Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 47


Recap : Manik and nandhini’s cute moment.

Manik came back u his classes where everyone is taking their instruments and gets ready to practice, nandhini comes there and amms gives her the veena to play and she takes the veena and sits to play it and amms takes her harmonium to play both starts to play the good music which is the best and sing together a carnatic song which is beautiful and mesmerising after the song is over everyone claps for them. Amms tells them to practice this music in their instruments everyone practice it after the class everyone had their breakfast and sits in the hall for relaxation, Nandhini’s frnds comes there.
Frnd 1 : Hai nandhu.
Nandhini : Hai and hugs them. Everyone in half saree.
Cabir : Wow, thats y i like south the most.
Mukthi : Y?
Cabir : Arey look at them they all are in half saree and look hot and sweet as well, vese bhi iam bored seeing girls in short shirts and shorts.
Alya : Mukthi, now what to do with him.
Mukthi : Arey Alya no wait get his kidney out of him and both beats him to the core.
Dhruv : Girls y r u beating him he is right, i mean look at them and our girls who looks hot and sweet, ofcourse its them not u guys.
Mukthi : Alya get a grip of him, i think he is gonna drops u for this girls.
Alya : Yes Mukthi u r right, and looks dhruv in anger.
Dhruv : What r u looking for its true they r hoootttttt…
Cabir : See Dhruv the good also feels the same, so girls get to change urself.
Alya : Ya ya u r right we need a change, so i will look for a nice tamilian boy over here and settle down.
Dhruv : What?
Alya : Ya, girls is so beautiful here na so obviously boys here are also beautiful so y cant i try.
Dhruv : Arey alya i was just kidding and this Cabir na very bad i wont talk to him anymore, u r beautiful in any dress.
Mukthi : Really.
Dhruv : Arey i sware on cabir.
Cabir : Yaar dhruv, wat a change u r a oppurtunist and beats him. Dhruv cant try them but i can iam still single so i can.
Alya : Cabir, what abt Navya she is also traditional.
Cabir : But she is in our college yaar i can flirt with her any time, but i wont get this chance again na. Navya who is listening to their whole conversation.
Navya : Really.
Cabir : Ho ho….u r also here, Dhruv its good for us to move from here. Hai Nandhini u frnds ah.
Nandhini : Ah.
Dhruv : U wont introduce them to us. Alya, Mukthi and Manik also joins them.
Nandhini : Ah and introduces them to Fab 5 and tells their name.

After sometimes they leave to their houses. Amms come there and tells them that they need to go for their Native village for 1 day and to stay comfortable they will get what they ask for.
Cabir : Arey guruma village.
Amms : Yes actually Nandhini’s parents anniversary so we go there every year to their gravery.
Manik : Thats nice Amms so let us also come na.
Amms : Manik its a village u all will bored there, just for 1 day na so be comfortable.
Mukthi : Arey guruma, we also c how Tamil nadu village look like and their culture we all liking it already.
Alya : ah guruma take us na pls.
Cabir : Yes guruma we all are happy to know it culture, tradition and girlsssss…
Amms : What?
Cabir : Nothing guruma.
Amms : Ok, u all like to come so ok we will be going tomorrow morning 4.30 sharp, so get ready.
Manik : Thank u amms.

Fab 5 is excited abt the trip and packing their things, Nandhini comes there.
Navya : Hai Nandhu, what r u doing here finished ur pack up.
Nandhini : Ah Navya, r u guys really want to come there.
Mukthi : Yes, but y r u asking?
Nandhini : Wo..its a village and u guys wont be comfortable there.
Alya : Nandhini we wont mind and u know nandhini we r totally enjoying here and we know the same thing is going to happen there also, so dont worry abt us we r totally excited.
Cabir : Yes Nandhini, ok tell me one thing.
Nandhini : What?
Cabir : Girls over there also dressup like u na.
Nandhini : Smiles, ah ofcourse.
Mukthi : Accha so this is ur plan to c the girls ah.
Dhruv : Ah we need a fun right we r bored seeing u both, haina Manik.
Manik : Ah ofcourse we need a change.
Alya : Accha, Mukthi, Navya this is a insult for us come let us show them how we r and runs behind the three to beat them and there is a wonderful Fab 5 and Navya Nandhini moment.

Early Morning Fab 5 is all set to start the journey, Nandhini came there and stands next to Mukthi.
Nandhini : Hai Mukthi, i have a good news for u.
Mukthi : For me.
Nandhini : Yes, Abimanyu is coming.
Mukthi : Where and searches for him.
Nandhini : Arey not here he is coming straing away to village, dont worry now smile.
Mukthi : Nandhini and hugs her.

Precap : Lots of thing going to happen in this trip, Drunk Nandhini and everyones life is going to change from here so stay tuned.

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