Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 36

Dont worry frnds separation is not gonna happen here u all will like it.
Fab 4 in college practising, After practising Cabir said that he need some breaks and everyone feels the same, Cabir in search of Nandhini, Dhruv and Alya were sitting together, Mukthi calls Abi to go out somewhere.
Alya : Dhruv, how is mom.
Dhruv : Fine she wants to c u.
Alya : Accha, why u r saying now to me, u would have said it before na.
Dhruv : In practise tension.
Alya : Oh right how i can forget, u were hiding our relationship from our frnds for past one year na, so it is a small thing to u.
Dhruv : Alya its not like that, u know na we r prepared to tell them one day but we cant becoz Manik met an accident na.
Alya : Ah i can understand but we would have said after that na.

Dhruv : Yes alya i do thinking abt it.
Alya : We have to Dhruv, we cant hide it to our frnds anymore.
Dhruv : Yes and both hugs.
Cabir who in search of Nandhini finds Navya in music room and goes near her.
Cabir : Hai navya, practising?
Navya : Ah wo..just like that.
Cabir : Nice voice, Where is Nandhini?
Navya : Thank u. Nandhu, Nyonika mam called her so she gone to meet her
Cabir : What Nyonika? But why?
Navya : How i know, i offered her but she said no to me.
Cabir : Oh, ok. So r u free now.
Navya : Why?
Cabir : Just for a coffee?
Navya : But u have to practise na, u have only 4 days for ur concert na.
Cabir : Ah, we were practising but Manik was not there na so we felt alone.
Navya : Oh where is he?
Cabir : He is office, he have some meetings itseems.
Navya : Oh ok, lets go.
Here in Office Manik is thinking abt Nandhini, abt their nok jokes and her smile, he cant concentrate in meeting, but he have to attend it as its very important.
Mukthi and Abi in the same place where Abi took him, Mukthi is very happy to c that place again.
Abi : Mukthi u r having concert na after 4 days but u r here.

Mukthi : Wo..i have to go Manik is not there so we r bored.
Abi : Ok. All the best.
Mukthi : Abi, Y u r saying this now, y u r not coming to c my performance r what.
Abi : What me? u want me to come?
Mukthi : Ofcourse u said u r my frnd na, so u r not coming to c ur frnds performance hmnm.
Abi : Yes i will.
Mukthi : Good then and both laughs.
In college Nandhini enters Nyonika’s room. Nandhini wish her, Good morning.
Nyonika : Nandhini Murthy, am i right.

Nandhini : Yes mam.
Nyonika : I heard abt u and ur family from my husband, u also having a brother na, who cant speak becoz of an accident.
Nandhini : Yes mam.
Nyonika : Hmm, by the way take ur seat.
Nandhini : No mam its ok.
Nyonika : No, u have to becoz u saved my son from an accident.
Nandhini : Is shocked to hear. Wo..mam.

Nyonika : So Nandhini u already know na that Manik is the only son of Malhotra.
Nandhini : Mam, i dont know what r u askng abt.
Nyonika : Come on Nandhini, i know how u people r dont act in front of me. U and ur family already knw that Manik is only son of Malhotra, so u people want to get him ur way so u came here and joined in this college, am i right Nandhini Murthy.
Nandhini : Sorry mam u cant talk abt my family here, becoz iam ur student u have rights to talk abt me, my studies but not abt my character and u dont even have any right on my family mam.
Nyonika : I know it Nandhini, u people have nothing but self respect thats good for me. With full of ur self respect get out of my son’s life.

Nandhini : Is shocked and confused that how she came to know.
Nyonika : Shocked! u know what nandhini when i saw u first day, Manik was torturing u, but when i saw u in my family party, i thought u hate him, but no when i came to know that u admitted him that day, i got to know everything abt u both, yeah i even know u both were spending time together. And i dont want a girl like u come close to my son, u know y becoz u people just talk abt love, faith, family and bla bla..i dnt need that kind of things even come to my son, got it. I know he is interested in u, y not after all he is Manik Malhotra. I think now u got my point so better stay away from him, now i want u to get an TC from here, i know i can expel u but i dnt want my husband and my son ask me questions got it. I give one month to u to go away from son’s life. Now u can go, ah dnt even dare to say this to him orelse u know what iam upto i will screw ur family from this city got it.

Nandhini : Controlling her tears and leaves her room, she dont know what to do now she was totally shattered and opens the door to c Manik standing there.

Precap : Now, what happened manik heard what Nyonika said r no? Now what will nandhini do? will she go away from Manik, knowing he will get hurt more?

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