Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 25

Recap : Manik and Nandhini sweat nok joke.
Nandhini : Ayappa wat happen to me, wat i just did now iam a fool, y i cant answer him with my head up and y was i blushing in front of him thats y he was laughing like that, but for the first time i saw him laughing this much like a laughing buddha, wat happen to him. But he is so cute wen he smiles, ah and also handsome but he will be always a monster for me and smiles and goes to her class, were Navya is waiting fo her. While navya was calling nandhini she hust crossed her and went ahead.
Navya : Going on calling her nandhu nandhu……she crossed her. She is confused wat was she thinking abt and sits beside her. Nadhini can u here me and going on shakes her very fastly.

Nandhini : Coming to her senses, wat.. navya y r u shaking me like that.
Navya : What am i doing nandhu i was going on calling u but just crossed me without cing me, oie hello wats going on.
Same time an important announcement is going on that evryone must gather in conferrence hall.
Nandhini : Wo…nothing Navya come na lets go.
Navya was still confused and move with her, within 15 mins everyone gatherd in coferrence all. In short time Malhotra, Nyonika and Principal enters the hall and everyone greets them. Principal introduces Mr. Malhotra to all. Fab 5 enters the hall. Manik is in search af nandhini and hiding herself from him. Fab 5 climbs the stage. Manik is going on searching for Nandhini and finds her and winks at her. Nandhini makes her eyes big and turns, Manik smiles.
Nyonika : Good Morning students and u all know that the founder of Space is Malhotra’s and here is our founder Mr. Malhotra and i call him to say some words.
Cabir : Manik is going on watching Nandhini. Mr. Romeo speech is going on in stage where r u looking for.
Manik : Ah cabir iam listening.

Cabir : Really manik i dont think so, but u r in full mood ah go on mere bhai. Manik smiles.
Malhotra : Hai iam not a good speaker, and i still have stage fear, but i dnt show it, everyone laughs. And ah Manik’s mom loves music thats y i found this college and i dont know abt music but i love her and her likes. My son is also interested in music may be my wife impact him very much i want my son and all space students to get a great future in music. Somebody will discourge u and say u that no future for music and all but u guys should hear only ur heart says dont take it serious, iam a great example for that. Hope u all r doing well and All the best for ur bright Future. Bye and sits. Everyone was charged by his speech.

After the conferrence everyone went to their respected classes. Malhotra tell Nandhini to stay. so now Malhotra, Fab 5, nyonika, Nandhini and pricipal is thee in the hall.
Malhotra : So my princess, how was ur college life. R u liking Mumbai and space.
Nandhini : Its good uncle. Yes uncle somewhat liking Mumbai.
Malhotra : I know u r good at music becoz of amma and also know u want to stay with her. But trust me my princess u wont be disappointed.
Nandhini : Ok uncle.
Malhotra : Ok my princess tonight iam going to London and Manik will take care of u and if u have any problem u can tell him he will take care and also Fab 5 till now u all must be good frnds right.
Fab 5 : Yes.

Nandhini : In mind ( how will i say that my problem is Fab 5 and his son nu )
Malhotra : My princess even u want do one thing for me. Fab 4 is talking to eachother, take care of my son, i know he is little spoil spot but he is good at heart, iam here for hardly 2, 3 months so i cant stay with him i was so wooried abt him but now iam very happy that u r her with him. Will u do this for me?
Nandhini : With hesitation ah i will take care nandhini promise.
Malhotra : Thank u beta, if he doest obey u, u can call me anytime.
Nandhini : Smiles ah uncle i will.
Malhotra : So bye all have a blast in ur college life. Nyonika shall we go. Nyonika, Principal and Malhotra along with Fab 4 except manik and nandhini moves from there.
Nandhini is abt to go behind them but manik stops her.
Manik : So princess r u happy.

Nandhini : What do u mean?
Manik : Arey dad said that if u have any problem u can tell me i will solve it for u.
Nandhini : My only problem is u Mr. Manik Malhotra.
Manik : Oh, then u have to live with that problem i cant solve it Ms. Nandhini Murthy, but i can consider if u come with me for a coffee, wat say Nnandhini, ofcourse u r coming.
Nandhini : What makes u think that i will come with u?
Manik : Becoz i know that u obey my dad remember na wat he said.
Nandhini : Ah i know, but he also said that if u do any problem to call him, now u say may i? and walks from there.
Manik : Ohhhhhh godddddd….Nandhiniiiiii. Its gonna be fun to get u out.
In evening Malhotra Mansion.

Manik in his room and going through what happened in college and how he made Nandhini to confess that she was looking at him and smiles. Cabir comes there.
Cabir : Manik u know what now a days u r smiling daily, before we use to beg u for ur light smile but c now everytime u r smiling.
Manik : Cabir this feeling yaar its different i never felt it before, first time iam cing this type of girl and u know dad said that we use to play together when we r kids but we both dont remember it. I just want to enjoy it, but iam afraid.
Cabir : Arey mera bhai pyaar kiya tho darr na kya. Why?

Manik : The person i like most na they wont be with me for long time, i dont want to loose her.
Cabir : Manik dont worry everything will be alright dont think that now come everyone is waiting for us in hall we have to go to airport na.
Manik : Ah yaar come lets go.
Everyone sent off Mr. Malhotra and he says bye to everyone and moves from there. Manik and Nyonika were returning home, Manik is going on smiling thinking abt Nandhini and so wanted to c her.

Nyonika : Manik, looks like ur very happy now a days.
Manik : Y u cant c me happy?
Nyonika : Manik wat r u saying, i always care abt u, iam ur mom but u r saying i cant c u happy? is this a way to talk to ur Mom?
Manik : Mom really, but wat u did 2 years back is that good.
Nyonika : Manik if u r in my position u would have did the same wat i did. Its all becoz of reputation of Malhotra’s thats all.

Manik : Ya reputation u care abt reputation than us right.
Nyonika : Manik y cant u forget that and talk to me like before.
Manik : I cant forget u and i ccant forgive u. It will be better for us not talk abt this topic.
Nyonika : But Manik….. Manik got down from the car and went inside the house.

Precap : What is the suspense behind the hatred of Nyonika and Manik?

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