Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 16

Recap : Nandhini’s performance in front of FAB 5.
Manik is so upset and he cant get her out of his mind he so wanted to knw why she is influencing him and decided to go to his fav place and gets up to go. Nyonika comes there.
Nyonika : Manik where r u going?
Manik : Where i supposed to go.
Nyonika : We have to go early so u have to take rest Manik.
Manik : Common Nyonika stop acting and ah i will be there in time, now let me go.
Nyonika : Manik iam not acting, why r u behaving like this to me
Manik : Becoz u deserve it and takes that pendent and guitar and leaves.
Manik in his fav place playing soft music and looking at that pendent. After sometimes he stops and takes that pendent.
Manik : U know wat she did to me today she hated me, but i cant bear that she is hating me y. In class she never saw me atleast once. The other day she was smiling but today i saw hatred in her eyes dnt knw y “i hate the fact that she hates me”. First i need to find u then i will handle her for sure i cant take it anymore. I have o find u but how……. Ya CCtv in hospital, yes i can find u. Yaaaa i will find u.
Early morning a servant came to Manik’s room and Manik is already up and getting ready.
Servant : Baba coffee.
Manik : Ah u keep it there. He is very happy that finally he found a way to find her.
Manik and Nyonika in the car, on the way to Airport. Nyonika is watching Manik all the time and felt something weired, but cant.they reached Airport. Both r waiting for Mr. Malhotra. When he came Manik gave him a long hug and Nyonika too.
In Malhotra Mansion The three having tea.
Malhotra : So Manik how was ur Music is gng.
Manik : Find Dad. I Miss u Dad.
Malhotra : I too miss u beta u also know.
Manik : So Dad how many days u r going to be here.
Malhotra : 2 weeks, we will have a great time.
Manik : Sure Dad.

Malhotra : Manik did i missed something.
Manik : Y Dad
Malhotra : No u r smiling this much, so i think is there any girlf…….
Manik : Dad no, Okay i will get ready in 1 then we will go to office and leaves.
Malhotra : Blushing, that a good start. So nyonika let us also go get ready, is time.
In office they attend meeting press interview and lots but Manik so wanted to go to the hospital to c the CCtv footage. After everything is over Manik got to leave but Malhotra stops him.
Malhotra : Manik where r u going?
Manik : Just to meet my frnds.
Malhotra : Oh frnd how r they and we should have a party to meet ur frnds. Actually i want to take u somewhere
Manik : Sure Dad. Where Dad?
Malhotra : My old frnd we where in school studied science and he became a scientist and me business, bu now.
Manik : He is wat happen Dad.
Malhotra : He is no more, he was in new york and in one accident my frnd and his wife died and heard his brother is here in Mumbai so i promised them, i will come but Nyonika said she is having some work so will u come with me?
Manik : Sure Dad lets go.
Manik drives the car and reached the destination. It was Nandhini Murthy’s house ya Nandhini’s Father and Manik’s father are childhood frnds. But Manik is unware of it. Nandhini also know Mr. Malhotra is her father’s frnd. As they entered the house chacha huged him and cried, chachi also greeted him. Both sat on the sofa.
Malhotra introduced Manik to them they r happy to c him, But Manik is not interested in anything he wanted to go to the hospital and find the girl. Both were talking abt Nandhini’s father. Rishab comes there.

Malhotra : Murthy ur son.
Chacha : No Anna, He is ur frnds son.
Malhotra : Wat that meand he is Rishab, but i heard they r leaving with Amma.
Chacha : Ah Anna but we bought him hear.
Malhotra : Both of them. Calls Rishab and makes him sit near him and asks abt his studies.
Chacha : Ah Anna wo Rishab cant speak due to that accident.
Malhotra : Oh arey prince ko dheekliya abi princess ko bhulavu. He calls her princess from her childhood.
Chachi : Ah i will call her, she must be practising.
Nandhini in her room staring at the fireflies and thinking how rude was he.
Chachi : Nandhu, come down there is a surprise for u
Nandhu : Surprise chachi i dn want any surprise iam very tired.
Chachi : Arey come na ur Appa’s frnd is here he want to c u come and u knw his son is also with him handsome, like sharukh khan come.
Nandhu : Chachiiiiiiiiii….
Chachi drags her from there, when Nandhini sees him she hugs him.
Nandhu : Uncleeeeee. How r u?
Malhotra : Fine my princess how r u? Grown up ah college and all.
Nandhu : Fine uncle ah uncle, happy to c u here uncle.
Chachi : Bhai saab where is ur son.
Malhotra : Ah he got a call so he is talking outside.
Chachi : Okay.
Malhotra : He got a call. Okay bye i will be here sometime, now i feel like there is someone for me here.
Chacha : Arey Anna y r u saying like this we r here for u.
Malhotra : Hmm. Okay bye prince and princess will c u. U all should come to my house for sometime.
Chacha : Sure Anna.

Malhotra leaves and Nandhini back to her room and from her balcony looking down there she saw Manik standing there and shocked and thought she is dreaming abt him.
Nandhini : Aiyappa now he started to come in my dreams and closes her eyes tight. Meanwhile Malhotra called Manik and he went. Slowly opens her eyes and feels its just a dreammmmmm.

Precap : Manik is coming to invite Murthy’s to Malhotra’s Party. This Time will Manik able to know abt Nandhini????

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