Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 34

Recap : Manik’s performance and nok joke.
Nyonika also very interested to know abt the pendent and to know who saved him, so she started to City hospital and asked the dean abt the same.
Dean : Madam, u here what is the problem mam.
Nyo : Actually my son was admitted here for one day last month and i want to know who admitted him that day.
Dean : Mam ur son didnt said u anything.
Nyo : What yes mam he came here and asked for that day’s cctv footage and i gave him.
Nyo : What Manik personally came here to take.
Dean : Yes he was so eager abt that footage.

Nyo : U still have the footage.
Dean : No mam we had only one copy and we sent it to ur son.
Nyo : Fine. Leaves from there.
Nandhini : In mind ( Ahhh..what he is thinking abt himself always boss around me, dont know whose house is this, Aiyappa save me from this Monster).
Manik : Comes back. Stop talking to ur god and just come and drags her.
Nandhini : Both standinding in front of the door, Manik is abt to ring the bell, but Nandhini stops him. Atleast now tell me na who is inside, so that i can think how to behave na.
Manik : No need u be as u r, they know abt u so stop worring.

Nandhini : Know abt me how, but i want to…before she could complete Manik rings the calling bell. A Lady opens the door, and its none other than Mr. Rajesh and Mrs. Madhu Singhania.
Manik : Hai chachi.
Madhu : Hai Manik, to Nandhini hai beta, come in.
Mr. Rajesh Singhania is also welcomes them, Manik is abt to introduce Nandhini to them but Madhu Stops him.
Madhu : Nandhini, am i right.
Manik : Ah chachi, nandhini.
Nandhini : Joins her hand and says Namesthe.
Rajesh : Namesthe beta. We know, there is no need of any introduction for her, come na sit.
Four of them sits in sofa and Madhu bring them juice and offers them, they take the juice and sips it. Nandhini is still in confustion how they know abt her and who r they.
Manik : Introduces them to her as chacha, chachi.
Nandhini : Smiles at them, so as they.
Madhu : Notice that she uncomfortable. Nandhini what happen, why r u not having anything.
Nandhini : Wo..ah aunty i will have.
Rajesh : So Manik she is 1000 times good than u said, haina Madhu.
Madhu : Ah Rajesh, so is very beautiful.
Manik : Accha, but i dont think so.

Madhu : Manik, she is more beautiful than u, u have to climb at her level got it.
Manik : Really chachi, u know na all girls like me.
Nandhini : Gives him angry look. In mind ( Ya ya i very well know abt it, Monster ).
Madhu : Ah ah..every girl will like u but they r not like nandhini na. Look at her she is special. U come with me.
Madhu takes nandhini’s hand to take her to her room, Manik is also getting up with them.
Madhu : Manik, where r u coming?
Manik : Arey chachi u want us to come with u na so…
Madhu : Not u only nandhini.

Manik : Hmm okay..
Madhu : Turns to walk and turns again to c them, c we have to spend some time so dont waste ur time and arrange the dining table okay. U come with me nandhini. Nandhini smiles and manik c her with open mouth.
Rajesh : Oie Manik, shocked this will happen to every man after marriage, c me iam smiling na the same way u also learn to smile, come now lets go and arrange the table, orelse we wont get anything to eat come.
Manik : Chacha, its not fair and follows him.
Madhu took Nandhini to her room.
Madhu : Come in Nandhini. First we have to lock the door, becoz this boys na chup chup kar humare baath sunega.
Nandhini : Smiles and sits with her.
Madhu : Cares her cheeks. U look same like my frnd Malvika, Manik’s mom she use to look same like u in ur age, u bought her in front of me after so much of years. Now i know y Manik liked u in ur first meeting. Nandhini is confused now becoz she dont know that Nyonika is Manik’s step mom. Manik is just 5 yrs old when she left us. Malhotra bhaiya was totally breaked into pieces after her death and so as Manik, they loved her to the core, after her death we cant c them happy. They make a perfect and good family. Malvika and me were childhood frnds, infact we r family. After her death Malhotra bhaiya fully concentrated in his business and took a good care of Manik also. We cant c them suffer, so me and Rajesh want him to get married, Malhotra bhaiya dont want to but we forced him to becoz Manik was too small, so we thought he should get mom’s love and care.

Nyonika came into their life, after that we stopped going their, but Manik he will come here, he is like our son. U know Nandhini after Malvika’s death, i can c Manik is so happy after cing u, we both know whatever happened between u both, i can c his big smile when he talks abt u. Thats the time, i came to know that u r a suitable girl for him. He is very sweat boy to be with, ah i accept he is very arrogant, but he will do anything to the person he loves.
Nandhini : Tears rolls from her eyes, nandhini wipes it and controls her tears.
Madhu : Beta, i will say one thing to u, never ever go away from him, he cant tolerate anymore pain. Arey mae bina, i made u emotional na and wipes her tears.
Nandhini : Smile, no aunty.
Madhu : Aunty, still u r calling me aunty, no call me chachi r Maa. Ok.
Nandhini : Ok Maa.
Madhu : Thats very nice to hear. Wait i have something for u and opens her wardrobe and takes a box from it and gives it to Nandhini. Come on open it beta.
Nandhini : Open it to c a kagan in it ( A big border bangles, may be spelling is wrong in hindi). And looks up her.

Madhu : Its for u, u know this is Malvika’s kagan, she use to say always that this kagan i will give it to my bahu nu, u know y becoz Manik likes this kagan, he wont sleep until Malvika wears it, becoz he use to hold this kagan and sleep, sweat na. When Manik is in tension r someother problem he always hold this kagan and sleep. So if i give this to my bahu na so it will be easy for her to calm him down. Now her dream come true, its in the place where it must be. I think iam giving this back to my frnd itseems becoz u look same like her.
Nandhini : But Maa, wo..wo..
Madhu : Wo..wo..kuch nahi u have to take this iam ur saas na its my order.
Nandhini : With hesitation takes it with her and hugs her.
Madhu : Now come lets go out, i dont know wat they have done to my kitchen and dining table. Madhu opens the door to c manik is standing. Manik u r hearing us all this while.
Manik : Arey no chachi i just came to call u both, chachi what u both were talking abt.
Madhu : Its girls talk so, we wont say it to boys come lets go. And takes Nandhini with her.
Nandhini : Now in shock and she cant belive wat just Madhu said to her. All sits in dining table and madhu seves food to them. But Nandhini is just cing Manik and his smile.
Manik : Hello nandhini what r u looking for have it na, u dont want to go back r wat, comeon its getting late.

Madhu : Manik, y are u in hurry, Nandhini if he behaves rude r something else, u say it to me i will take care of him and screws his ear.
Nandhini : Ah wo.. i will and starts eating. Four of them finished their dinner. Nandhini takes blessing from them and both leaves the place.
Rajesh : What u told her?
Madhu : I told her everything.
Rajesh : U think that she will be with him forever.
Madhu : Ah Rajesh, only Nandhini can bring back old manik, u r cing na Manik is happy only after he met her, so his happiness in her.
Rajesh : U r right madhu, look at them they look perfect with each other, like Malhotra bhaiya and malvika bhabhi.
Madhu : Ah rajesh.
Manik and nandhini finally reaches Maniks car and turns to c them and says bye and gets in the car.

Precap : Manik and Nandhini’s first hug.

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