Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 18 & 19

SORRYYYYYYY friends for making u waiting this many months….. So lets c a quick recap. Nandhini comes to Mumbai from Tamil Nadu she is here to study music in space academy where she comes across FAB 5, one day she saw a person who met with an accident and its none another than Manik without knowing nandhini help him to the hospital and leaves her pendent in his hand accidently. Manik now searches for that girl who helped her that day. Meanwhile Nandhini join space and meets navya and become frnds and Navya gets through the prank of FAB 5 and nandhini in supporting her turns enemy to FAB 5. One day Manik hears a mesmerising voice and finds that it is Nandhini and greets her but later remembers how she scold his frnds and scold her. Mr. Malhotra and Mr. Murthy is a chilhood frnds and Mr. Malhotra is in Mumbai and arrange a party to his and family Nandhini and Family invited to that party…… THIS IS MY QUICK RECAP IF ANY NEW READER WANTS TO KNOW ALL ABT MY STORY PLS DO READ IT FROM EPISODE 1 SURE IT WILL IMPRESS ALL. MANAN – UNFORGETTABLE LOVE FOREVER.

Recap : Malhotra’s Party and Nandhini is invited.

Nandhini, Rishab, Chachi and Chacha are in the dining hall, chachi informed abt Manik’s arrival and gives the invitation to Chacha. Chacha sees the invitation.
Chacha : Malhotra’s Anna is very sweet, he is the one of the best Business Man in the world, but still his gesture is not even changed a bit, he still remembered us and came here to c us so nice of him.
Chachi : Ah ji, same his son also very sweet Sona Munda hai. Nandhini Bhaiya invited u and Rishab personally, so come soon from college today we have to be there in time.
Nandhini : Chachi, today na i really dont want to go to college chachi, shall i take leave today.
Chacha : Kyu Nandhu, u just joined the college if u take leave means it will get bad impression for u so u have to go na Nandhu.
Nandhu : Makes a puppy face.

Chachi : Arey Murthy ji let her be na, may be she want to take rest.
Chacha : Is it so Nandhu.
Nandhu : No chachu i will go, okay and says bye to everyone and leaves.
FAB 5 r in the fav place and making fun of others. Manik gets a call from the Manager.
Manager : Hello sir, good morning
Manik : Good morning did u got the number.
Manager : Yes sir and gives the number and he also tell him that The Dean is waiting for him to meet him.
Manik : Yes i will be there is 10.
After 10 mis Manik enters tthe City hospital, this time dean is waiting for him to come and invites him to his room an sits to talk to him.
Dean : Hello sir iam very happy that u r here to c me, i said i will come to meet u but ur Manager said that u want to meet me here in the hospital so i stayed back. Tell me sir wat can i do for u?
Manik : Actually i need a cctv footage of 5 days back.
Dean : CCtv footage?
Manik : S and i need it immediately now.

Dean calls the receptionist and informs her to take the footage and come, but she informs him that they r deleted and if he need so she will collect it from the office and give it to him but he have to wait for a day. Dean informs to same to Manik.
Manik : Okay, but quick i need it immediately and leaves.
Manik is little disappointed that he cant get her today, so he have to wait for another day. Here in college Nandhini and Navya are talking in the class room, Dhruv comes there.
Dhruv : Hai Nandhini.
Nandhini : Is surprised that a new one from FAB 5 is here to talk to her. Hai in a shakee voice.

Dhruv : Hai Navya, iam sorry that day i couldn’t help u
Navya : Its okay but u tried na, and u also followed us till college hostel and i saw u. Thank u for that
Dhruv : R u afraid of me?
Nandhini : Ah vo..vo.. thoda sa.
Dhruv : C iam sorry for wat my frnds did, but they r good too.
Navya : Good, i dnt c any good things in them till now, pls Dhruv u r nice thats y iam talking to u and ur frnds, especially that Cabir and thinks that snake thing and panics…..
Dhruv : Tell me wat he did.
Nandhini : Nothing, u pls go from here otherwise ur frnds will punish us.
Dhruv : Okay, i will talk to u later and leaves.
Navya : He is not that bad Nandhu. Look at him he is so silent and sweet i think u should talk to him.
Nandhini : C Navya iam not in the mood to talk to anyone.
Navya : Okay, let us go out today evening wat say.
Nandhini : No Navya today iam going for a party.

Navya : Party?
Nandhini : Ah Navya, He is my Dad’s frnd and he is for sometime, he wants us to join his party tonight, we have to be there.
Navya : Okay u enjoy.
Nandhini came early from college and getting ready in a long half shoulder frok half white in colour and with open hair curls at the end and looking like a Angel in that dress.
Chachi : Nandhu, u looking great and everyone will look at u in the party.
Nandhu : Chachi, look at u as beautiful as moon, so who will c me than u.
Chachi : Ok ok, come lets go its time.
In Malhotra’s Mansion Manik is getting ready happily with Blue jeans, white t-shirt and white blazer for the Party. Cabir observes him from back.
Cabir : Wow, Manik u seems to be very happy did i missed anything, becoz suddenly u disappeared from college, tell me.

Manik : Ah Cabir, how can i forget that u r more interested in my life than urs.
Cabir : Ofcourse iam and now dnt change the topic tell me.
Manik : Ya vo…… i found a way to find her.
Cabir : Who that pendent wali juliet.
Manik : Ya CCtv footage and i personally met the dean and asked him for footage and i will get it tomorrow.

Cabir : Manik, now u proved that u r Nyonika’s son, ya smart and intelligent. So u r happy to c her.
Manik : Yes and i cant wait to c her and excited too. Other FAB 5 member enters the room and they changed the topic.
All got ready to attend the party. Nyonika and Malhotra are welcoming the guests, FAB 5 is having fun. Chacha, chachi, Rishab entering the venue. Malhotra Welcomes them and introduces to Nyonika and Manik is also there with them.
Malhotra : Where is my Princess?

Nandhini enters the venue and slowly walks to them. Chachi shows her to Malhotra and says that she is here. Manik is trying to c her face but guests r full so he cant c and trying hard to c her. Nandhini comes more closer and suddenly Cabir calls Manik and he turns back and went to them.
Nyonika : Nandhini wat r u doing here?
Nandhu : Good evening Mam!
Malhotra : U know her.
Nyonika : Ya ofcourse, she is studying in our college and she won the scholorship also.
Malhotra : Wow my Princess u again proved that u r Murthy’s Daughter ah.
Nandhu : Thank u uncle.
Nyonika : Okay u guys carryon i will be back.

Malhotra : Okay, and Calls Manik to introduce her to him.
Manik turns to him and walks to him. Suddenly lights
got off. Malhotra introduces Nandhini to Manik as she is his princess. After sometimes Lights got on and Manik saw Nandhini and Nandhini saw Manik………
Precap : Manik and nandhini’s reaction and Manik sees pendent in Nandhini’s photo.

Recap : Manik and Nandhini met in the Party.
Malhotra : Manik, look she is my princess and princess he is my only son Manik.
They both were shocked to c each other and Manik is seeing Nandhini from top to bottom like he is waiting to c her for long time and he cant take his eyes from her. Nandhini is nervous and unconfortable of his look and to c him and looking here and there.
Malhotra : Shaking him My Son. U know her. Meanwhile FAB 4 saw Nandhini and comes there.
Manik : Coming to his sense. Ah Dad, I know her our Junior in college is in it Cabir.
Cabir : Ah Ah Uncle she is our junior.
All FAB 5 shakes hands with her and Nandhini knows that they r behaving like this becoz of Malhotra. Chacha, Chachi is happy that Nandhini is in safe place. Cabir shakes hands with Rishab and asks his name, but chachi said that he cant speak and all FAB 5 is sad to hear this. Dhruv is smiling at Nandhu and she also smiles back.
Malhotra : So my princess u got ur seniors as ur company, thats good. Manik u and frnds are really good to ur juniors, happy abt it.

Cabir : Ah uncle we r always good to our juniors.
Alya : Yes Uncle she also respect us very much, is in it Nandhini.
Nandhu : Shakes head with hesitation.
Manik : He cant take his eyes from her and going on looking at her. Cabir notice tis.
Cabir : In husky voice Manik, iam jealous of u man, ya seriously c ur luck ur seeing the girl that mesmerised u with her voice and u going to c a girl who saved u, its like a double dhamaka yaar.
Manik : Without taking his eyes from her. Cabir stop it. So Rishab come lets go enjoy the party.
Nandhini : Got scared and stops Rishab from going.
Malhotra : Let him go my princess.
Nandhini : Uncle i dnt knw he will be comfortable r wat soo……
Malhotra : He will be comfortable Manik is there na he will take care of him.
Nandhini : In mind, (Manik is there that is the problem uncle). With hesitation lets Rishab to go.

FAB 5 was very close to Rishab in few mins and playing with him, Nandhini is very worried abt Rishab her body is present with everyone but her mind is thinking abt Rishab and FAB 5 that wat will they do with him. Malhotra calls Manik.
Malhotra : Manik come here.
Manik : He comes there and stands next to Nandhini. Yes Dad.
Malhotra : Wat is this Manik ur junior is here with us in the party, so u will not show our house to her? Come on take her.

Nandhini : Uncle its okay, iam comfortable here.
Malhotra : I dnt think so i know u are not comfortable with partiess and all so go with him he will show u and u both with also talk abt ur music classes and all so go.
Manik : Yes Nandhini shall we go and gives his hand to take her hand.
Nandhini with hesitaion gives her hand to him and they both moves from there. After showing all the places, Manik stops in front of his room and tells her that it is his room.
Nandhini : Okay lets go.
Manik : Arey, u dnt want to c my room. Come i will show u.
Nandhini : Wat? Why should i? I dnt want to c ur room, come lets go to Rishab i want to c him.
Manik : Arey he is safe dnt worry abt him come.
Manik drags her to his room and explains every sngle thing in his room. Nandhini is silently admiring him while he explain and she doesn’t know why she is looking him like that. Manik opened his wardrobe and pendent fell down and before she could c i he took it and kept safely.
Nandhini : Coming to her sences. Why r u telling me all this iam not interested in it i just want to go from here and moves out.
Manik held her hand and drags to the wall and closes her mouth. Nandhini is shocked by his action.
Manik : I was trying to be nice to u but u still rude to me.
Nandhini : Takes his hand from her mouth. Iam being rude wat u did yesterday is in it nice thing, never u r being very rude to me not only now from the begining u met me i dnt know y. But ah i will respect u becoz u r my Papa’s best frnds son that it.
Hearing this Manik’s grip gets losens and Nandhini moves from there. Manik follows her. Suddenly Nandhini sees all FAB 4 is very comfortable with Rishab and playing, Rishab also very comfortable with them and playing like they are his frnds from childhood. Nandhini is very happy to c Rishab happy and Manik sees this.
Nandhini : Rishab chalo, lets go its time to go come.
Cabir : Arey Nandhini wat now only the gamee is getting harder let him play.
Manik : Ah Nandhini, let him play na c him he is enjoying. Rishab shakes his head.
Nandhini : Its okay its almost 1 we have to go. And takes him with her.
Chacha : Okay, Anna we have to leave now its almost 1.

Malhotra : Arey ruk na.
Chachi : Arey nahi Bhaiya we have to go, kal Nandhini ki college hai, he should also go to office na so we have to move, c Nandhu and Rishu also came.
Malhotra : Okay then let me drop u all.
Chacha : Arey its okay Anna we will go by cab, u take rest and u also want to take care of other guests right. So we will manage.
Malhotra : No No i cant let u all go like this, wait i will send my son to drop u.
Chacha : Aap beena Anna, u always like this, u never changed.
Malhotra : I won’t my Bhai. Wait i will send Manik.

Nandhini : Chacha, let us go na let them c the other guests.
Chacha : Arey Nandu wer saying the same but Anna wants us to go safely let him do that varna he won’t talk to us.
Nandhini : Okay Chachi. Says hesitately.
In some time Malhotra came Manik came there and says.
Manik : Let us go Uncle.
Chacha : Okay Baeta.
They all get into the car Cacha, chachi, and rishab got in back seat. No other way Nandhini want to sit next to Manik.
Manik : Rishab r u comfortable. Rishab shakes his head. Uncle, Aunty r u comfortable.
Chachi : Arey Manik baeta Uncle, aunty bolneki kya zaroori hai Chacha, Chachi bulavo na.

Manik : Ah that not a bad idea even i was uncomfortable to call u both Uncle and aunty.
Chachi : Then wat beta call us Chacha, Chachi na wat nandhu iam i right.
Nandhini with angry look to and Manik and say yes Chachi.
Manik : With a smile ok Chachi lets go then. Starts to drive. On the way Manik is looking at Nandhini’s face she is in no mood to c him. He felt little irritated because she not even looking at his side. They reached Murthy’s house, Nandhini got down from the car and quickly went to her room Chacha and Chachi invited him to get in but he denied but Rishab got his hand and draged him in. Chachi offered him for coffee but he said he want to resume the party so he will drink some water, Chachi went to bring him some water.

Meanwhile Manik is roaming around and saw some photograps in wall and went toward it. Its Nandhini,, Chacha, Chachi, Amms and Rishab’s photos. Manik is admiring her in her smile and suddenly he notices the same pendent in her neck and saw the same in all her photos. Chachi came there with water in her hand.

Precap : Manik asks chachi about the pendent.

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