Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 49

Recap : All reached nandhini’s native and having fun, boys talking abt secrets.
Navya : In husky voice, girls we should be careful i think this boys is planning something we should be alert.
Alya : U r right Navya we have to keep an eye on them.
Mukthi : We should act as a detective from now. All shakes their hands.
Cabir : Guys i think girls r planning to trap us.
Abi : U r right cabir, we should be careful.
Manik : No no i dont think so
Dhruv : Cabir first we should be careful with him nowadays na he is supporting girls then us.
Cabir : No not girls for nandhini.
Dhruv : Ohhhh….Kamine this time we will kill u if u share any plan with her ok.
Manik : Arey why should i say anything to her yaar iam with u na i wont trust me.
Abi : From now we should be careful with them they will try a lot to get the secret from us.
Cabir : True so come on and all hugs.
In river all girls r sitting one side and all boys in one side and talking.
Mukthi : Guys we have do something we cant just sit like this we should know wat is the secret.
Alya : U r right Mukthi.
Nandhini : Let them be na anyways we will be knowing what they r doing so chill na.
Mukthi : No we cant we should know before.
Alya : Ya we should be evil, i have a plan.
Navya : What plan.
Alya : We 4 cant go to them and ask right so we should attack them one by one.
Mukthi : U r right Mukthi we should go one by one so Alya to Dhruv, Navya to Cabir, ofcourse Nandhini to Manik, Me to Abi now tell us c how long their stupid mind and mouth hide anything from us.
Alya : Yes..
Navya : What yes me to Cabir no iam not going to him if i ask something to him na he will lock me in the room and leave snakes there no iam not going to him.
Mukthi : Laughs, arey he wont do like that to u, we r with u na then how will he, and he is in love……
Navya : What?
Alya : Nothing pls Navya let us do this na u have to pls pls…
Navya : Hmm ok.
Mukthi : Hmm good now let me start first Alya wish me luck.
Alya : Mere ashirvand hai tere saath.
Mukthi : Hmm.
Here boys who watching them is clue less what they r going to do and thinks in mind to be careful.
Mukthi : Hai Abi.
Abi : Haiiiiiiiiiiii…..
Cabir : Close ur mouth, listen i think they r planning something so dont go.
Abi : No i dont think so look at her face she is so nice so cute let me solve it.
Cabir : Ek tho gaya…guys abi tum dhono mere saath haina.
Dhruv : Ah cabir we r.
Mukthi : Abi all this forms r urs.
Abi : Ours.
Mukthi : Is it so. Urs r mine too.
Abi : Ofcourse.
Mukthi : Ok then dont u think ur secrets r mine too.
Abi : Ya ofcourse and get close to her.
Mukthi : Then tell me what is ur plan for today evening.
Abi : Evening plan… we dont have any plan…
Mukthi : R u sure?
Abi : Yes.
Mukthi : Acting like crying, c just now u said that all urs r mine too, but now u r behaving like this all boys r like this dont talk to me and runs from there. Arey yaar no Abi is not even saying a word.
Alya : Mukthi u r good at it na now what happen to u.
Mukthi : I cant alya, plan failed now ur turn.
Alya : Hmm iam sure Dhruv will say everything to me wait and c. Goes to Dhruv Hai Dhruv come na i have to talk to u.
Cabir : I know this girls na never change, be careful Dhruv control ur watering mouth and talk to her.
Manik : Cabir y r u teasing him man let him be with her na.
Cabir : U know na he will forget the world when he is with her, i dont want him to say abt our plan.
Manik : U r right.
Cabir : Iam always right and u too be careful when nandhini comes to u ur mouth is more watering than him so pls careful.
Manik : What me, Cabir yaar iam Manik do think i will.
Cabir : Ya ya u r Manik but Nandhini ki Manik hai tu.
Alya : Baby i think we should enjoy this days in this village together becoz i love this place i want to enjoy every minute with u what u say.
Dhruv : Yes Alya iam also loving this place we have to be with eachother.
Alya : Then what abt today evening?
Dhruv : Today evening, we will start from tomorrow.
Alya : Y tomorrow y not today come na baby.
Dhruv : Arey understand na we already planned somthing.
Alya : Plan what plan.
Dhruv : wo…no i cant say this na.
Alya : What u wont say to me, u know na we can share anything so come on tell me i wont say it to anyone.
Dhruv : No i cant..sorry.. and goes from there.
Alya : Girls sorry even Dhruv is not opening his mouth i think this is all becoz Cabir, now Navya everything is in ur hand go and get what we want.
Navya : No c u and Mukthi cant get anything from them how can i, sorry leave me and Cabir i dont think so he will say Nandhini can get from Manik becoz u all know Manik cant say no to Nandhini so send her.
Nandhini : What me no no i cant..
Meanwhile there comes Abi’s mom and dad, abi introduce his dad to boys they all wish him namaste.
Abi’s dad : What is this u all one side and girls there u guys have fight r wat.
Cabir : Kuch nahi uncle we want to be alone in this place but they want to know what we r planning thats it.
Abi’s dad : Ya i know this girls dont want us to be happy thats it.
Cabir : Yes Uncle ji.
Abi’s dad : In this plan na i am also with u.
Here girls also said the same to Abi’s mom and now 5 girls and 5 boys game starts.

Precap : Some cute nok jokes between boys and girls.

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