Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 12


Recap : Manik is happiness.
Nandhini enters the house and hugs chachi and said that everyone liked her singing and wished.
Chachi : I said na u will be the best.
Chacha : Ah nandhu, ur chachi said na so it is true.
Nandhini : Chacha, U r chachi’s ching chak ah.
Chacha : No nandhu, its our love of accepting eachothers thoughts.
Chachi : Ah Nandhu, u should also learn it from ur Chacha, In love we should respect our partners thoughts, even i also respect his decision, but not if it is wrong.
Nandhu : U r the best couple. I love u both
Nandhini in Rishab’s room and telling him everything.
Nandhini : Rishab i still cant believe my own eyes and ears that Monster wished me.
Rishab : Asked the same question that Navya asked.
Nandhini : Ah Rishab, Navya also asked he same question. U know iam a bhoothu ekdum, he must have expect somthing frm me na. Rishab wat u think if he came to knw that i got him to the hospital, that y he wished me yesterday. Iam confused Rishab tell something na.
Rishab : Shows that he want to sleep so pls go from here.
Nandhini : Okay kumkaran good night and covers him with blanket and leaves to her room.

Nandhini in her room thinking abt Manik and His 3 words, “U R AWESOME”. Takes that fireflies bottle and talks to it, actually wat he is upto first day he was very rude to me and today he was very nice to me. I really dnt knw now wat should i do tomorrow when i c him, i mean smile karo ya bhago, AHHHHH i am confused, u all say na wat should i do now. Ah u all just know to glow thats it. Aiyappa atleast u say na wat i should now, how will face him. Ah i have to stay away from him ah this is good, i dnt want to say thank u, why should i he wished me thats it what there to say thank u, i wnt Aiyappa. I dnt knw wat happen to me ttoday that i was cing him like a kid cing her chocolate. And from tomorrow i wnt go near him, yes.

In morning Manik is still sleeping and he is smiling in sleep suddenly servant knocks the door, Manik wakes and said to come in.
Servant : Baba, Mam said that today u have to visit the Office.
Manik : Office arey last week i was in office whole week, tell her i cant i have to be in college. Manik is also interested in Business, sometimes he takes care of Business too.
Servant : Baba, mam also said that Bade saab is coming from London tomorrow and u have to be ther in office.
Manik : Wat Dad! suddenly u go i will talk to her, where is she?
Servant : In hall baba
Manik : Okay, and checks his hand and bed for the pendent and also searches in his wardrobe and panics, Hey wait.
Servant : Yes baba.
Manik : Have anyone came here, for cleaning
Servant : No baba, we will clean only when u r not in the room.
Manik : In tension tone, okay u carry on. And starts searching for that pendent and he was already missing it. And decide to ask all other servants. Goes down to ask others and asks everyone abt the same, but no one knw abt it and Shouts at everyone to go from there. And turns back to go to his room.
Nyonika : So u r searching for this and shows the pendent to him.
Manik : Stops and turns to c it. And plucks it from her hand.
Nyonika : Manik, how rude it it?. Whats this manik
Manik : What?
Nyonika : This just now u plucked from my hand.
Manik : Its none of ur business.
Nyonika : Its my Business Manik becoz iam ur mom, so u have to obey and tell me wats cooking.
Manik : Nothing its just…
Nyonika : Just! I know this is a pendent of a girl for sure, so tell the story.
Manik : Ofcourse its a pendent, only girls wear it, and y should i tell u?
Nyonika : Manik u cant avoid me all the time, u have to answer me properly, so let it out wats happening in ur life.
Manik : Happiness for a change, smile and peace. Enough, r u want more explaination. And leaves the hall, and stops in 2 steps, Ah i will be in office tomorrow, today i have to be in college.
Nyonika : With confused look, i have to find the reason behind his smile, if it is a valid reason then its okay ,but if not he will be more hurt than before. I wnt let i happen.
Manik is happy that he got the pendent back and getting ready for college.
Manik : Nandhini Murthy, wat i should do with u, i should spare u for giving the tast of peace that i was wanting for, ya punish for wat u did to my frnds. Manik wats all tis U r confused for a girls first time.

Precap : Nyonika search Manik’s wardrobe.


Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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