Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 14


Cabir is following Manik, and they stops in th jam room.
Cabir : So kya scene hai? Have u arranged this?
Manik : This What?
Cabir : Arey Nandhini Murthy’s Sa Re Ga Ma pa.
Manik : Nahi yaar Cabir, Why should I? And wat makes u to think that i did it?
Cabir : Ah dnt ask me for it, remember that day how u was smiling thinking her and morning when that Raghav is forcing us to attend the class u were standing there like u were waiting for it.
Manik : Cabir, its not like that…..
Cabir : Manik, i was right u r behaving like a Romeo now.
Manik : Shut up yaar, i like her voice, u also heard her na how was it, i just like her voice thats it. You know na how she behaved to u all and ho i spare her.
Cabir : Really! okay come lets go to her and tell that u only like her voice, still u r angry what she did to us. And drags him.
Manik : Manik stops. Cabir u know na she is not even standing in front of me, then how will i talk to her, its very frustrating yaar.
Cabir : Let go iam coiming with u lets go and c how she is running from u. Cabir and Manik searches for them in whole college.
Nandhini and navya is nervours abt the performance and decides to practice once and goes to music room. Cabir saw Navya going inside the Music room and understands that Nandhini also here and tell Manik abt it.
Cabir : Manik, that Madhubala is going inside Music room.
Manik : So kya karo mae, We r not here to c her, y u want be with her then go na dnt waste my time.
Cabir : So funny. Mr. Romeo when Madhubala is here, iam sure ur Nandhini is also there common sense.
Manik : So wat r we waiting for. Chalooooooooo.
Manik and Cabir near the music room wall leaning.
Manik : Arey wat to do with that Madhubala.
Cabir : Dnt worry i will handle her.

Nandhini takes the veena and prays it and starts to play with closed eyes. Navya is standing and listening to her. Cabir slowly walks back and close her mouth and takes her from there and closes all the door of the music room. Now Manik and Nandhini is the music room. Nandhini is still in her world of music and playing veena, Manik is enjoying it but suddenly he came to his senses that y he is here and goes near to her ear.
Manik : Haiiiiiii Nandhuuuu
Nandhini : Stops playing and opens her eyes but finds no one. Now Manik is back to her and again starts to play the veena with closed eyes. Manik now decided to wait still she complete becoz he is also enjoys it, and sits next to her.
Nandhini enjoying and playing veena, Manik staring at her. Nandhini finished playing.
Manik : Hmm good.
Nandhini : Said thank u and turns to c Manik next to her and shocked. Aiyappaaaa
Manik : What?
Nandhini : Gets up from there and runs towards the door.
Manik : No Miss. Nandhu u cant run away from me atleast for now.
Nandhini : Pls i want to pls, let me go.
Manik : Oh really okay, i will let u go but i need to talk.
Nandhini : In mind, Aiyappa y he want to talk to me did he came to knw that i helped him that day, what should i do now all doors were looked.
Manik : Hello, what r u thinking?
Nandhini : Closed her eyes tight. Look, i dnt knw that u r studying in this college when i was help……….
Manik : Closes her mouth and sticks her to the wall. Look i like ur voice but i cant spare becoz u insulted my frnds to the core, so better stay away from my frnds and dnt even try to come in between our decisions and pranks got it, Miss Nandhu, and takes his hands from her mouth
Nandhini : Hearing this Nandhini got angry and shouts. U such a Monster instead of controlling ur friends u r blaming me for insulting ur frnds, listen u better stop ur frnds orelse i will take tis to the Management.

Manik : Got angry and holds her hand back and drags her near to him. What u said Monster?, Yes iam a Monster do u want to c it tell me, let me show how a Monster behave, tell me.
Nandhini : Leave me its paining leave me with angry and looks into his eyes.
Manik : Also in angry look and looks into her eyes deep.
Here Cabir made navya to sit fingers in her mouth, navya is abt to cry.
Cabir : Madhubala y r u crying?
Navya : Y u caught me here, c dnt do anything wrong to me. plsssssss
Cabir : Irritated stop it wat u think of myself Madhubala, i dnt have any idea, ah if u want to do so i wnt mind.
Navya : With angry look. C i knw karate, kumfoo everything i know how to save myself, stay away from me and doing some action of karate.
Cabir : Cant control his smiling. Look Madhubala, if u sit here quietly so i wnt do anything to u, but if u try to do something na this time not frogs and crockroaches straight to snake. U like snakes na what tell me
Navya : Nooo i will be quiet.
Cabir : Thats like a good girl. Chupp. Madhubala.
Here Manik and Nandhini share a long eyelock, Nandhini is still in pain and crying. Cing her cry Manik felt little bad and loosens his grip and leave her and open the door.
Manik : Go, Just go from here orelse i even dnt knw wat i will do with u.
Nandhini : Eyes with full af tears and anger and leaves the room.
Cabir calls Manik.
Cabir : Arey yaar Manik, yeh madhubala is irritating yaar come soon na. Navya tries ti escape from there, Cabir caught her doing this and shows her his hand like a snake again she came to her previous place.
Manik : Its over Cabir come to the jam room.
Cabir : Okay. Oie Madhubala u r free go. And she runs from there.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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