Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 26

Manik is very upset abt wat happened in the car and roaming here and there and thinks abt the past, wat happened 2 years back.
Flashback starts : Mrs. Malhotra’s frnd Madhu singhania is married to Malhotra’s best frnd Mr. Rajesh Singhania, Manik use to call them as Chacha and Chachi and her daughter is like his little sister her name is Naina Singhania. 2 years back a guy cheated her and she become mad becoz of him and admitted in Asailam and Manik is taking care of her now, on first day of college, he got a call from asailam and the day when he saw Nandhini singing the song, the same call came to him and he ran away. He wanted to punish that guy, but Nyonika stops him just becoz he is the student of Space. From that day Manik hates Nyonika more and hates himself that he cant help his sister becoz of Nyonika. Flash back ends.
Manik is going mad thinking abt his helplessness that he cant help his little sis and hates Nyonika more and he starts to his fav place and plays guitar.
Alya ‘s house :

When Alya opens the door she saw the whole house is decorated and searching for who did all this and there enters Harshad. Harshad also studied in same college and now he is doing his family business, becoz there is no one to take are for business.
Harshad : This is for my cute little sister.
Alya : Hai bhai and hugs him tight.
Harshad : Hai Alya how r u my little sister. I missed u.
Alya : Fine bhai. i too missed u and when did u came back from paris?
Harshad : Just 1 hr back. Where u have been?
Alya : Ah Bhai wo Malhotra uncle was here so just now he is back to London so we were been in airport.
Harshad : Oh okay, so u enjoyed a lot without me ah.
Alya : Bhaiiiii…
Alya and Harshad shares some moments and went to sleep.
Here Manik is burning in anger and plays furiously suddenly Nandhini’s smiling face comes in front of him and he suddenly stops playing and relaxed. After sometimes he stars to his Mansion. In Manik’s room Nyonika is waiting for him. Manik enters.
Nyonika : Where u have been Manik? I was waiting for u.
Manik : Y?
Nyonika : I want to talk to u Manik.
Manik : I think everything is over between us, whats there to talk abt?
Nyonika : I want to know abt that pendent.
Manik : Seriously what makes u think that i will say abt it, Nyonika?
Nyonika : Manik iam ur mom, i dont want u to get in wrong hands, thats y iam asking.
Manik : Oh u r caring abt me wow thats new to me, i think u care more abt the reputation than me even now iam i right.
Nyonika : Stop it Manik and come out.
Manik : No, u heard it no.
Nyonika : Fine Manik if u dont want to then its ok, but i will make sure that i will find it out soon and leaves.

In morning Nandhini’s house.
Nandhini is getting ready for college, she thinks abt Manik and blushing, chachi asks abt it but she said something and escaped. Nandhini says bye to everyone and leaves, She meets Abi outside and he afforts to drop her.
Abi : Hai Nandhu. Come i will drop u.
Nandhini : Hai Abi, nowadays i think u r regularly here to drop me may i know y?
Abi ; Arey i thought this place iss new to u so…
Nandhini : Oh really, i think that u want to c Mukthi again and again is it so.
Abi : Mukthi who is Mukthi i dont know anyone in that name.
Nandhini : Ah ok, come lets go.
In College Manik is waiting for Nandhini and there comes Harshad.
Harshad : Hai Manik how r u?
Manik : Ah, Harshad how can i forget that u r in this world. Fine Harshad.
Harshad : U wont ask me how iam, anyways its not a problem. Looking more handsome did i missed anything.
Manik : Seriously Harshad, u asking me u know what i dont need to look handsome for some reasons but automatically it happens unlike u.
Harshad : Wow manik u never changed.
Manik : Smiles.. Ya ofcourse same to u Harshad. Anyways i dont want to spoil my mood talking to u so leave.
Harshad : Ok Manik c u around and leaves.

Manik is very anger after meeting Harshad and moves towards jam room, Nandhini is coming opposite to him, Nandhini is blushing and heart beet is raising but Manik ignores and leaves to his jam room. Manik starts playing guitar furiously.
Nandhini : In her mind ( Weird, yesterday he was going on cing me but today wat happen to him he is not even looking at me ayappa, y he is doing like that to me not even one time. )
Navya : Hai Nandhu
Nandhini : Without looking her, hai Navya.
Navya : Wat happen to u nandhu, u not even looking at me.
Nandhini : Same y he is not looking at me atleast for once.
Navya : Who?
Nandhini : Wo…wo..coming to her sense, nothing navya what r u asking?
Navya : Nothing u r abt to tell something na what?
Nandhini : Nothing.
Here Fab 4 is standing outside the jam room becoz they dont want to be meal for angry lion and waiting outside.
Mukthi : Guys do u all know that he is gonna be alright very soon. Actually wat happen to him yaar, y he is so angry?
Dhruv : I dont morning he called me and he was ok, but now…
Cabir : Ya guys what happen to him.
Alya : Guys inspite of disgussing come we all go inside and ask him.
Mukthi : R u crazy what do u think i we ask him he will tell us, comeon Alya he wont share this kind of things tu us u know, he only share his happiness to us.
Alya : Then what we want to do now.
Dhruv : Its better we all leave now and he will call us soon once he relaxed.
Cabir : He is right.
Mukthi : Ok by the way i will complete my work. Alya, mukthi, Dhruv leaves from there except Cabir.

Nandhini cross their jam room and sees Cabir standing and moves towards him.
Nandhini : Hai Cabir.
Cabir : Haii Nandhini.
Nandhini : Why r u standing outside i thought u all must be practising, what happen? and with hesitation where is Manik?
Cabir : Manik, he is inside play guitar.
Nandhini : Alone!!!!
Cabir : Ya i think he is angry, he use to play guitar alone when he angry thats y we all r waiting for him to cool down.
Nandhini : In mind ( oh thats y he ignored me) Oh but why?
Cabir : We dont know he wont share this kind of things to us except happiness. I dnt why he is angry right now. He gets a call. Ok bye Nandhini i have to go.
Nandhini : Bye…
Nandhini standing there for long time and watching, she so wanted to go inside, but fears.

Precap :Some moment between manik and Nandhini, Mukthi and Abimanyu.

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