Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 29

Its a sleepness night for Nandhini and she going on thinking abt what happened and crying and n the same Manik also thinking abt the same.
Morninig nandhini is getting ready to college.
Nandhini : In mind( Nandhini now wat r u going to do, sure Manik will be waiting for u how u r going to face him. No Nandhini u have to keep up the promise na u have to do it and i dnt want amms and malhotra uncle to get hurt becoz of me) and leaves.
Fab 5 is practising Manik is looking distracted abt something.
Dhruv : What happen to u manik u look distracted?
Manik : Nothing Dhruv…its just that..
Mukthi : What manik r u ok?
Manik : Ah Mukthi…Iam okay.
Alya : No Manik u r not say it na.
Cabir : Arey y u all eating his head he is saying na nothing i think he needs sometime so lets take break we r practising from morning na so..
Mukthi : I think he is right.
Cabir : In husky voice, i think u should meet nandhini so go and meet her i will take care of them okay and leaves.
Manik now in search of Nandhini. Nandhini and Navya is talking and Nandhini eyes r swallen and navya is asking abt it, but Nandhini is in no mood to tell her. Suddenly cabir saw Nandhini and navya sitting.
Cabir : Hai navya
Navya : Turns to c him and shocked.
Cabir : He knows that manik is going to come here in search of nandhini so he want to take Navya out. Come navya lets go to canteen and have some cake.
Navya : Thinks abt the prank. No No i dont want to come with u r have cake u can go.
Cabir : Arey as a frnd iam calling u come na.
Navya : Frnd r u to me, Yeh mata rani aaj issko kya hogaya.
Cabir : Come lets go and gives his hand to her.
Navya : With hesitation takes his hand and leaves with him.
Cabir : Turns back to c Nandhini is still lost and understands there is something between them and leaves with navya.
Manik who is desperately searching for nandhini, now she saw him coming towards her and hides. Manik searched everywhere but he cant find her and he calles her but seeing his number Nandhini avoids the call. Manik in so much of anger searching her. Meanwhile Abi calls Nandhini and says that he is waiting for her in parking and wants to meet her, Nandhini agreed to come and carefully goes to parking, Manik who is like a angry lion saw her going towards parking and follows her and saw nandhini getting into Abi’s car and going somewhere. Manik cant control his anger now and goes to jam room to play music.
Here in canteen still Navya cant believe her own eyes that cabir is behaving nice to her.
Cabir : So madhubala, what u like to have?
Navya : Iam not Madhubala, Navya. I dont want to have anything.
Cabir : Ok Navyaaa ji, why r u saying like that arey frendship ki shuruvat hai so lets have somthing, coffee just 1 coffee ok.
Navya : Is still confused and with hesitation okay.
Cabir : Thats like good girl and leaves to get coffee.
Navya : Matha rani, am i dreaming this cabir is behaving like this to me, is this a plan of Fab 5 again.
Cabir : Hey wat r thinking, here is ur coffee, and offers her.
Navya : Nothing, thank you. Takes the coffee but not having it.
Cabir : Navya ji coffee is to have so y r u not having it? Do u think that i have mixed somthing in it right.
Navya : Shocked!! No , i will have, and spis it.
Cabir : Navya ji, y nandhini is looking very distracted, u know na becoz she is ur frnd.
Navya : No i asked her, but she refused to say, do u know?
Cabir : I think Nandhini and Manik was in some fight itseems.
Navya : What again Manik bullied Nandhini, thats y she was distracted i should have guessed it, i want to be with nandhu, iam going.
Cabir : Arey, arey navya ji, they r not enemes anymore nandhini and Manik are family frnds, u dont know abt it?
Navya : What r u saying? But nandhu never said anything abt it.
Cabir : Now iam saying na. So i think they both having some problem, i think still now they will be alright becoz Manik will make it alright.
Navya : Do u think so, I mean Manik r compermise i dont think so.
Cabir : Smiles, right but this time its nandhini i think he will and we have to help them wat say and gives his hand to shake.
Navya : Okay, she is frnd so i am in and shakes hand with cabir.
Here in jam room Manik is burning in anger and playing guitar and breaks the strings and got hurt in his hand, cabir enters jam room and shocked to c Manik in that state.
Cabir : Manik what r u doing man? r u mad r what? u went to meet nandhini na, what happen? and drags him to get first aid.
Manik : Shouts, shut up cabir i dont want to c her r talk to her, u know want she is not just worth it, ah so what she helped me that day, so what she is my dad’s frnds daughter, i dont give it a damn, gives a pause for sometime and lowers his voice, why should i go to her tell me when there is no interest for her to meet me hmmm…
Cabir : So u didnt meet her, why?
Manik : I went to meet her yaar, but she is in some other mood na she is interested in meeting that Abiman…whatever.
Cabir : So she went to meet him than u.
Manik : Ya i saw going with him smiling…and hits his hand in wall.
Cabir : Manik y r hurting urself come lets go and do first aid, come and drags him and gives him first aid, both comes back u jam room. Look manik if u dont want to meet her, then its ok.
Manik : What ok? yaar cabir i want to meet her.
Cabir : Saale abi abi thu kahana i dont want to meet her, she is not interested and all, now u r saying u want to meet her, just be in one trake.
Before manik could say anything Fab 3 comes there.
Mukthi : Cabir nowadays na u r sailing in another boot, arey u never said us.
Dhruv : Ah cabir, what this u ignore us its bad yaar.
Cabir : Abay kuch clearly bolo, what i ignored?
Alya : Cabir this not fair, we r family yaar i never expected this from u, so sad yaar.
Cabir : Oh come on tell maine kiya kya hai, Mukthi thu patha.
Mukthi : That u r interested in madhubala…..
Cabir : What?
Dhruv : Ah we saw u and that Navya eksaath in canteen.
Cabir : Oh that i was just trying to make her relaxed thats it.
Mukthi : Really Cabir making her relax, ah ah u r also expecting like that girl as ur partner na lage rahoooooo….
Cabir : Ah not a bad idea Mukthi, i will try….
All Laughs on her comment and cabir is irritated and beats them and they have some Fab 5 moment and they enjoys it a lot.

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