Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 10)


Nyionika was sitting with Manik
“Bacha! Listen to me it’s take revenge which we successfully done all newspapers media nd internet covering only news that mr.murthy’s daughter missing a day before her marriage it’s over marry her is supidity full of no science just once listen to me..”
Manik stopped her in middle ” if you want your son accept this marriage if no then iam ready for this” he aimed gun on his heart
“No! Bacha! Don’t even dare frist put it down” she was totally shivered
“Frist say your decision”Manik forced her
“You know Manik you are my weakness I can’t even see a small scratch on you so frist put the gun down”

“Your decision mom ” repeated Manik
Manik kept the gun down ” mom! U did the same with me to do all this no it’s you to adjust”
“It’s not about adjustment it’s about your safety if she plans any revenge???? Bucha! After death of your dad you are my only reason to live if not I would have died on the same day I love him in such a way I can’t loose you at any coast I accept doesn’t say that if any means any small thing happens to you because of her I won’t spare her for a moment she will be thrown out of your life and you won’t defend her on that
“Mom “Manik was in her lap ” iam unable to bear the pain she is totally num iam afraid she may not do anything to herself”
“Yes! But take good are of her be strength to her you known your papa used to always means always bring me a paan daily nite becoz I love paan I didn’t say this he himself found it by abserving me such tiny things make two people more closer don’t think that she should forget all this give her a new reasons to leave”
“Ok! Mom”
“Bhabha! I shouldn’t talk but …. Don’t force her to start your family life give her time make friendship”

“Never mom I will till ages”
“I know my son” ” come on go to your room and sleep mrng you had to get married if not I ..”
“No I will marry her”
Manik smiled and went to his room all five didnot sleep they where sharing all best moments nd pulling leg of Manik

Next day morning Manik and Nandini got Married in South Indian style
Wedding was very grand all the known politicians police cinema actors media business people attended the marriage
After Manik tied mangalsutra Nandini looked at it “Nandini murthy got married without her appa bros amms none of her family members like an orphan yes iam orphan from five days” her tears are unstoppable
Manik gave her kerchief “Nandini wipe your tears”

She is not listening Manik turned her face and wipped her tears Nandini looked him both had eye lock Manik smiled “again same his smile is fabulous” she thought and smiled back

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. So finaly they married. anyways i really like that picture.

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  3. this one is 11th

  4. Even she know about this i mean manik mom

  5. manik’s mom knows & still taking revenge…a bit confusing

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    nd thanks a lot fr d update dear..
    u r a vry talented writer dear..

  7. It’s just awesome dear…..
    Plz keep going…
    Waiting for next part……

  8. Arey yar the episode was what was the truth behind the mr.murty past.can u reveal it

  9. Awesome episode, manan married….wowwww lovelyyyyyy episode. ….nandini all broken heart but manik is the best for her…loved it so so so much. ….manik n his fabulous smile…nandu you’re falling for him too….

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