Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 28

hai frnds iam very happy to c all ur comments and thanks to my silent readers also. last time nitu asked me whether iam posting this story to wattpad r wat nu, iam sorry nitu i dont know how to write in waatpad. i always check my comment box that how much comments came no iam very happy that all of u send good comments abt my writing and thank to all once again and ah iam planning to write another story also if u all wat me to do so.. thank u.

Recap : Manik wants to meet nandhini and starts to her home.
Nandhini in her room looking herself into the mirror and talks.
Nandhini : He’s so angry i dont know one will get this much of anger, i dont know he will get this much anger also, ofcourse he will i remember how he behaved to me when we met first. But Ayappa y he was so angry, i think he dont share to anyone dont know y anyways y iam even thinking abt it and turns. Again she turns to c the mirror. Ayappa when he was playing the guitar and singing i can c a child in him, but sometimes he hehaves very hard to understand, his smile, his naughtyness, his care…oh Nandhini what r u thinking, dont think abt him last time when u thought abt him he really came here, so stop thinking.

Manik found a way to meet Nandhini and starts. He parks the car and thinks how to get to her room without anyone knows. Suddenly he saw a ladder and gets a naughty idea and with the help of ladder Manik enters Nandhini’s balcony.
Nandhini is still thinking abt him looking into mirror, meanwhile Manik enters her room from back, now Nandhini can c Manik in the mirror and thinks that its a dream. Manik is coming near her, suddenly she into senses and turns and abt to shout but Manik shut her mouth with his hand.
Manik : Dont shout its me, i dont want to disturb chacha, chachi thats y i came like this.
Nandhini : Hmm..hmmm..hmmm and shows him to take his hand.

Manik : Hmm..hmmm kya karahe ho kuch bolo.
Nandhini : Again she tell in action to take his hand.
Manik : What?? Oh abb bolo.
Nandhini : What r u doing here? Why u came here pls go Manik if chacha, chachi came to know that u r here what they will think pls Manik go….go from here.
Manik : Irritated by her bak..bak.. and shuts her mouth again. Listen iam here to talk to u for sometime, so u better shut ur mouth and listen, if u shout once again i will stay here tonight, so that ur chacha, chachi will come to know wat say. Now i will take my hand dont even dare to shout.

Nandhini : Blinking her eyes and saying yes.
Manik : Manik takes his hand. Thats like a good girl and drags her to her bed and makes her to sit. Wo..i came here to say college i ignored u and shouted at u so…
Nandhini : So u r trying to say sorry..iam i right with husky voice.
Manik : No…No…

Nandhini : No.. then y u came here
Manik : Just to meet u and stucks her hair to her ears and looking at her.
Nandhini : Just becoz u want to meet me u came here. But, how u came here.
Manik : Leave all that. U tell me even today u dreaming abt be right.
Nandhini : No…who said like..that..iam not thinking abt u.
Manik : Ohh so u r thinking abt me.

Nandhini : Blushing. No not like that.
Manik : No just now u said na i heard it, come on tell me u r thinking abt me right.
Nandhini : Ah…but not good thinks, u ignored me and u dont even asked sorry na, i was thinking abt that not u.
Manik : Oh come on i wont say sorry r thanks to anyone. And y should i.
Nandhini : Ah, then u have to change urself.
Manik : Really, i dont think so. Accha listen i came here to say that Fab 5 is doing a concert next month, today cabir came he said that.
Nandhini : Wow congrats Manik, iam very happy for u all and last time ur concert was a big hit na……and thinks Nandhini wat did u just said. As a music student, Nandhini will c all concerts, so like that she watched Fab 5’s concert also.
Manik : Wat?
Nandhini : Nothing….i said congrats and where in Mumbai r somewhere else.
Manik : As Manik missed wat she said. Ah in Mumbai, last time we did it in Bangalore and this time it will be big in Mumbai iam excited.
Nandhini : Ah good Manik all the best.

Manik : Ah wo…so Nandhini iam happy that u know how to calm me down.
Nandhini : But Manik y u r getting so much anger, i dont know i have to say it r wat but manik u should share somethings with someone so that u will get their support when u going through such situations. Its not bad to share na.
Manik : He is looking her with smile and goes near her like kissing her, Nandhini also being silent and suddenly she push him aside and runs, manik also runs behind her and both fell down on bed, now Nandhini is down.

Manik : I got u, nandhini u cant escape from me.
Nandhini : Manik…pls…i think u have to go.
Manik : Cant control his feelings so he goes out of control and kiss her neck, Nandhini who is trying to push him is trying little hard to push him so that she can avoid him going ahead.
Manik : Is in no mood to leave her and his grip agaist her gets hard and going on kissing her neck madly and necking her like there is no tomorrow. Suddenly his phone rings and he realises what he is doing and sits in bed.
Both r nervous, and avoiding eye contact his phone is going on ringing, but it will take some time to get out of such feeling so he is silent. Nandhini is also silent.
Manik : I have to go and leaves by the same way.

Nandhini : With tears Nandhini wat is all this, u behaved like this, u r here to learn Music but what r u doing? this is not right u cant do like this Nandhini. Chacha and chachi trust u na, but what iam doing iam breaking their trust, i cant do this, its wrong and cries.
Manik : While driving car, what i have done why i cant control myself cing her, what she will think abt me. Shit Manik u r fool she try to push u na then……i dont know now what she is thinking, ah i need her but not in this way…i should control my feeling and reaches his Mansion. Manik is going on thinking abt it and feels guilty, but he is not feeling sorry for it becoz its just a moment between them r anyone else can easily happen. Now he want to know what she is feeling.
Here nandhini is going on thinking what happened and feels guity and crying. She got a call, when she saw the caller id she rush to the wash room and washed her face and came and picked the call. It was none other than Amms.
Nandhini : Hai amms, how r u?
Amms : Hai Nandhu iam fine, how r u beta,

Nandhini : Ah amms what will happen to me iam fine.
Amms : Hmm did u c Malhotra.
Nandhini : Ah amms he have been here he came to meet us.
Amms : I know beta he called me and said everything.
Nandhini : Oh ok amms u r taking ur tablets in time na hmm.
Amms : Ah ah.. i know u will ask this, ya taking in time but i miss u and rishab.
Nandhini : Ah amms iam also missing u, amms come here na.
Amms : I so wanted to come beta but u know na music classes and all. I called u to say some important thing.
Nandhini : Ah amms tell me.

Amms : C Nandhu now it became a big responsibility becoz u r studying in malhotra’s college so dont make ur dad and me ashame of anything else in front of Malhotra okay.
Nandhini : Ahh….amms i wont dont worry amms i will make u and dad proud.
Amms : Good girl okay its time for u to sleep na go and sleep good night.
Nandhini : Good night amms and hangs up the call and cries.

Precap : Now what will Nandhini do? What will be her decision abt Manik?

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