Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 27

Nandhini was confused abt to enter the room r to go from there. Then she remembers what Malhotra said to her and she wanted to go inside and will c wat happens after that. Nandhini with hesitation opens the door and saw Manik is still is anger and plays the guitar.

Nandhini : Closed the door, in mind ( Ayappa he is so angry how will i go inside, no nandhini dont get afraid he is some animal r wat he is manik go nandhini go he wont eat u, do it for Malhotra uncle. ) Again nandhini opens the door and enters. She was blinking her eyes becoz he was so furious like fire. Thinks what to do to calm him down and takes another guitar and starts to play noisy music. Manik listens to it and distracted by bad music.
Here outside the college Abi is waiting outside and sees mukthi is coming.
Abi : Hai mirchi.
Mukthi : Turns to c him, What mirchi, u r talking to the wrong person and moves cing her phone.
Abi : Arey u dont remember me iam Abi, Abimanyu.
Mukthi : Who Abi i dont know anyone in that name.

Abi : Really yesterday we met u dont remember.
Mukthi : Irritated and stops to talk to him, then she remember him. Oh u that day u were fighting with me right.
Abi : True, but sorry for that.
Mukthi : Its okay and moves.

Abi : Arey plain ok.
Mukthi : Then what u want me to do.
Abi : Friends and gives his hand to her.
Mukthi : Really what makes u to think that i will make frndship with u.
Abi : Becoz iam handsome.
Mukthi : Seriously, just becoz u r handsome i will make frnship with u stupid.
Abi : Arey was kidding yaar, actually i dont have any frnds, i liked ur character so i wanted to be ur good frnd will u be?
Mukthi : She was impressed by his gesture. Smiles good till today no one asked me like this way.
Abi : Oh really, iam happy that iam the first. So will u be my frnd.
Mukthi : Sure and gives her hand to him both shake hands and became frnds.
Abi : Ok my frnd may i know ur name pls.
Mukthi : U dont even know my name?
Abi : Ah that day i asked but ur frnd said that ur name is mirchi, is it so.
Mukthi : Smiles, Cabir bena Mukthi.
Abi : Wow nice name so shall we go out.

Mukthi : U should have a guts to call a girl out in first meeting.
Abi : We both r frnds now so there is no shyness among frnds right.
Mukthi : Ok, but where do u want to take me.
Abi : To a spl place where i like the most hope u also like it.
Mukthi : Ok let c. Abi and Mukthi starts to his fav place.
Here in jam room Manik is distracted by her bad music and opens his eyes to c her and stops her playing bad guitar.
Manik : Wat r u doing Nandhini?
Nandhini : Arey u cant see iam playing music.

Manik : Just go away nandhini, i want to be alone just go.
Nandhini : Arey iam not disturbing u. And playing the guitar with closed eyes like a kid.
Manik : Now Manik is lightly smiling cing her playing guitar like a kid and smiles.
Nandhini : Opens her one eye and c him smiling.
Manik : Irritated by her music, Nandhini and plugs the guitar, what r u think u doing?
Nandhini : Playing Music, r wat
Manik : Really its not music its noise, u r making noise not music.
Nandhini : No no its music only.
Manik : Accha in wat happiness.
Nandhini : Y once should play music when they r happy r wat, iam playing music becoz iam angry.
Manik : Angry??For what??
Nandhini : Y should i tell u, iam i asking u y u r playing, no na then dont ask me and plugs the guitar from him and starts playing again.
Manik : Wo..wo.. i was just angry abt something thats it.
Nandhini : Abt wat.
Manik : Abt something dont ask me wat. And ah come out y r u angry?
Nandhini : Becoz u ignored me na thats y.

Manik : Ignore r me, when?
Nandhini : Arey morning u crossed me not even c me once.
Manik : He remembers and Harshad come in front of him and again his anger starts.
Nandhini : Now dont want to make him angry. Ok i forgive u.
Manik : Forgive for what?
Nandhini : For ignoring me. Now Nandhini know that when manik is angry r happy he use to play guitar, and she want to make him happy.
Manik : Seriously.
Nandhini : Ah, and starts again to play.

Manik : Stops her arey just stop this noise its irritating, do u even know how to hold it?
Nandhini : No show me na, vese u r angry so u want to play guitar, so y cant we make it useful sing a song, so that ur angry will vanish and iam able to learn guitar what say? Vese i dont c u performing na pls.
Manik : Idea its not bad. Really u dont c me on that day hmm.
Nandhini : Wo…wo..ah i saw u na but i forgot so pls.
Manik : Ohhhh fine lets do it. He tunes his guitar to sing a song.
He sings Zara se dil mae dhe jaaga tu….(from jannat). Nandhini is cing him while singing and some point Manik starts enjoying the song himself cing Nandhini, both enjoying the company and the whole college is now outside of jam room hearing the song and enjoying. Cabir comes there.

Cabir : What happen y u all r here circus chaldra yehapar go get lost. Everyone moves from there and he hears the song and opens the door to c Nandhini and Manik. Cabir is happy that Manik in nice mood and went near them. Nandhini stands seeing Cabir and manik stops cing her.
Manik : Hai cabir.
Cabir : Hai r u relaxed now.
Manik : Ah yaar. Nandhini moves from there.
Cabir : Nandhini where r u going by the thank ah.
Nandhini : Its ok and moves from there.
Cabir : Vese Manik kya chal raha hai?

Manik : Kuch nahi, thu bolna kya hai, sab kaha hai.
Cabir : Sab ko kuch kaam hai so soocha its better to do that so u need time to relax, but i dont know that ur relaxation is Nan…nan.. leave anyway i will come to it later. Ah I just got a call from the Mr. Khurana’s manager our concert is coming next month.
Manik : What seriously what abt others?
Cabir : Ah i messaged them they will be here soon. Thu patha y were u angry?
Manik : Arey yaar cabir i just dont want to talk abt it leave it na.
Cabir : Ok, What is scene between u and nandhini?

Manik : wo..wo..wo..thinks and smiles her childishness.
Cabir : Mere bhai thu wo wo..karte rahayga or pathayega bhi bolo kya scene hai iss smile ki pechae.
Manik : Kuch she just came to c me performing.
Cabir : Really Manik mujse tho patha nahi thu guse mae perform bhe karega nice yaar.
Manik : Saale thu na…and beats him.
Here Abi took Mukthi to a beautiful garden where he goes often and its full of colourful flowers.
Mukthi : Wow its look great. U will come here often.
Abi : Ah becoz i like this place here everything is surrounded by flowers leaves u can see so sand r something else i love this place.
Mukthi : Its really nice.
Abi : So u r impressed.

Mukthi : What do u bring here to impresse me?
Abi : Arey, ur frnd was right u r mirchi, dont mistake me i meant for first impression to give a frnd thats it.
Mukthi : Ah, then u get 5 marks.

Abi : Thank u. Mukthi gets the msg from Cabir and tell Abi bye and leaves.
Everyone gathered is Mr. Khurana’s office to talk abt concert.
Manager : Hello guys. This time we r planning to a grant concert and Mr. Khuranna wants u all to give ur very best.
Manik : Fab 5 ever performed bad.
Manager : Ya ofcourse we know last time u killed it, so this time u all will. Anyways we will give u all the details very soon. All the best to u guys.
Mukthi : Guys iam very happy, this time its gonna be big.
Alya : Yes iam excited from now.
Dhruv : I heard this time they going to telecast it live.

Cabir : Really Dhruv, then its really great. What say Manik.
Manik : We deserve it Cabir, we will rock it and group hugs them.
At night Manik is in his room and thinking what he did to nandhini is college and feels guilty. He so wanted to meet her but thinks abt chacha and chachi that wat will they think and lies on bed, closes his eyes. Manik remembers how she made him come out ogf his anger and smiles and also thinks her smiling face and opens his eyes. Now he is curious to meet her but dont know how. He thinks sometime and finds the to meet her and starts to her house.

Precap : Manik in Nandhini’s room.

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