Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 35

Recap : Nyonika came to know abt the footage and Nandhini came to know abt Manik’s mom.
Manik and Nandhini said bye to them and gets into the car. Nandhini is controlling her tears without seeing him.
Manik : Nandhini, what happen r u ok?
Nandhini : Ah…Maink iam ok. Why r u asking?
Manik : Wo..actually u were very angry with me na in college, so now u r not talking to me, so what happened?
Nandhini : She slowly becoming normal, wo..nothing iam still angry.
Manik : Arey, but why?
Nandhini : Wo..that girl..
Manik : Girl which girl.
Nandhini : Nothing leave it.
Manik : Ok and what u and chachi where talking abt and whats in ur hand.
Nandhini : Takes the cover to another side, its girls talk u no need to know and why i should show u i wont.
Manik : Oh ok, now tell me y r u angry on me, i dont have patience so come out tell me and stops the car.

Nandhini : Gets out from the car.
Manik : Is irritated now, Nandhini what is this? tell me na y u r angry with me?
Nandhini : Turns from him, and smiles.
Manik : Turns her to c him and get her close. Nandhini i cant bear anyones anger anymore, mom was angry with me before her death, so Nandhini dont be angry on me, i am ready to do to make up to u but dont be angry on me and dnt ever leave me, i cant take pain anymore.
Nandhini : Manik ushhhh..ushhh, nothing Manik iam not angry with u i was just kidding.
Manik : Calms down r u sure.
Nandhini : Ah iam sure. Manik leaves her. Manik i said na iam sorry for kidding, please forgive me and catches her ear.
Manik : Wo..its hurting.
Nandhini : No..its ok Manik.
Manik : Its just that i cant bear ur anger, becoz after a long time i smiled, u made smile, nandhini when iam with u na i dont miss my childhood, otherwise my childhood is messed up, so nandhini never ever leave me r get angry with me, ah i u r angry u can punish me whatever it is i will, but dont stop talking to me. Got it.
Nandhini : Hmm..i wont.
Manik : Good, now u can tell me na whats in that bag.
Nandhini : With open mouth, Manik u still want to know, said na i wont.
Manik : Ok.. There is some silent and nandhini going on looking at one place, Manik notice it and there its full of fireflies. Nandhini do u like them?
Nandhini : Turns to c him, ah Manik i like them very much, u know i bought a bottle of fireflies with me.
Manik : Really, u want them now.
Nandhini : No Manik no need we should follow some tecnic to catch them u dont know.
Manik : What tecnic listen no need for that i will get u and goes to catch them. Manik is trying hard to catch atleast once and trying.
Nandhini : Who is cing him near the car, remember all what Madhu said and what Manik said to her and starts crying on cing him.
Manik : Is still trying to get it by jumping.
Nandhini : Cant control her tears going on flowing and runs to him and hugs him tight.
Manik : Is in shock now, but he is not huging her back. Both were silent and Manik cant control anymore and he also hugs her back tight, a bone crushing hug.
Here in Malhotra’s mansion, Nyonika enters Manik’s room and search for the footage. Finally she gets the cd in Manik’s Laptop and play the footage, she finds that nandhini was the girl who admitted Manik in hospital.

Manik drops Nandhini and leaves, Nandhini who is so touched after knowing abt Manik cant control herself and crying and running to her room and closed the door.
Nandhini : While crying, Ayappa what is happening, i want to stay away from Manik, but i cant, he is very good ayappa i dont want him to get hurt anymore he cant bear it. Childhood is very memorable for everyone but for Manik its not good, i know how it feels when ur parents is no more in ur childhood, even my parents where died, but ayappa i have my amms, chacha, chachi, rishab to love me, take care of me but for Manik there is no one, i cant even imagine how he survived, ayappa y he in this much of pain, we r human beings but u r god na then y u left him alone, he would have cried na, he must be felt so lonely na, how u can be so cruel ayappa. Now if i avoid him he will be in the same condition na, so i wont leave him alone i will be with him always , if i leave him he will get more pain, he trust me that i wont leave him, i will keep up for it and wipes her tears. The fireflies glows.

In Morning Manik in his room. Nyonika comes there.
Nyonika : Hai Manik.
Manik : Turns to c her. Nyonika.
Nyonika : Manik r u getting ready for college.
Manik : No for fashion show, u want to come there as judge.
Nyonika : Laughs, no Manik nowadays the place u r going for is not upto our class, so dnt expect me to come there.
Manik : Status, class Nyonika these words not suits so u better dont talk abt it.
Nyonika : U r right Manik, i deserve more than this. Let me come to the point, today u have to attend some meeting lined up for u in office.
Manik : What meetings, but i dont know.
Nyonika : Thats becoz u r not attending any calls from yesterday evening. Where have u been?
Manik : Its none of ur business.
Nyonika : U r right, anyways i came here to inform u now its upto u.
Manik : Nyonika listen iam not in mood to attend any meeting, u just take care of it.
Nyonika : What r u saying Manik? I already said u that u wont say no to any business work, right. So u have to Manik and ah importantly u dad will attent this meeting through video calling, so u have to right.
Manik : Fine.
Nyonika : Manik, today u r very eager to go to college, any special occasion that i missed.
Manik : Why the hell i supposed to say u?
Nyonika : Manik i expected this from u, but u know what manik i born before and i crossed ur age, i know this age is always a problem, anyways i hope u will get a better life forever and all the best.
Manik : Called Fab 3 and informed the same to them. Called cabir, Hai cabir.
Cabir : Hello Romeo.
Manik : Accha suno, i think i wont be in college today, becoz i have some meeting lined up, so..
Cabir : So u want me to give all information abt Nandhini and take care of her right.
Manik : Wow Cabir, u r very smart ah.
Cabir : Saale, muje watchman banadiya na.
Manik : Arey nahi yaar, actually yesterday she was crying and little upset, so iam worried.
Cabir : Kya kiya tu.
Manik : Maine kuch nahi kiya yaar, ok i have to leave now so look after her.
Cabir : Ok dont worry, i will take care and hangs up.

In college Navya and Nandhini sitting together and trying some notes, Nandhini looks very happy.
Navya : Nandhu today what happen to u looking so happy.
Nandhini : Nothing Navya asusual.
Navya : Really Nandhu, but u look beautiful today.
Nandhini : Really, thank u.
Navya : Nandhu, u r blushing.
Nandhini : Arey Navya thu bina kuch bhi and smiles.
Navya : Hmm ok and both smiles and enjoys.
A pune comes there and says that Nyonika mam called nandhini to her cabin. Nandhini and Navya were confused, Navya offered to come with her but Nandhini refused her, Nandhini enters Nyonika’s Cabin.

Precap : Cabir search for Nandhini.

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