Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 22

Recap : Abi and Nandhini bonding makes Manik jealous.
Abi and Nandhu is abt to cross them but stoped by a bold voice and its none other than our Manik Malhotra.
Manik : Nandhiniiiii……..
Abi and Nandhini turns back to c him nandhini panics that what he is going to do now.
Abi : Hai u called us.
Manik : Ah but i really dont know that ur name is also Nandhini.
Abi : Ha..ha..ha.. Nice joke but seriously my name is Abi, i mean Abimanyu Thakker and ur sweat name and gives his hand to shake but Cabir interupts and all the time Manik is seeing nandhini with anger.
Cabir : Hai iam gulabjamun and his name is rasagulla and these three r jelabi, laddu, and her name is mirchi and shows Mukthi.
Abi : Wow… Nice names i like it ah different and i specially like her mirchi. Hai mirchi.
Mukthi : Really u again and what r u doing here?
Abi : Arey u want to know abt me my plessure to say u i came to drop my sweat cousin Nandhini, Nandhu u know her right.
Alya : Mukthi u know him before?
Mukthi : Alya do u think that i remember some random guys, i have a class.
Alya : But Mukthi he is cute and handsome too i dnt think he is some random guy i mean look at him.
Mukthi : Really Alya than u try him.
Alya : Sure if u insist.
Mukthi : Shut up Alya.
Manik is going on seeing nandhini and she bows her head to avoid him, Cabir notice this.
Cabir : So Mr. Abimanyu watever if u r over u can we will take care of ur sis.
Abi : WATTT!!! Sis who is my sis?
Cabir : Arey Nandhini she is ur cousin right so obviously she is ur sis.

Abi : In Tamil Nadu its not like that and infact if we want we can also marry she is my uncle’s daughter.
Cabir : Shocked!!! Oh, Ok Watever u can move now.
Abi : Ok Nandhu i have to attend a meeting i have to go c u in the evening. Bye sweats and mirchi bye nandhu and moves from there.
Manik is not in a mood to take his eyes on Nandhini and move towards her and Nandhini takes a step back. Manik drages her near him and she struggles to getout of his grip but Manik going on looking at her and remember that photographs and that pendent and losens his grip and goes from there. Nandhini is confused by his action.
Cabir : Wat the!!! why all these relationship change state to state strange.
Dhruv : Thats called UNITY IN DIVERSITY.
Cabir : Wow Dhruv vaese tum kuch boltha nahi but boltha hai tho kam ki baath boltha hai iam i right Manik.
Manik : He is still in that thoughts abt the pendent and Nandhini and Abi’s relationship.
Alya : Manik, wat r u thinking abt.
Manik : Nothing Alya wat happened.
Cabir : Nothing.

Mukthi : Manik now a days we really dont wats in ur mind, matlab u have to say us na after all we r family right.
Manik : Ah Mukthi iam in tension.
Dhruv : Tension abt wat?
Manik : Abt…business or wat.
Alya : Ah ofcourse Nyonika right.
Manik : Ah, come lets play some music. And they plays zara se song from jannet.
Nandhini and Navya who were in corrider listens the song and walks towards it and stops in Fab 5’s jam room and sees who is singing. For the first time nandhini is hearing Manik’s singing and smiles automatically and enjoys it. Manik enjoys and singing the song happily without any tension and Fab 5 were happy in jaming.
Navya : Nandhu this Monster is singing well yaar i thought that he will be playing some instrument but he is good na nandhu.
Nandhu : Still in another world but replys her. Ah navya how sweat na his voice and the way he is singing and play the guitar…
Navya : Confused and shakes her heavily. Nandhuuuuu…
Nandhu : Suddenly arey why r u asking me ..that..let..him..sing..r watever and moves from there. What happen to u nandhini why r u looking at him like that he is ur enemy right he tortured u, but u…..but his singing makes something to me… Ayappaa y am confused no i wont talk abt it and controls herself.
Navya : Follows her with confusion and sits beside her.
After jamming Manik is relaxed and others felt hungry and went to canteen except Cabir and Manik.
Cabir : Wat happened Manik u were like a fire while jamming wat mera bhai.
Manik : Cabir i just want to c the footage who the girl is and this Abi, Abimanyu watever he just spoiled my mood man.
Cabir : So u r worried abt their relationship right.
Manik : Ahhh.

Cabir : Ah Romeo first time u accepted something aaj tho kuch accha honewala hai, wat say.
Manik : I dont know yaar Cabir i just want to rush to evening thats it.
Cabir : Dont worry everything will be alright. Come lets go verna they three will eat ur head.
Nandhini is still in dilama of the song and Navya suddenly saw they both r coming and she so want to run but becoz of nandhu she stayed there and turns opposite to them and hides herself. Nandhini is in totally in another world. Cabir saw that Navya and Nandhini from distance and laughs.
Manik : Cabir y r u laughing suddenly?
Cabir : Said na u r a lucky fellow c there ur juliet.
Manik : Juliet khoon..
Cabir : Arey nandhini or khoon.
Manik : Where?
Cabir : There.
Manik : And look at her and she doest know what is happening and both of them stands in front of them but nandhini is still dont know.
Cabir : Hai Navya ji how r u?
Manik : Haiiiiii Navyaaaa..
Navya : In mind( arey aaj suraj kahase nikal kaya this monster is talking to me) turns iam fine sir.
Cabir : Good.
Manik : Hello Nandhini.
Nandhini : Coming to her sense. haiiiiiiiiii……u.
Manik : Yes Nandhu wat r u doing? u supposed to be in ur class right.
Navya : Ah sir we were watching ur performance na. Nandhini signals not to say.
Manik : Wat?
Nandhini : Nothing sir we have to attend the class and runs.
Cabir : Manik i think they r watching us while we r jamming.
Manik : Whatever cabir nandhini is very cute all the time when i see her na i dont know what happened to me seriously.
Cabir : Oh Romeo lets go now come.
Manik : Ah chalo.
In evening Manik is very excited that finally he is going to see her face. Puin from the hospital comes there with CD and servant opens the door and he gave that CD to the servant. Meanwhile Dean called Manik and tells him that he sent the CD to his Mansion and the servant enters his room with the CD Manik and Cabir is very curious to know abt the girls and puts that CD in his laptop. Manik and Cabir is shocked after seeing the CD.

Precap : Manik in Nandhini’s place.

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