Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 44 & 45

Recap : Manik tries to get close to Nandhini, she push him and runs from there.
Cabir comes there with the rules list, Manik is still smiling thinking abt Nandhini. Cabir sees him smiling and shakes him to c him.
Cabir : Manik, we r suffering here by the rules, but u r smiling good yaar.
Manik : Rules what rules?
Cabir : Arey in what world u r living just now Nandhini was explaining the rules clearly.
Manik : Accha.
Cabir : I know u were just looking at nandhini not even heard a word, but yaar every one is very angry on u yaar seriously.
Manik : But y?
Cabir : Becoz of u we need to follow all this rules.
Manik : Arey cabir we have to follow rules its good we have obey the rules ya.
Cabir : Arey u follow this rules na becoz u love her y should we.
Manik : Becoz we r frnds come na lets go and drags him.
Nandhini sees all his frnds and shares her experience in Mumbai. Her frnds going on asking her lots of questions.

Frnd 1 : Nandhini i heard boys r very handsome in Mumbai, what abt in ur college.
Nandhini : Accha i here after 2 months instead of askng how i am u r asking abt boys good yaar.
Frnd 2 : Arey we r seeing u na thats enough now tell.
Nandhini : Yeah u heard it right.
Frnd 1 : But Nandhu we missed u.
Frnd 2 : Ah nandhu, we missed u a lot.
Nandhini : Me too, accha tell how was ur classes and all.
Frnd 1 : Some what good Nandhu, but if u were here na then it would be a fun.
Frnd 3 : Comes there excited, arey Nandhu ur house is full of students u came here with ur frnds are what.
Nandhini : Wo..they were here to attend a workshop with with Amms.
Frnd 3 : Oh they were very modern i saw them, u know what some were in shots.
Frnd 1 : wonder they r from Mumbai na so they will be modern.
Nandhini : Ok now i have to go, u all r coming na for morning classes.
Frnd 2 : Ofcourse we r and we also want to c them na.
Nandhini : Ok bye.
Amms : Nandhu go and call all ur frnds for dinner today we all have together.
Nandhini : Ok amms.
Chachi : Ah Nandhu i prepared northindian dishes for them go and call them.

Here Girls and boys were in one room and talking, Nandhini comes there and takes them to the dinner hall and searches for Fab 5 and Navya.
Nandhini : U all are here i was searching for u all in whole gurukul,, come amms calling u all for dinner.
Alya : What dinner, but its just 8, so early.
Nandhini : Ah its the rules of gurukul, so that u all can go to bed early and wake up early.
Cabir : Nandhini no wonder, u were miss perfect becoz of it, come guys iam hungry already to have nie south indian food come.
Mukthi : Ok come lets go then. Nandhini do u know to cook.
Nandhini : Ah i know amms thought me everything.
Navya : Ah in all our house parents will teach us how to cook and all household things, y ur parents dont teach u all.
Mukthi : My parents they dont have time t even look at methen how they will teach me.
Navya : Sorry Mukthi.
Alya : Its ok Navya u dont know abt us na so its ok.
Dhruv : Ok now come lets go orelse dinner will be over.
Manik : Right dhruv u guys move ahead i will be back and drags Nandhini from there and takes her to boys room and close the door.
Nandhini : Manik what r u doing, leave me amms will ask for me and she will reach here.
Manik : Really, matlab y r u so scared, she wont come dont worry.
Nandhini : How do u know?
Manik : Just i know, and Nandhini u look…
Nandhini : Look
Manik : Look very different in this dress and this flower, its smells like hell and it tells me to be close with u.
Nandhini : Accha then what its says.
Manik : Drags close to him, and kiss her neck.
Nandhini : Manik leave me in husky voice and push him aside.
Manik : C its not my fault, its urs.
Nandhini : What?
Manik : Ah its ur dress and ur flower, seriously ur flower na doing something to me, i really like it.
Nandhini : Ok Ok now come let go and drags him to dinner hall.
All finished there dinner and go to their rooms all r instructed to be ther at 4 am sharp.
Nandhini : At 3 am she woke up. Ayappa i know Fab 5 is not going to wake up this early, if amms know this she will punish them, so i have do somthing. She calls Navya.
Navya : Hai Nandhini.
Nandhini : Navya what r u doing?
Navya : Me trying to wake up this Fab 5.
Nandhini : Fab 5 u all in same room r what.
Navya : We r not in the room, in ground we like this place so we slept here.
Nandhini : Oh ok, Navya pls wake them up orelse i dont what amms will do.
Navya : Iam trying na nandhini, but i cant u come na.
Nandhini : Ok iam coming and goes to the ground where they were sleeping.
Navya : C here how they r sleeping like kumkarans.
Nandhini : Smiles on the way they were sleeping, Ok navya lets start and starts with Mukthi and Alya somehow they got up. Muthi and Alya its time so pls go and get ready.
Mukthi : Nandhini whats this in midnight.
Alya : Ah yaar we just slept pls let us sleep.
Nandhini : Ok sleep but u will get punishment for this ok.
Mukthi : what punishment, its better to get ready come Alya. Both goes to get ready.
Heard the sound dhruv and cabir wakes up.
Cabir : U both girls what r u doing in my bed room.
Navya : Bed room, open ur eyes and c its gurukul we r here for workshop, do u remember and now shut up and get ready.
Dhruv : Get ready where?
Nandhini : Arey dhruv u have to be in at 4 am sharp remember.
Cabir : Oh ya what the time.
Navya : Its 3.20 now get up and go.
Dhruv : Thank god u saved us.
Cabir : Manik is still sleeping, i think its big job to wake him up. All the best Nandhini.
Cabir, Navya and Dhruv leave from there to get ready, now Nandhini’s mission to wake manik up.
Nandhini : Husky voice shakes him Manik..Manik..wake up its 3.30
Manik : In sleepy voice open his eyes, Nandhini every time i sneak into ur house first time u sneaked in my house, very good come lets sleep and hugs her.
Nandhini : Manik get up its not ur house its my house get up u have to get ready.
Manik : Still sleepy get ready where?
Nandhini : For workshop get up Manik.
Manik : Is still sleeping.

Nandhini : Ayappa iam sorry i dont know other way so and takes the water and pours on him to wake him up.
Manik : Wakes up, what r doing nandhini, and what r u doing in my room?
Nandhini : Oh still u r thinking that iam in ur room, Manik wake up u have to in class at 4 sharp its already 3.30 c every one thery were getting ready.
Manik : what 3.30 r u kidding me.
Nandhini : Kidding seriously Manik i told u na the rules over here, forget everything get up fast orelse u will punishment from amms so dont spoil ur name at very first day get Manik pls.
Manik : Rules, fine i will.
Nandhini : Thats like a good boy.
Fab 5 and all Music students getting ready for their classes and dance students r already in practise room.
Cabir : Yaar Manik its our first time we were all ready early, ita only for u yaar.
Mukthi : Yes Manik its irritating yaar.
Navya : Ok lets go classes going to start.
Alya : Ah i can hear the song dance session is going on right come lets go and c whats happening over there.
Fab 5 along with Navya moves towards the pactise hall and see nandhini is dancing like a peacock for the song Thoda badmash in the movie Saawaariya, there were stunned to c nandhini in this avatar especially Manik he cant even blink his eyes seeing her dancing, he is totally mesmerised and going on seeing her with open mouth. Its first them for them seeing nandhini in classical moves, even Mukthi, Navya and Alya is seeing her with open mouth. Nandhini didn’t notice them and smiling and dancing.

Precap : Mesmerism continuesssssssssss

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