Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 21

Thank u frnds for waiting for my updates iam very honoured that u all remember me still now and thank u for loving my updates. If u all r getting bored abt my storyline u can tell me. I thank to my silent readers and new readers who likes my writing thank u all once again. U can also suggest me abt the story line.
Recap : Manik is curious to find abt the girl who saved him that day.

Murthy’s House.
Nandhini is not in a mood to go to college after all that have happened previous day and in party. Chachi enters her room with coffee.
Chachi : Good morning Nandhu how r u feeling.
Nandhu : iam fine chachi thank u for the coffee i really want it.
Chachi : I know wen u want it so here u go. Nandhu how was the party dear u liked it na.
Nandhu : With hesitation ah chachi i liked. But Rishab was enjoyed chachi that is important.
Chachi : Ah u r right Nandhu Rishab was very happy. But u never told me that u and Manik know eachother before and space is Malhotra bhai’s college, too bad ah.
Nandhu : Chachi i myself dont know abt it chachi even iam surprised. In mind if i know that he will be there i never ever entered space. Chacha enters.
Chacha : Chachi and beti ki beech kya baath horahi hai hmm.
Nandhu : Hugs him chacha nothing we are just talking thats all chacha y r u jealous.
Chahi : Ah Murthy ji u r very jealous we r just talking abt the pary or kuch nahi.
Chacha : Ah party was good Malhotra anna is always a grand person watever he does it will be great and u know nandhu Malhotra anna is very spl to ur appa infact they both decide to get u and his son married once u attend the age of marriage nice na.

Nandhu : Shocked!!! Chacha dont lie appa wont do like that.
Chacha : No nandhu i know they were talking abt it a lot infact Amma also very happy abt the fact.
Chachi : Wow Nandhu if it happens na i will be very happy Manik is very nice boy and handsome too its a great combination to get such a husband.
Nandhu : Chachiiii dnt talk like that and runs to wash room to get ready. Chacha and Chachi smiles and leaves the room. some one knocks the door and Chachi opens it. It was Abimanyu.
Chachi : Hai Abi how r u bhai said that u r here for some project but u dnt want to stay here nu why?
Abi : Arey Aunty iam fine its just that i will come late so i dnt want to disturb u all thats it.
Chacha : arey Abi how r u how is ur amma and appa come na sit here.
Abi : Ah Uncle everyone is good how r u uncle where is nandhu.
Chachi : She is getting ready for college. Wat u want to have.
Abi : Aunty i was just waiting for this question i will have watever u give iam very hungry.
Chachi : Smile and moves to kitchen to get him something.

Malhotra’s Mansion
Manik wakes up and searches for the pendent and it is in his bed and takes it and says iam coming today to c u. He wakes cabir.
Manik : Cabir wake up yaar we have to get ready.
Cabir : Suddenly wakes up and asks him, did u and Nandhini got married?
Manik : What???? Pagal hogaye kya. Me and Nandhini or marriage r u dreaming???
Cabir : Yes Manik but sweat dreams u know in my dreams u r going to tie the ornament wat they say it ahhhh mangalsutra in Nandhini’s neck we r all early waiting but suddenly ur voice disturbed me.
Manik : Seriously Cabir u r the one who dreams abt others not abt u, strange and throughs a pillow on him.
Cabir : Arey what will i do i was talking abt u both last night so the impact thats it. Come here and calls him in husky voice, manik comes near him like he is going to tell him some important matter.
Cabir : Did u tied that mangalsutra in Nandhini’s neck????
Manik : With anger Cabir u such a sadist yaar……
Cabir : Accha baba ok i will get ready in 5 we will leave.

Murthy’s House.
Nandhini came from her room she greeted Abi who was sitting with Chacha and having his breakfast.
Nandhini : Hai Abi, breakfast ah i think u came here to have our chachi’s food right.
Abi : Ofcourse aunty is the best cook.
Nandhu : Oh really but y r u staying in hotel then come here na to have ur favourite aunty’s food hmm wat say.
Abi : Wo….wo…
Chacha : Wat wo..wo..answer my daughter.
Abi : Screws nandhini’s ear and she is shouting in pain. U naughty Nandhu i wont leave u for this and leaves when she shouts more. Okay Nandhu come i will drop u.
Nandhu : Ah Abi u r going to drop me r u r coming to c that girl?
Abi : Girllll!!! who girl wat girl nooo i really dont know wat u talking abt.
Nandhu : Ah girl remember that day u were talking.
Abi : look Nandhu if come i will take u if u dont then let it be and turns to go.
Nandhu : Arey Abi i was kiding come lets go and says bye to chacha, chachi and leaves.

In college Fab 5 is sitting in their favourite place and talking, Abi drops nandhini in college she says bye to him but Abi says that he also want to come in so that he can see the college, Nandhini with hesitation accepts and both starts to walk together towards college where Fab 5 is sitting .
Abi : Onserves the college, nandhu ur college is quiet good yaar nice admosphere.
Nandhu : Ah but inside everything is bad.
Abi : Did u say anything????
Nandhu : No come lets go.

Cabir saw Nandhini from distance and confused who is the guy with her and shows to Manik.
Cabir : Manik c there Nandhini is coiming.
Manik : Cabir obviously she is studying here so she come here na common sense.
Cabir : Ha..ha..ha. Nice joke but she is not alone coming with some guy but he is not in our college.
Manik : Arey Cabir tumare problem kya hai and looks at him but Cabir is going on looking at them and Manik also turns to c them together coming near and he is trying to c his face.
Cabir : Now u believe na that she is coming with someone.
Manik : Who is he??
Cabir : How do i know?? I think he must be nandhini’s closeeee frnd.
Manik : Gives angry look.
Cabir : Y r u looking at me like that c them they r looking cute na c u dnt want Nandhini so let her be with him na but i think the guy is so handsome.
Manik : Seriously Cabir i just want to know who is he and looks at them with anger like his cake is in someones hand itseems.

Nandhini and Abi getting closer to them by lauging and talking to each other. They were 10 steps away from Fab 5 and Nandhini saw them and stops and gets angry cing them Abi notice her.
Abi : R u ok Nandhu u looking nervous what happend?
Nandhu : Shows Fab 5 and says everything wat all happened.
Abi : Looked them and he find Mukthi sitting with them and remember that day when she was fighting with him. Arey nandhu dont worry na they wont do anything to u and morover u r his family frnd so chill. And tell me one thing the girls sitting with them is a member of Fab 5 r what?
Nandhu : Yes her name is Mukthi. Y r u asking abt her u know her r what?
Abi : No …just asked come lets go and moves toward them. Nandhini with fear walks to them. They almost crossed them and suddenly a voice stops them.

Precap : Arrival of CCtv footage

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