Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 24


Recap : Manik finds the truth that the pendent belong to Nandhini.

Manik is very happy and drives to his house. He enters his house with full smile and Mr. Malhotra who is sitting in hall saw manik’s face and his smile. He is cing manik like that for long time and happy to c him like that. Manik enters his room and takes the pendent and lies on bed to talk to it.
Manik : Heyyyy Nandhini! happy to call u like tis these many days i was talking to u without knowing anything abt u but today i know everything abt u. Nandhini why u hide this to me, ah i agree that whenever we met i dont let u speak but u must have said it na and u dont even ask me how iam feeling after that accident u have to pay for it Nandhini. U know Nandhini still i met u i dont know y iam living in this world but now iam living for u, do u have the same feeling that i have for u?????….

Mr. Malhotra enters the room.
Malhotra : May i come in my son.
Manik : Dad u always welcome dad.
Malhotra : Did i missed something my son.
Manik : Y dad?
Malhotra : The priceless smile in ur face tells me, bolo kya baath hai.
Manik : Nothing dad its just that iam happy thats it.
Malhotra : Ok my dear son i will believe u and wat was that u having in ur hand.
Manik : Said na dad that girl who helped me that day she missed it.
Malhotra : Oh so u r talking to it ah… Do u want c her impulsively? Tell me i will help u to get her.
Manik : In mind( i already caught her dad she in none other than ur princess) No dad i will get her myself and thank u dad.
Malhotra : R u sure beta.
Manik : Yes iam sure. I will introduce her next time when u come here.
Malhotra : Thats my son. Vese Manik what do think abt Nandhini?
Manik : Nandhini and smiles hearing her name and stops realising dad is here, ah what abt her and what u want to here from me?
Malhotra : Manik, Nandhini is the nice girl i know her from chilhood she can make happiness everywhere, she wont let wrong things happen to anyone even enemies, she is very matured from very small age. I know when her mom and dad died she was only 8 but how she handled her brother is one thing i cant even imagine at that age. I cant c any wrong things happen to her r any member in her family, so promise me that u will take care of them, i know they wont accept any help but we can safeguard them na atleast.
Manik : Even i cant c any wrong thing happen to her dad. I promise i will take care.
Malhotra : Thank u beta. Ah tomorrow iam coming to ur college, jusst for general visit.
Manik : Dad u can come anytime after all its ur college.
Malhotra : Ok its already late so good night my son
Manik : Good night dad.

In morning Manik is happily getting ready to college Nyonika come there to meet him.
Nyonika : Good morning Manik, looks like its really agood morning for u, seems u r very happy.
Manik : Ah Nyonika iam really happy thats y iam sparing u so better stay away.
Nyonika : I came here to say that ur Dad is coming to our college today so better behave urself and warn ur stupid frnds to behave good, becoz if they do anything wrong then u wont get any chance to save them u know na.
Manik : Ah nyonika dad told me yesterday so i know how to behave ok if ur work is finished let me go hmm..
Nyonika : how can i forget that u and ur dad having a spl connection, anyways my work is over and moves from there.
In Nandhini’s house.
Nandhini in dining table thinking abt manik and how he behaved with her last night and blushing, but she is confused y suddenly he changed.
Chachi : Nandhu how was the beakfast.
Nandhini : Ah chachi its good after all its ur preparation na.
Chacha : Really nandhu, if ur lieing so ya the breakfast is very good.
Chachi : Ah ah Murthy ji masaak banth karo or kana kavo.
Rishab notices something is fishy abt Nandhini and asks her but Nandhini denies to tell him anything and leaves to college.

In College.
Manik is waiting for Nandhini and cabir comes there.
Manik : Yaar Cabir its late but she is nowhere. Is this a time for her to come.
Cabir : Arey Romeo wait karneke aadhat dalo bahoth help hoga teraliye, just chill man. Vese to whom u r waiting for, Nandhini.
Manik : Ofcourse yaar.
Cabir : Oh Manik wat happen yesterday between u both, hmm..kya scene hai.
Manik : Kamene Cabir, why should i tell u?
Cabir : Really Manik, kisene sahe kaha pyaar anike baath dosth badhaljatha hai.
Manik : Yeah u r right, arey just chup yaar Nandhini is not here, vese whr is Mukthi, Alya, and Dhruv.
Cabir : They will come little late.
Manik : Ok thats good.
Nandhini enters and Cabir saw her from distance and signals Manik.
Cabir : Lo bhai there is juliet.
Manik : Where and sees her.
Nandhini is walking towards them without cing them Manik is happy to c her and he is the mood for some fun with her.
Cabir : Saale whats in ur mind.
Manik : My mind is for some fun, do one thing i want to be with her alone for somtime so, u know na what to do?
Cabir : Ah Manik i will handle that madhubala.
Manik : Good.
Manik hides himself before Nandhini could c him and Cabir smiles at her.
Cabir : Hai Nandhini.
Nandhini : Hai..and moves.
Cabir : Nandhini, Today u have Rhagav’s class right.
Nandhini : Ah.
Cabir : So Rhagav wants u to play sitar. Do u have it?
Nandhini : No i dont have sitar but i can play.
Cabir : Ya that i know dont worry go to library there u will find the sitar is that ok.
Nandhini : Ok thank u.

Manik thanks Cabir and warned him to come back soon becoz his dad is coming, manik said ok and moves from there. Manik enters the library before nandhini, to confirm there is no one in the library and hides. In notime nandhini enters the library.
Nandhini : What is tis? is this a library or booth banglo, weird no one is here and searches for sitar. Manik who is hiding behind the door closes the door.
Nandhini : Whose this open the door.
Manik : Changed his voice lightly. Hello Nandhini.
Nandhini : Who r u? how do u know my name. she is scared now.
Manik : Iam a libraian here.
Nandhini : Libraian but i cant c u where r u?
Manik : U cant c me if u want to c me u have to answer my question truly then only i will come before u and u cand take wat u want in the library.
Nandhini : Wat question?
Manik : But u have to answer truly then only i will let u go from here.
Nandhini : With hesitation ok ask me. Ayappa help me.
Manik : Controls his smile. Ok Yesterday when Fab 5 was jamming u were cing Manik, yes or no and y? Careful say the truth varna u cant go from here.
Nandhini : Confused, ayappa how come he know it.
Manik : Who is that ayappa.
Nandhini : He is our god.
Manik : Ok tell me the truth.
Nandhini : Wo..wo.. ah i saw him, he was so good and the way he handles the guitar, his voice, his smile, i dont think he is monster he is also good i liked his singing.
Manik : Is very happy and smiles seeing her innosence and so wanted to go there. So u like him, iam i right.
Nandhini : Wo..wo..i.. Suddenly realises, u said only one question so i answered thats all.
Manik : From her back in his voice. So lets break the rules answer for this question too.
Nandhini : Turns to c him and blush.
Manik : Wow so u r watching me yesterday, hoooo iam happy.
Nandhini : With bowed head. No u r wrong…iam not…cing u…
Manik : Really just now u said that u were cing no u were sighting me is that not true.
Nandhini : Gained some guts. Ah i saw u but iam not sighting u and ah u also… voice na in the same way i also like ur voice thats all. So Mr. Manik dont imagine.
Manik : Imagine but y r blushing still now ah u r bold in ur voice but y is ur head bowed.
Nandhini : Still she is silent and blushing.
Manik : Shouts ok i got my answerrrr bye Nandhiniiiii c u and moves from there shouting….
Nandhini : Is smiling and still blushing wat was she did and goes from there.


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