Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 20

Recap : Manik saw the same pendent in Nandhini’s neck.
Manik : Getting water in his hand, Chachi this pendent in Nandhini’s neck……
Chachi : Ah beta it is Nandhini’s mom’s pendent after their death Nandhini keeps it with her so she always wears it in her neck so that her mom is always with her.
Manik : But Chachi i dnt see the pendent in her neck nowadays is that lost somewhere.
Chachi : Ah beta she lost it the same day when she came to Mumbai she herself dont know where she lost it she was crying a lot on that day when she lost the pendent which was very close to her heart u know beta it took a lot time to console her that night, what to do when somthing is have to happen so it will we cant stop it, may it is good for her.
Manik : Staring at the photo and thinking is it her who saved me that night or its just a pendent so many of them have a same pendent how to know is it her who saved me. I have to find it out is it Nandhini who saved me if she is so…………………………. Chachi shakes Manik.
Chachi : Manik what happened what r u thinking abt.
Manik : Wo… nothing chachi i have to go to the party…i have to…bye chachi see u and leaves from there with confusion and with curious to find her finally.

Malhotra mansion.
Here in Malhotra Mansion party is over everyone is resting in sofa and talking abt the party and what they did in the party and laughing. Manik enters the Mansion like a wind and climbs the steps while everone is going on calling his name but he ignore and enters his room and take the pendent in his hand and lyied on his bed.
Manik : Is it u who saved me on that day, who made me smile and rest in peace, i really dont know iam confused abt is it Nandhini, if its Nandhini then why she hide this from me, oh god! she is driving me crazy i have to find it out is it her r wat if it is Nandhini i will be……… interupts by knocking on the door and Manik hide the pendent and went to open the door and there it is FAB 5 and enter the room.

Alya : Wat happen manik is everything ok.
Manik : Ya iam ok wat will happen to me iam ok. And how was party all enjoyed.
Mukthi : Ah Manik its great party we enjoyed a lot long ago and ur dad is a good company and we r very comfortable with him.
Dhruv : Manik u never said us that Nandhini is ur family frnd.
Manik : Manik is lost and Alya shakes him. Ah i dont know yaar dhruv i saw her here in the party.
Cabir : In husky voice really Manik u dnt know.
Manik : Cabir said na i really dont know yaar believe me.
Cabir : Ah i believe in u my frnd dnt worry.
Manik looks him in confused look and Cabir feels something is fishy so he planned to stay with him to know wat he is upto. Alya, Mukthi said that they r tired so they asked Cabir to drop them Cabir said dhruv to drop them becoz he is having some work so he have to go except Cabir all starts from there and said bye to Manik and Cabir.
Cabir : Now Manik tell me wat u r upto, u r looking upset is Nandhini is a reason for ur upset r wat.
Manik : No Cabir.
Cabir : Really Manik, u know na u cant lie to me now come out tell me.
Manik : Ah yaar i went drop Nandhini and her family na i saw the same pendent in Nandhini’s photo in her house.

Cabir : Wat the! Manik r u sure is that the same pendent or u got some mistake are wat.
Manik : No yaar Cabir how can i forget that pendent i know i saw the same pendent no doubt but i dont if she helped me that day then why she hide it to me.
Cabir : Arey Romeo seriously u r very lucky fellow, no no seriously the two faces was inmportant in ur life and the both r same wow, but if iam right u saw her in college for 4 r 5 times in this u only talked to her no no scared her so obviously there is no chance for her to say the truth is in it Romeo.
Manik : With angry look Cabir! yaar i still want to confirm that is the same girl.
Cabir : Ok if Nandhini is the same girl saved u that day means wat u will do just hipothetical.
Manik : I…I….I… takes a pause first i want to confirm then i will do wat i supposed to. Now i have to call the dean and ask him for the footage.
Cabir : Are u crazy its almost 3 midnight do u think this is the right time to disturb anyone.
Manik : I dont care Cabir i just want to know now, and calls the dean and askes him for the footage.
Dean : Sir the ootage is ready u can c it by evening sorry for the delay sir we have retrieve it.
Manik : Fine i have to c it so make it fast and hangs up and says the same to Cabir.
Cabir : So Manik u will find her evening interesting. Iam very interested to c that it is Nandhini are wat. So let us sleep very tired and goes to bed.
Manik is not getting sleep till he find the person he sees the pendent and think i have to find u pls dont make me to wait and hugs it and soon he slept.

Precap : Manik and nandhini in college.

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