Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 48

Sorry frnds i know iam absent this days, becos my would be husband was in heavy viral fever he is alone in Chennai so i was taking care of him these days. Here is my update.

Recap : Nandhini’s family and Fab 5 decided to have a trip to Nandhini’s native.

All r landed in the destination. Fab 5 is enjoying evry place on the way and praising the looks of the village. Abimanyu who is already waiting for them in the place welcomes them.
Abi : Hai guys welcome to home sweet home.
Manik : Thank..and u Abimanyu right u here before us how come.
Abi : Ya i came here yesterday to welcome u guys for my house.
Alya : Hits Mukthi’s shoulder, what ur house?
Abi : yes ofcourse.
Nandhini comes there with the luggages and asks him for the help.
Nandhini : Abi, why r u standing there come and help me na its heavy pls.
Abi : Arey, i thought u r very stong girl and u can do anything. Abi’s mom comes there.
Abi’s Mom : Abi, why r u teasing her like this look at her she is very delicate come and hold this orelse she will get broken.
Nandhini : Athai (Bhuvaji in hindi) and hugs her.
Abi’s Mom : How r u my chellam, i missed u.
Nandhini : Me too athai, where is Mama.
Abi’s Mom : Ur Mama is gone c our paddy land he will be back soon.
Nandhini : Ah Athai they r my frnds from Mumbai.
Abi’s mom : Is it so Nandhu ur frnds. Fab 5 wishes her Namaste, the people over there looks the both girls weird and gives shocked expressions.
Mukthi : Y r they looking both like this?
Nandhini : Smiles, becoz of ur costume.
Alya : Costume, but y?
Nandhini : Here girls wont dress up like this ah they have seen in movies and all but they never see this type of costumes.
Mukthi : Still this village is remote.
Nandhini : No its not, but the costumes like this its not our culture and in south, culture is very important, modern thought it does’t mean this types of dress right.
Alya : U r right.
Abi’s Mom : So u all decided to talk here itself ah not going to come inside ah.
Mukthi : Ah aunty we r coming.

Everyone gets in, its a typical big house shown in south indian movies and his mom makes everyone sit and bought them juice to drink, she is very happy to c all like this becoz yearly once she got to c all the members together. Abi and Nandhini takes all the luggages in Abi and His mom takes ashirvad from amms and sits to talk to them.
Abi’s Mom : Iam very happy amma to c all this youngsters here, yearly once u have to get them here.
Amms : I know u will be happy, being alone in tis house is tuf for u na i understand.
Abi : Maa, iam going me i will be back in 2 hours.
Nandhini : Abi where r u going? we r ur guests na u have to stay with us but u r going out very bad, c Mukthi is also very sad, haina Mukthi.
Cabir : Ya ya c she is very sad.
Mukthi : Arey n…
Alya : Arey Mukthi i know what u going to say, u want to go out and see this village right ok Abi will take us, haina Abi. where r u going?
Abi : River.
Mukthi : What river for what?
Abi : To bath have fun with frnds.
Nandhini : Abi this is not fair iam also coming.
Manik : What seriously do u want to go there with him to take bath, r u mad?
Nandhini : What is there we use to play there in our childhood, very beautiful place u too come na u will also enjoy.
Manik : What, ah in childhood its ok but now bathing there its weird?
Nandhini : What bath!!!! Manik who said iam going there to take bath, seriously its beautiful place u have to c that.
Manik : Oh like that, then its ok.
Nandhini : Hmm like that, Manik y u got tensed hmm
Manik : Nothing.
Nandhini : Hmm Nothing okayy..
Abi : U guys r coming r what?
Alya : Coming na.
Abi : Come on what r u all waiting for get ready and come na i will wait.
All went to their rooms to get ready, girls in nandhini’s room and boys in Abi’s room and comes their in 45 mins to go to the river.

Abi’s Mom : Ok childrens i will cook u all a good south indian food go and come fast u cant c this village in 1 day ok. Abi and nandhu take care of them.
Abi : Ah Maa.
All goes to the river Manik Nandhini, Abi Mukthi, Cabir Navya, Alya Dhruv . Fab 5 and navya is suprised to c the big river over there and enjoys the atmosphere. Abi takes them to c the coconut from of them.
Cabir : Wow.. nice yaar Abi all this is ur form ah.
Abi : Yes this is our form.
Cabir : Hmm calls him secretly, desi daru is available here ah.
Abi : Cabir i know u will ask this, u know even i want to but my family is here na i cant ask for it.
Cabir : Oh right, but i have to ask them u know i dont know tamil language problem.
Abi : Dont worry i will ask for u.
Alya : Cabir what u both talking abt?
Cabir : Secret boys secret.
Mukthi : Oh hello tell us there is no boys secret.
Abi : Y cant we u girls have some secret na so same we have.
Navya : Accha there is nothing like that tell us wat u both talking abt.
Cabir : Arey no Dhruv and manik also joins them.
Manik : Yaar what is the secret.
cabir : Iam asking for Desi daru yaar this girls na.
Manik : I guessed it if girls came to know abt this na seriously they will kill us.
Nandhini : Manik u too joined.
Manik : No no i dont even know what they r talking abt. haina cabir.
Cabir : Hmm kamina and beats him all having a good time over there.
Abi said the servant to take that desi daru from coconut tree secretly and give it to him. (Its called kaluu in tamil, which is taken from coconut tree.)

Precap : All girls keeps eye on boys.

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