Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 12)


Recap; Nandini and Manik got married

“Nandini whatever the situation is,however circumstances maybe,as u mentioned that day that I’m your 1st choice here is our wedding!so just look around”.”I don’t say to forget everything and smile but I suggest along with the tears how u smiled now we can gather best moments along with our tragedy”.Nandini is looking around the whole wedding place is decorated with jasmine and roses.Everyone in the wedding is in traditional South Indian dressing.She looked at Manik.He was in dhothi wearing a Kanduva on his shoulder.His body was xposing.Nandinis eyes are wide opened.It was unbelievable for her.Manik understood her exclaimation and smiled.As usual its killer one.Nandini smiles back with eyes full of tears.

Cabir and Dhruv are same as Manik giving poses to media.Alia and Mukti too are busy with their photoshoot in ethic!”Our wedding is sorrounded by media so Appa,Ams,bros and all your family members are watching.So please Nandu!Smile…..But her tears roll on her cheeks.
Wedding ceremony is completed.Nandini along with Mona is going inside the house as her saree is tied to Manik’s Kanduva,she slipped back.Manik holds her tight.His one hand is on her waist and the other on neck.All the cameras flashed at a time to capture “Manan” moment.
Manik made her to stand straight and was about to give his Kanduva to her.She stopped him with her eyes.He nodded his head-“no?”.She said not to remove.He smiled.Along with her,he too went inside.Mona brought a white shirt and he wears it and gives Kanduva to Nandini.He returns back to the stage.

Precap-Manik and Nandini’s Punjabi style wedding!!!!:)

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. awesome epi dear but its too short

  2. Always so short yaar

  3. It was short but nice next 1 plzzz

  4. nice.he love her so much.he treat her as a princess. tooo good yar.

  5. Wow wow wowwww fabulous episode even it’s sort is awesome made my day???

  6. beautiful.but a longer one plzplz.

  7. Beautiful episode…..

    But too short…..

  8. The epi was a fab 1 ….luving ur updates …..plz update the next 1a little faster ….waiting eagerly …lots of love

  9. ur ff is my most favourite one dear…..
    ur writing skills are amazing….
    nxt time a longer one plzz….
    luvd our caring manik…

  10. sujatha muthukannu

    Super yàar, I like ur story.. Keep writing..

  11. Omg sunitha it was beautiful manan ….first south Indian wedding …n next epi panjabi wedding. ..keep it up,love you loads

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