Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 17


Recap : Manik in Nandhini’s house unware of it.
Manik droped his Dad and leave to the hospital.
Manik : Hai i need an information
Receptionist : Yes Sir what u want to know.
Manik : Actually i was admitted in ur hospital 5 days back, a girl admitted me here, So i want that day’s CCtv footage.
Receptionist : Sorry sir this information only for police we cant give it u any randomm persons.
Manik : Got angry and leaves and calls his Manager.
Manager : Yes sir.
Manik : Look i need to know who is the dean of city hospital and i need to talk to him.
Manger : Sure sir i will collect his personal number and inform u.
Manik : Make it fast.
Malhotra ‘s Mansion, Nyonika and Malhotra making arragemens for the party and FAB 4 also helping them.
Manik : Hai guys.
Cabir : Hai Bhudda.
Mukthi : Wat?
Cabir : I mean Manik.
Alya : I think there is something going on between u both, tell us na
Cabir : Arey Alya nothing, u do ur work na.
Manik : Dhruv, u r also here buddy.
Dhruv : Ah yaar.

Malhotra : Hey guys, feeling young around u all.
Mukthi : Uncle u r always young. Look at u not at all looking like a father of 20 year old son.
Cabir : Wow Mukthi, jute bolnekibhi hath hai yaar.
Malhotra : So cabir u r telling me old.
Cabir : No uncle thoda.
Alya : Cabir Mukthi is right, he is more Handsome than u.
Manik is lost in his own thoughts and leaves to his room withou lisening anyone. Malhotra follows him.
Malhotra : So my son, let us spend some time together its long time man.
Manik : Yes Dad sure come take ur seat Dad.
Malhotra : Do u want to tell me anything.
Manik : Takes a pause….. Ah Dad and say everything from that accident to Nandhini’s song and everything and also said him that he cant tolerate her hared.
Malhotra : U proved that u r my son, ya u r.
Manik : Dad.

Malhotra : U know wat Manik, me and ur mom met in college i started feeling for her, but she was very strong headed. I cant bear her silent, if she talk to anyone than me, if she ignores i will go mad. But when we started to love eachother then i came to knw that she is perfect for me and she changed me for good. What iam now is becoz of her, verna i must be a gundas today. A girl has a power to make a clay into a statue and a statue into a clay that depends on the girls character. The girl saved u that day was a angel for me, her gesture says that she has a value to be loved by u, and ur college girl u must say sorry to her becoz u hurt her, its wrong, u were happy to listen her na so ofcourse she made u happy, u must have said thank u but u misbehaved with her. So u r in guilt if u ask sorry u will be able to talk to her properly.
Manik : Thank u Dad. I was confused but now iam okay and hugs him. FAB 4 enters and everyone enjoying the night.
Next Day morning Malhotra calls Manik.
Malhotra : Manik, yesterday we were bean in my brother house na, u have to give him invitaion personally and invite them for the party.
Manik : Sure Dad.
Malhotra : U have to invite my prince and princess personally okay.
Manik : Prince and Princess.
Malhotra : Ah my frnds son and daughter. I always call them like that. U know wat when she was a kid me and my frnd use to talk that we should get engaged to u and princess.
Manik : Wat Dad.
Malhotra : Okay go its time go.
Manik in Murthy’s house, Chachi opens the door.
Chachi : Arey Manik beta come in.
Manik : Hai Aunty. Enters the house and gives her the invitation.
Chachi : Sure beta we will be there.
Manik : Dad personally invited Prince and Princess, u should definetly take them.
Chachi : Sure beta.
Manik leaves the house. He hears Nandhini’s voice but another song and playing veena. He thinks that he is imagining and shuts his ears and opens after sometimes and relaxed and moves from there.

Precap : Nandhini in Manik’s party.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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