Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 11)


Guys! Thanks for reading my ff
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This story is full of emotions nd romance
My another story Manik Malhotra its my love story is teenagers love story
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Nandini was totally num
Aliya nd mukhti tried hard to make her speak but she didn’t so they asked her to sleep she did so but her eyes are flowing tears she is unable to accept the truth that her appa throwen her away from himself just for reputation nd fame

Manik came to Nandini room he was totally shattered he is helpless while going out his eyes went on her leg which is bleeding he brought frist aid box and very smoothly cleaned it but it looked like something is in he tried to remove it
It was really hard one he looked at her she is in her own mood not even caring the pain he removed it at once it is a nail full of blood his eyes filled with tears but she didn’t even say” ouch” he dressed the wound gave her a pill after 20mins she slept

Next morning mukhti and Aliya tried to help Nandini but got ready by herself without a word she also took her breakfast without denying all are really worried about her behaviour they all flew to Delhi

Malhotra manssion
As all fab5 and Nandini entered full of punjabi style bhanda started Nandini asked Aliya “can I get shades I don’t want them to see my swallow eyes”
“Yes!” She provided
There was a warm welcome to Nandini and Manik
Nandini was doing everything as if she doesn’t go through any pain Manik was speechless for this behaviour
All day it’s retuials Manik couldn’t see Nandini but Aliya mukhti and Mona Manik’s sister took good care of her
Nandini didn’t cry but she is mum her body nd soul divided both are doing different works she knew that this is her destiny she can’t get rid of this same way she can’t accept her dad’s rejection surprisingly her mind nd soul are not fighting both are just flowing with time but her tears are not in her control

Precap;nyionika’s rejection for Nandini
Manik’s threatening
Manik Nandini’ grand wedding

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. this is actually 10th episode

  2. its getting interesting day by day pls continue. but i think this part should be episode 10.

  3. i am really really loving it
    next update plzzzz

  4. Poor girl yaar

  5. hey dear to write epi no. Corrctly
    its good epi

  6. amazing part……
    feeling sad for nandu….

  7. I read all ur episodes in one go….what’s this ….y manik kidnapped nandini ….she is innocent….is this love….he should convince her mom right if other ppl did wrong and v r suffering then y should v do wrong and made them suffer ….instead he should have done in a positive way….y nandinis father supported manik his rival to marry her daughter…. And y he rejected nandini when she return …she is not at fault….its all bcoz of manik she is suffering how could any girl will accept to marry a guy who kidnapped her and seperated her from her family and bring down her family’s reputation….sorry it’s just a story but in practical nothing will work the way it is going…. Kidnapping a girl is crime whatever the reason is….pls do change or modify ur concept…being a girl I won’t like this and enjoy the suffering of innocent girl…..

  8. Hi Priya!
    I agree drama heavy but a girl you are thinking it’s good but it’s not that he didn’t try he tried all ways nd means before kidnapping and please no heart feelings wait for the suspense to come out
    About Nandini she is the only reason
    for this sometimes wrong things lead
    to best of our life
    As I already mentioned story is full of emotions nd romanance it will be
    About mr. Murthy he has his own circumstances till last episode its totally suspense about past which give you total clarity of this high drama

  9. Awesome episode, I think episodes swapped…but i loved it very very muchhhh. …keep going…

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