Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 46

How r u my frnds, long time but dont worry i am here, hereafter i will post daily u dnt need to miss me and thanks for reading my story and waiting for it. Now let us c a quick recap.

Recap : Manik following Nandhini to her place in Tamil nadu with the reason of workshop. Nandhini’s amms tells her to assist her to train them. Nandhini is shocked to c Fab 5 behind her and Manik is also stunned to c Nandhini in totally homely attair like half aree and all. Nandhini knows that Fab 5 is not going keep the time that said in rules list and wakes thm to get ready for classes and finally Fab 5 is ready to practice they here some music and follows it and there it is Nandhini dancinig like a peacock for the song thoda badmash in saawariya Fab 5 and all students r mesmerised by her dance and cant take their eyes from her, now let us c what happened after this.

Nandhini is dancing and after completes the she stops and bows to every one, all r still mesmerised by her dance Nandhini is still confused why all r cing her like that, Cabir breaks the silent and claps for her loud and every one follows hin except Manik, he is still mesmerised. Everyone tell her that she rocked the stage alone.
Cabir : Nandhini u r amising really i thought u r a good singer but today u proved u r talented more wat we think u r good and hugs her.
Mukthi : Ah yaar u r beautiful and ur ada was superb yaar and hugs follows her Aliya and Dhruv also hugs her and congraulates her.

Amms comes there and tell them that from tomorrow u all have to dance with her all said ok and amms tell the music students to take their place and Nandhini goes from there to change, Manik follows her.
Manik : Cabir yaar just take care of amms when she asks abt me.
Cabir : Dont tell me now u r going to follow nandhini.
Manik : Ah yaar u r so intelligent.
Cabir : Arey always y r u making me a bakra, seriously dont do this to me yaar iam ur frnd.

Manik : That y iam doing this to u, u r my best frnd.
Alya : Cabir, he came here for nandhini na so let him enjoy.
Cabir : Alya u too if i let him enjoy na i cant even breathe remember that.
Mukthi : Smiles, Cabir u r cool so u can mange everything haina Manik.
Manik : Ofcourse, no doubt bye guys i make a move.
Cabir : Oh god dont give this peoples as my frnd in my next life.
Mukti : Accha and beats him, Alya and Dhruv joins her.
Navya : What r u doing guys, amms seeing us.
Dhruv : Guys dont beat him Navya tell this in another way.

Mukthi : Ohhhhhhhh
Navya : No….not at all…do what ever u guys want to iam going to class and moves from there Fab 4 follows her.
Here in Nandhini’s room Nandhini enters her wash room to freshen up, Manik who is in search of Nandhini’s room enters her room, Nandhini enters the room and shocked to c manik there n her bed.
Nandhini : Manik what r u doing here go get up and class is going to start go.
Manik : Arey nandhini always y r u getting me away from u, i need to talk to u yaar, so i came here.
Nandhini : Talk abt what?
Manik : Drags her close to him, abt ur dance, u r…u r…..u r…
Nandhini : Hmmm……..

Manik : Hugs her tight, awesomeeee.
Nandhini : Manik, leave me.
Manik : still huging her, and leaves her slowly seriously u r like a peacock who dancing in the rain.
Nandhini : Really, but i dont think so, becoz u r the one who said nothing to me there.
Manik : That is becoz i cant wish u in front of anyone na.
Nandhini : Y ?
Manik : Becoz….i want to wish u like huging u and touching u, i cant do this infront of everyone na, i cant wish u without touching u.
Nandhini : Manik and kicks him in his stomach. Manik now its time to class so go Amms will punish u and push him to the door.
Manik : Arey one sec.
Nandhini : What?
Manik : The sound, weird.

Nandhini : Sound, what sound and walks.
Manik : This sound, u payal its different.
Nandhini : Different, becoz of this sound its very loud payal and i use to wear this when iam in my higher secoundary and i kept it here when iam leaving to Mumbai u know na every one would have teased me more when use to wear this.
Manik : Goes in his knees and takes her leg in his hands, Its beautiful i like this sound continue wearing it.

Nandhini : Blush in his act.
Manik : Nandhini i think u look awesome when u r in this attaire, this homely look sound payal, i cant take my eyes from u.
Nandhini : Both shares a long and beautiful eye lock. Manik its time to class so……..
Manik : So…and bends to kisss her.

Nandhini : So….stops him u have to go and push him back.
Manik : Arey always u spoil my mood yaar, come u r also have to come lets go.
Nandhini : U go i have to change.
Manik : Ah so change and come.
Nandhini : Manik i said i hve to change so…
Manik : So….ya i have to go….u want me to…
Nandhini : Manik go and push him out from her room and close the door and smiles thinking what he said to her.

I know its shot update dont worry i will post daily and frnds i want the download link of Kaise yeh Yaariaan pls if anybody have it so pls send me where i can download the full episodes. Thank u once again.

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