxed”
“It’s ok mom”

” I forgot see after two days we have shareholders meeting you both be on time”
Ok both said both
She tried to talk to for sometime but Nandini was totally formal are silent nyionika went out Manik showed Nandini room and his all things along with files nd dairy which have his concert days she just said ok

Nite all had dinner together fab 4 declared that they want to return back all forced them as they had works they returned back to Mumbai
Maximum relatives also returned

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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