Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 13


Nandhini and Navya were in college. Nandhini is saying Navya that she want to stay away from Manik and she dnt wan any trouble here. Raghav sir comes to them.
Raghav : Hai, How r u both?
Nan & Nav : Fine sir, how r u?
Raghav : Fine. Good to c u both together and i was seeing for u.
Nandhini : Yes sir tell us.
Navya : Any problem sir? tell she will take care of everyhing. Hearing this Nandhu give her a angry look.
Raghav : Ha..ha..ha. No there is no problem i need u both to perform in front of ur seniors.
Navya : Seniors, sir u mean FAB 5
Raghav : Navya ur seniors r not only FAB 5 there r others too. What Nandhini wat happened to u, y r u silent, r u scared?
Nandhini : Yes sir they our seniors how will i perform in front of them no sir we cant.
Raghav : Nandhini in music u have more experience than them u r learning from ur childhood so if u perform they will hear u and they have a chance to learn carnatic music also. U both r performing and thats final. Be ready in 3 hours.
Nandhini : Sir i so for now i only knw tamil song, and they wnt understand it na sir, so i will prepare for any hindhi song and then i will perform.
Raghav : No No No u r performing today and tats it. C u in class.
Nandhini : Aiyappaaaaaa…..
Nandhini gets a call and it is our Abimanyu, is Nandhini’s cousin and he is in Delhi and he came to Mumbai for Business deal.
Nandhini : In tension she forgot to c the caller ID. Hello in sad voice.
Abi : Arey Nandhu, i dnt knw yaar that u r sad that iam calling u.
Nandhini : Abimanyu, how r u? Sorry wo iam in tension na so i forgot to c the ID. Hmm now u remember me ah, Whr r u now when r u coming to Mumbai how is uncle, aunty? In Tamil Nadu their relationship is to get marriage to eachother.(but dnt worry they r good frnds thats it).
Abi : Arey wait wait stop shooting questions. Tell me where r u now.
Nandhini : Me iam in college, but y r u asking?
Abi : Becoz iam coming.
Nandhu : Really?

Abi : Ya, bye…
FAB 5 is siting in their fav place and Raghav sir is coming there.
Raghav : Hai FAB 5 how u all doing?
Dhruv : Fine sir.
Raghav : Arey Dhruv, how is ur Mom? Last week i met her she is very happy abt u and ur career do well.
Dhruv : Yes sir Mom told me.
Cabir : Haaiiiii Sir, What sir anything important? Becoz u wnt come to us simply.
Raghav : Yes u r right Cabir, iam here to inform u 5 that u have to attend the class atleast today.
Mukthi : Laughs…
Raghav : What Mukthi whats there to laugh? Am i joking?
Mukthi : U already know we wnt them y waste time.
Raghav : This time its an order.
Manik : Order ah, what makes u think that we will follow ur orderr.
Raghav : May be ur love for Music. Ya today 1st year student Nandhini Murthy is going to perform in our class. Hearing this Cabir looked at Manik, and Manik turns his face.
Alya : What? we should attend the class becoz that 1st year is performing?Forget it.
Raghav : U all have to. And Alya dnt c her grade, just c her performance then u know how a girl should perform?
Cabir : Laughs at Raghav’s comment. Alya wats wrong in it we should obey our sir na.
Raghav : Stop this Cabir and class starts in 3 hours so be there on time.
Mukthi : Manik y r u standing like this, wats all this we should attend he class becoz that stupid 1st year is performing.
Manik : Arey Mukthi y r u so worried, may be tis will get us a chance to torture her. We will go.
Alya : Wat?
Cabir : Ya we have to go and we will go.
Dhruv : Cabir yaar did i missed anything? There is something happening between u and Manik, kya yaar tell me na.
Cabir : No Dhruv, nothing is happening. Rock music is very boring nowadays so lets listen carnatic. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa……….. Kyu Manik am i right na.
Mukthi : Wait a sec how u knw that she is a carnatic singer?
Cabir : That day u only said Mukthi.
Mukthi : No i remember i dnt say anything

Cabir : Nowadays na u r forgeting lots of things eat bhadham daily, it works. C morning u said u must go somewhere but still u r here go na.
Mukthi : Oh ya, i will c u guys bye…
Abimanyu enters the college and tries to park the car next to Mukhi’s car and meanwhile Mukthi is taking her car and horns Abimanyu to take his car, Abimanyu is also horns Mukthi to wait for sometime until he parks his car becoz there is no place for him. Angry Mukhi gets out of the car and comes near.
Mukthi : Knocks the window, after he opens it, In shocked tone. Tumm
Abi : Oh tum, in romantic tone.
Mukthi : Take ur car now
Abi : No wat u will do wait for sometime let me park my car.
Mukthi : No i have to move so comeon
Abi : See, morning also u did the same to me, y r u so angry young woman u have to be chill okay this time also i will go back okay.
Flashback : Abimanyu’s frnd who is staying in the same society where Mukthi is. Morning when he went to c his frnd the same situation is happened and that time also Abimanyu took back.
Abi : Miss Young lady u can move and i like ur anger and shouts byeeeeee. Nandhini who is watching him from some distance trying to c her face but can’t.
Nandhini : Hai Abimanyu and hugs him.
Abi : Hai, so u settled in Mumbai ah, welcome to North India.
Nandhini : Ah somewat bu i still like South.
Abi : Really u will never change.
Nandhini : Yes, and ah wat was that in parking.
Abi : Oh, i will tell u later. First u say how is Mumbai, college and all. When i called u, u was sounding sad wat happend?
Nandhini : Ah wo sir wants me to perform in front of seniors.
Abi : So wat Nandhu u r perfect, u can
Nandhu : Iam scared but have to sir’s order na.
Abi : Okay Nandhu All the best, now i have to leave c u evening. We have to talk lot abt ur college and all.
Nandhu : U r staying with us na.
Abi : Ah no yaar in Hotel.
Nandhu : Y?

Abi : Arey i will say na evening for now bye.
Nandhini says bye to him and turns to c Manik and Cabir is coming but they both r interested in talking themself. Nandhini hides behind a girl standing there. Manik now saw her hiding behind a girl and smiles. Cabir notice Manik’s smile and moves with him. Everyone runs cing them but Nandhini request her to stay there for sometime till they go.
Manik : Stops straight to that girl turns and moves forward..
The Girl : Arey he is coming here leave me na
Nandhu : Pls pls…dnt move
The Girl : Arey, leave me varna i dnt knw wat he will do to me.
Nandhu : Pls just 2 mins Said and closed her eyes and praying Aiyappaaa…
Manik : Came to the girl who is now very scared and shows her eyes to move from there. Obeying his order she moved from there
Nandhini : Still closed her eyes and praying.
Manik : Near to her ears. Watsssssssss uppppppppppppppppp.
Nandhini : Suddenly opens her eyes and shocked to c him and runs froms there like she a big pathon is coming to attack her.
Manik : laughs at her Cabir also joins him.
Cabir : Manik, kuch bhi kaho she is very cute before u could say anything she ran away always.
Manik : Ah yaar this is her problem. y she always runs away from me
Cabir : So u want to talk to her.
Manik : No No and leaves Cabir follows him
Here in Malhora’s mansion when Nyonika was checking the house becoz Mr. Malhotra is going to come, crossing Manik’s room Nyonika went in his room and search for the reason bed, cupboards and then to the wardrobe she saw that pendent and a note with it. She opens it and reads.

Precap : Nandhini in front of FAB 5.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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