Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever Episode 31

Recap : Manik comes to meet Nandhini.
Manik : Takes a long breath and talks. So Ms. Nandhini u dont even have a minute to c me r to talk to me, busy ah..good.
Nandhini : Is still occupied and going on looking at him. Y did u came here Manik?
Manik : So now u dont even like to c me also and looking deep into her eyes, but u have time to go with that Abimanyu ah.
Nandhini : Just go from here Manik, just go away without taking her eyes from him.
Manik : Really Nandhini u want me go.

Nandhini : Truns back, ah Manik i want u to go from here.
Manik : Now Manik cant control his angry and turns her to c him, Nandhini y r u doing this to me, whatever happened yesterday its just a moment between us thats it, in future we can feel it and become happy. Why r u behaving like this just…
Nandhini : Just a moment, future what r u talking abt Manik, its wrong we r breaking my family and Malhotra uncle’s relationship, we cant do this manik, i still cant understand what was happen to me last night, i cant do this u and me still dont know wat is between us and i dont want to break the trust that my family have in me, i know this will sound stupid to u, but its my feeling Manik i cant ignore it. And what u want from me, this na y iam behaving like this so listen Mr. Manik i dont want to talk to u and ah i dont even like u so now Mr Manik before chacha, chachi comes here just do away from here and takes his hand from her arms and notices his wound and shocks.
Manik : He cant believe what just Nandhini said and once again hits his hand once again andhis hand is bleeding.
Nandhini : Shocks cing bleeding and takes his hand in her hand to stop the bleeding.
Manik : Takes his from her and shouts. Go from here Nandhiniiii just go..and drives off
Nandhini : Got scared and runs from there crying.

Manik comes in anger to his room where Cabir is waiting for him. Cabir shocks cing his bleeding and handles it.
Manik : Is continuosly talking, she said no to me, how can she Cabir she said that there is no future for us, she want to save her family and dad’s relationship so she said no to me, how dare she is to talk to me like this, Cabir now how will leave without her i cant cabir, she said she dont even know what is between us, what is between us cabir and shouts like hell and breaks.
Cabir : Who is hearing calms him and hugs while he is crying. Manik no dont cry we will solve it na we will, so dont. It took a long time for him to calm him down and finally he slept.
Here nandhini is also breaks thinking what she just did. She cant even forgive herself for it.
Morning In Malhotra’s Mansion.

Manik is still sleeping and Cabir watching him and goes through wat Manik said last night and comes to a conclution.
Manik : Gets out of his sleep and sees Cabir. In sleepy voice and pain of his wount, Cabir thu yaha kya karaha hai.
Cabir : Good morning Romeo, How r u feeling?
Manik : Feeling yaar my hand is paining a lot now, what happened yesterday night. He cant remember what happened last night.
Cabir : Oh so u dont even remember what happened?
Manik : He gets up and thinks whatever happened, his mind flashes all the words wat nandhini said and burns in anger and cabir notice this.
Cabir : Arey, mere bhai before u start burning, let me clear u one thing, c Nandhini said that she want to save her family and ur dad’s relationship, iam i right.
Manik : Ah wo..aisahi kuch kaha and she said that she dont like me and…
Cabir : Stop it, iam asking u na, while saying this u saw any disgusting look.
Manik : He thinks abt the scene. No cabir she was crying and i still remember her tears and feels her pain.
Cabir : So Manik she doesn’t say no to u na, i think her meaning is something else.
Manik : What r u saying Cabir she clearly said that she dont even want to c me and ah cabir i really dont know how to take her from my mind, her smile, the way she calm me down, her fear, blinking her eyes cing me, u know her eyes when she rolls it and blinks it na i feel likee….. and tears rolled.
Cabir : Manik get a grip of urself, and think clearly what she said and u will get her point, just calm down and think abt it u will get a clear picture of it.
Manik : He is thinking abt last night, calmly and remembers the word one by one. Suddenly he gets up from his bed and jumps. I got it Cabir yes i got it, how to get her my way.
Cabir : See said na there will me some loop hole.

Manik : Yes cabir, Nandhini u said no to me right, Nandhini this time i wont spare and u should get a punishment for this, that u have to bear me forever and smiles.
Cabir : Mr. Romeo started up ah..karo jo karna hai mera bhai, and hugs him.
Manik : Hugs him back thank u cabir u just make my mind, thank u yaar.
Cabir : Manik amesha u will do everything for us and our family, but first time i saw u happy matlab u want something for urself and i will make that u will get it. I will do all help that u want from me. Thu just plan patha.
Manik : Wo..i just want to meet her alone tomorrow thats it.
Cabir : Thu cintha chodo i will make sure, abi tho Navya bhi prob nahi hai.
Manik : Accha so Mukthi was right ah.. Cabir kya chal raha hai.
Cabir : Saale phehale thu apna samaal. Abb ja get ready we have to leave.
Nandhini is getting ready, but tears rolls on her cheeks, she hears chachi is calling and coming to her room.
Chachi : Hai Nandhu, u r ready.
Nandhini : Ah chachi.
Chachi : Sees her swallen eyes Nandhu what happen, ur eyes raath par soye nahi hai kya.
Nandhini : No..chachi..wo…soap ah when i was washing my face na so soap went in to my eyes so i rubed it na chacha thats y.
Chachi : Oh Nandhu, wait i will bring the cream.
Nandhini : No chachi i have to go na so there is no time.
Chachi : Nandhu but u look stressed what happen bolo na.

Nandhini : Chachi, i just missing that pendent thats it.
Chachi : Oh Nandhu dont worry iam sure, u see u will get it one day my heart is saying.
Nandhini : Smiles chachi i love u.
Chachi : Arey chalo college jana haina or ah if u r missing the pendent and play some music u will be alright what say.
Nandhini : Ah chachi u r right. Bye..
In college Fab 5 is shocked to see Manik’s bandid and asks him the reason. Manik was waiting for cabir to answer but Cabir keeps silent.
Manik : Wo…kuch nahi bas wo…
Dhruv : Bolo na kya hua.
Manik : Gets irritated by cabir’s silent. Wo..just a cut that it and now dont ask me how, leave it and wat abt practise.
Mukthi : Ah Manik we have to but how will u?
Manik : Mukthi its not that much hurting i will.
Alya : Ok then come on what r we waiting for chalo.
Manik : U guys move ahead we will be back okay. Fab 4 is moving, but Manik stops cabir by helding his neck, arey cabir i said we will so u have to come with me.
Cabir : Leave na iam coming.
Manik : Saale why u opened ur mouth when they r asking abt my bandid hmm.
Cabir : Abay mae kyu bolo tumare choot hai, tum bolo na.
Manik : Hmm cabir u r a oppurtunist yaar seriously. Abb chal we have to go to meet her.
Cabir : Ya ya chalo and moves ahead.
Manik : Cabir u call that Madhubala and ask her where r they?
Cabir : Ah good idea, vese her name is Navya.
Manik : Ah ah whatever.
Cabir calls Navya and asks her where they r and navya said that they r in classical music room, becoz Nandhu want to play some music and Cabir said the same to manik and they both moves towards music room.
Manik ; In mind( Iam coming nandhini wait for me).

Precap : Nandhini said her decision but Manik is Manik so he wont leave her for sure. So wait for Manik’s Action…..

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