Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever Episode 32

Thank u frnds for ur comments and i want to tell u all one think, i dont know u all know r what, Now Kaise yeh yaariaan is on tamil channel Puthuyugam and today i.e 13.1.17 8pm its gonna be 102 episode is going to be on air. Iam very happy when i saw the shaw in Tamil. Hope u all know it.

Nandhini in music room is worried abt Manik, and his injury she so wanted to c him, but controls thinking what she said to him last night. Navya who is watching her face.
Navya : Nandhu, what r u thinking abt?
Nandhini : Nothing Navya, iam not thinking abt anyone.
Navya : Okay u came to play veena na then y r u waiting for.
Nandhini : Ah, She takes the veena prays it and starts to play with closed eyes.
Now Manik and Cabir came out and Cabir signals Navya to come out and she obeys, then Manik enters the room and close the door.
Navya : Cabir i dont know wat Nandhu will do?
Cabir : Dont worry she will be alright.
Navya : Actually wat is the problem between them?
Cabir : The same prob that everyone will have in this age.
Navya : Do u think it will work.
Cabir : Ah sure, u dont know abt Manik.
Navya : Yeah i really dont know.
Cabir : Smiles and both moves from them.
Here Nandhini playing veena with closed eyes and relaxing herself with Music. Manik slowly takes a chair and sits in front of her without disturbing her. Manik is happy to c her pleasant face while playing veena. In no time nandhini finished playing again prays the veena and opens her eyes to c Manik. Nandhini is shocked to c Manik in front of her.
Manik : Hai Nandhini, how r u?
Nandhini : She is confused, thnking is this a dream r what ever happened yesterday is a dream, becoz Manik is talking to her and she cant c any anger in him.
Manik : Can c her eyes was swallen and knows that she is also in the same state where he was.
Nandhini : Still confused, she notices his injury and thinks yeah its not a dream what happened yesterday.

Manik : Notice her while cing his injury. Oh this its just a cut, now its ok.
Nandhini : Why r u explaining it to me.
Manik : I thought u r going on cing my hand, so u r worried abt it hmm.
Nandhini : No iam not cing ur hand, and why should i worry abt u.
Manik : Oh yeah, why should u? Nandhini do u have a sister?
Nandhini : What?
Manik : Yesterday night a girl like u was very worried abt my hand, now u said u r not worried, so i must be ur sister na, am i right.
Nandhini : Wo..wo..
Manik : Smiles leave it. Nandhini what happen to u ur eyes r red, any problem nandhini.
Nandhini : What does it mean to u Manik? and what r u doing here?
Manik : Wo..i heard that u r the best student in carnatic singing so i want to learn it from u yeah, will u teach me.
Nandhini : What?
Manik : Yeah u heard it right will u teach me, moves and sits behind her, U know iam a good student i will get it soon, so will u teach me.
Nandhini : Moving aside and manik is also moving with her. Manik y the hell i supposed to teach u?
Manik : Oh, so u wont teach me?
Nandhini : Gets up, no i wont and turns to move from there and tries to open the door. Manik wants all this open the door, and jumps to open the door.
Manik : Ok and moves towards her and stands back of her that his breathe is hiting her neck. Manik turns her to c him and stucks her hair to her ears. So Nandhini yesterday u said ur version of story, ts good its my time and i want to clear my version. So Nandhini its time for meee…
Nandhini : Going on taking his hand from her cheek. What u mean Manik?
Manik : I mean u cant leave me like this, u know what Nandhini i was feeling very bad when u said that to me, but then i thought to myself, that manik y r u getting pissed of to her words u will get what u want, so u will also get Nandhini. So i wont give up on u. Manik gets her close to him, U know no can can take u from my mind, including u. I wont spare u for what u did to me last night, and ah forget what u said last night becoz i dont remember what u said and dont forget what i said to u.
Nandhini : Is going on blinking her eyes and listening to him.
Manik : U r mine, just mine no one can take u from me and i dont care what u think abt our relationship, what is between us and that day what happened between us is nice, u got it r better get it in ur mind. Dnt even try to say a word becoz that i wont listen to it and gets close to her and planted a long kiss on her cheek and leaves her.
Nandhini : Is in shock of his kiss.

Manik : Smiles and opens the door wrinks at her and moves from there.
Nandhini : Still in shock and cing him with big eyes.
Manik : Is very happy that he confessed his decision to her.
Principle and Fab 5 anounces that Fab 5 is going to do a concert in Mumbai and everyone is invited to c their performance in auditorium before the grand performance. All r excited to hear the announcement and moves to auditorium. Navya is also compuling Nandhini to come with her to c, but Nandhini thinking abt what happened refuses to come, Fab 5 comes there. Seeing them nandhini and navya gets up to stand.

Cabir : Hai Navya. All looks at him. Arey she is frnd na so.
Mukthi : Ah cabir frnddd ah…then y ur frnd is not coming to c ur performance hmm.
Dhruv : Ah Cabir invite her.
Cabir : Ah..ah..y r u not coming come na lets go.
Navya : Wo..Nandhini is not coming so how can i?
Cabir : In Manik’s ears, saale kya hau why she is not coming?
Manik : Dont worry cabir she will come.
Alya : Oie hello whats going on between u both hmm.
Manik : Nothing Alya, Hello Nandhini y u dont to c us and goes near her.
Nandhini : Steps back and sees him.
Manik : Kiss her, what happen nandhini.
Nandhini : Opens her eyes wide and bows down.
Dhruv : Come na nandhini to c our Performance.
Mukthi : Hope u will not get disappointed.
Alya : Guys may be she dont like western Music itseems, is it so nandhini.
Nandhini : No wo..actually.
Cabir : Arey come na c navya is so wanted to c me performing, becoz of u she is not coming. Everyone turns towards him. Arey feedback is important na thats y matlab.
Mukthi : Ah Cabir tumare matlab tho hum samajgaye haine guys. Everyone shouts yes.
Manik : So u both r coming na come lets go and Manik drags Nandhini and Cabir walks with Navya.
Hope all liked manik’s confession of his feeling if not u all can comment on it, if u liked it do comment.

Precap : Manik’s performance and noke joke.

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