Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 23

Recap : Manik and Cabir shocked cing the footage.
Manik and Cabir starts to watch the video with lots of curiosity and they saw whatever happend that day and shocked and happy to c nandhini is the girls who saved him that day. Manik is in great shock.
Cabir : Manik whats all this it is Nandhini who saved u that day. I knew it when u say that u saw the pendent in her photo and i really happy for u man and u r very lucky and hugs him.
Manik : Who is still in shock, doesnt reply any word.
Cabir : Manik wat r u thinking r u not happy abt the fact that the girl u like is the girl that u r searching for? seriously i ever seen a lucky gay like now say what r u going to do now.
Manik : Smiles Cabir i just dont know… U know i really dont know why she hide it to me she would have said it before na, Fine nandhu if u dont want to say its okay, but i want to listen it in ur mouth and i will make sure that u will say it by urself. Iam coming nandhu wait for Manik iam cominggggg……
Cabir : Arey Manik full on mood to make her confess ah Romeo so wat r u waiting for go.
Manik : Yes cabir mission Nandhini Murthy is on. Bye c u.
Manik takes his car and drives to nandhini’s place.
In Nandhini’s House.
Manik knocks the door and chachi opens the door.
Chachi : Hai Manik come in.
Manik : Hai Chachi. And looking around for Nandhini.
Chachi : Wat a suprise what is the matter?
Manik : Wat chachi without any matter iam not allowed to come here.
Chachi : No beta tum kabhi be ahh sakthaho. Come na sit here i will get u something to eat.
Manik : No chachi i just want to meet nandhini were is she.
Chachi : She is in her room may be practising.
Manik : If u dont mind chachi may i go to her room actually i want to give her some notes she is my junior na.
Chachi : Arey how sweat of u manik go na, this side and shows the steps to him.
Nandhini’s room.
Nandhini is still thinking abt Manik and his singing, the way he handles his guitar and enjoys his singing and laughing. Suddenly stops, Nandhini wat r u thinking u r thinking abt that monster who tortured u dont think abt him and forget him Ayapppa i really dont know y i saved him that day and lost my pendent. I really dont know y he is behaving like that to me, even today he behaved like….no no nandhini dont get angry, u have to c Malhotra uncle he is very sweat becoz of him iam sparing that monster and turns to c Manik sitting.
Manik : So Ms. Nandhu u r trying to stop thinking abt me, do u think u will?
Nandhini : Ah abt u and wat r u doing here just…go…
Manik : Really Nandhini u want me to go from here?
Nandhini : Ah.
Manik : Really.
Nandhini : Ah just go i dont want to c ur face.
Manik : Hmmm Nandhini u know y i came here and moves toward her and nandhini takes her steps back. I want to….
Nandhini : Want to…Manik dont come near to me and hits the wall.
Manik : Goes near her and lock her way, i want to….to…..
Suddenly nandhini shouts and it all in her dreams. What is this Ayappa iam started to dream abt him y ayappa i dnt want this to happen and runs to wash room to wash her Face. After 5 min she entered the room and saw Manik is sitting in her bed. Nandhini is thinking it is also a dream.
Nandhini : U again Manik get out of here iam not thinking abt u and u dont affect me r u clear and go away and drags him. Suddenly she realises that he is real and she is able to touch him. And leaves his hand and turns.
Manik : Wat did u just say, that u r dreaming abt me? is it true?
Nandhini : No i didnt say anything u just go.
Manik : No i heard it u said that come tell me.
Nandhini : Turns to c him. No manik i didnt say anything u heard it now get out from here orelse i will shout and starts to shout and Manik shuts her mouth with his hand and drag her to the wall and looks her.
Manik : Nandhu wat u think abt Manik hmm i wont obey anyone i will come with my wish and i will go with my wish, do u hear it and better understand it, becoz it will be useful for u. Nandhini is Blinking her eyes and watching him. This time Manik’s grip is not strong as before.
Nandhini : Going on seeing him and admiring him.
Manik : What y r u not talking?
Nandhini : In ur dreams Manik.
Manik : Accha, good i love challenges. Okay I heard that today u were in our jaming, is it so Nandhu.
Nandhini : No…iam not there.
Manik : But i saw u
Nandhini : What?
Manik : That u were looking at me.
Nandhini : No iam not looking at u i just came to c who is practising thats it. If i would have known that it is u i never ever came.
Manik : Really
Nandhini : Ah really. 1 min how did u come on this time.
Manik : Did u forget that what i just said i dnt need any permission to enter anywhere. Yeah and nandhu i think this is ur sleepling time but y r u awake? thinking abt someone spl hmmm…
Nandhini : She thinks abt the dream and manik’s song. No…i was just practising that it.
Manik : U know wat nandhini dont try to lie becoz u r not good at it. And picks Nandhini in his arms and keeps her safely like a flower in bed. Its time to sleep so go to sleep.
Nandhini : I wont Iam not ur servant to obey u.
Manik : Lyies beside her. Ok nandhu u r bored right so let give u company common.
Nandhini : Manik get up and pushes him. I will sleep.
Manik : Thats like a good girl.
Nandhini lies and Manik smiles and wrinks at her and leaves. Nandhini smile at her behavier and Manik’s behavier and thinks suddenly wat happen to him now he is behaving nice to me he handles me like a flower what happen to him and close her eyes.

Precap : Manik and Nandhini’s nok joke.

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