Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 13)


Recap; Nandini Manik wedding in South Indian style

Nandini was in her room Manik came to change dress “guys! Please give me a moment I will change and go”
“O! Munna! U want time to spend with Nandini” all the ladies laughed
“No chachi! Dhothi is so weird iam afraid it may dripping away”
“Munna you are feeling shy?”
Manik looked at Nandini he was remembering the Kanduva dropping
Nanidini was just starring out side
Manik thought of talking to her but dropped the idea as all ladies are in mood of teasing them he changed dress nd went outside

Evening nyionika came to Nandini
“Iam Manik’s mom”
Nandini looked at her and got up from her chair and bent nd touched her feet for blessing nyionika took her up nd hugged her and said”never do this I don’t deserve it iam the one who gave you all this pain sit here”
Both sat ” Nandini I lost my husband when Manik was just 2yrs. Manik don’t remember his face all chachus love him a lot but place of a father is just impossible to fill. That’s why I can’t forgive your appa”
“I know now you are in my place I can’t expect forgiveness but I have a submission please Nandini before punishing Manik punish me iam the culprit”
Nandini wiped her tears “mom! Who am I to punish? Do I have choice? Did anyone asked me? U order to ruien my life your son brought me here, he want to marry me you obeyed my father throwed me out of life in all these situations do I have choice????”
“Nandini now you have choice” nyionika paused ” it’s you to decide what you want what ever it is”
Nandini looked pathetic” my father don’t want me in his life but I can’t even forget the morals nd ethics he gave me punishment won’t give you relief from our pain forgiveness gives I choice either”
Nyionika is speechless ” you say you will forgive?” She want to confirm
“Yes! Mom for my appa”
“Nandu!” She hugged” don’t do this to yourself cry shout curse us scream at us you will feel better don’t lock your feelings inside I want to give pain to your dad not you in this process you are the one who ultimately effected for which iam responsible kill me I don’t mind but speak out express them”
Nandini hugged her tight “iam unable to do”
Nyionika eyes filled with tears ” ok do one thing you take time but for now it’s our style of wedding so shall help you to get ready”
Nandini got ready in red traditional gagracholi she was totally beautiful
Manik was in his gold colour churtha pyjama total marriage ceremony was grand fab4 were performing as a grand welcome to Nandini to their friends life songs flowed on
Jeena jeena
Ishq bulava
Diya jao utahai
Hum aapka hai kaun
After an hour Manik joined them
Kuch mum Roshan hai Roshini
Till early in morning ceremony was going on after that Manik and Nandini started rituals like gruhapravesh puja and all
Nandini was totally tired so she went to sleep Manik checked her till she totally fel into sleep closed the door and came to fab5

“Bhacha! ” called nyionika ” why did you leave her alone? Go takecare of her”
“She is sleeping mom and she needs space let her think than she can realise if not she will kill herself ever inch”
“I spoke to her she is broken inside totally its my
“It’s done now we have to take good care of her to make normal”
“I will”
That’s my cool mom

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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