Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 33

Recap : Manik’s confession and kiss.
Fab 5 along with Nandhini and Navya wakls towards audi and Manik drags Nandhini back and takes her to the corner, Cabir notice this and makes sure nobody sees them and moving on.
Manik : Stucks her to the wall. So y u said that u dont want to c my performance?
Nandhini : Becoz i dont want to.

Manik : Really, u r the only girl said this iam impressed.
Nandhini : i dont say this to impress u and moves from there.
Manik : Again drags her close to him, Nandhini whats ur problem, y r u so rude to me, before last night u were nice to me na, smiling and u remember u was angry with me when i ignored u, but suddenly in one night everything is changed. Y r u doing this to me?
Nandhini : I said everything last night i cant say it again and again, leave me Manik.
Manik : Drags her even close to him, Nandhini when u say stay away na, i can hear Manik come close, that wat u mean na Nandhini, right.
Nandhini : With opened mouth and push him and walks to audi.
Manik : Smiles at her childishness and walks behind her.
Nandhini : Turns back to c him.
Manik : Kisses her.

Nandhini : Turns. Aiyappa he so naughty and walks.
In Auditorium everyone one is shouting, Fab 5 enters the audi and they all shouts more, after that Navya and Nandhini enters taking their place.
Rhagav : Here is our very own Band Fab 5, they r making us proud for past 2 years, last time their concert was super hit and this year they r going to perform in Mumbai and iam sure this it will be a super duper hit. In behalf of u all i congrats them for their concert.
Everyone was shouting like hell, Nandhini saw Manik in stage and again he gives kiss to her.Nandhini bows her head, the girl standing back to Nandhini saw him.
The Girl : Manik Ummmmmmahhhhh….
Nandhini : Turns back with open mouth.
The Girl : Manik i love u….
Nandhini : What? r u mad r wat?
The Girl : Yeah iam mad on him.
Nandhini : Seriously.

The Girl : Ya look at him, he is so handsome to handle, u know i joined here just becoz of him, from last year i was waiting when he will come to me like a prince and propose me.
Nandhini : Propose, but look at him he is not even cing u and u just dreaming abt him.
The Girl : So what, u know if we want something from our heart na definetly we will get it.
Nandhini : Get angry by her answer and turns back to c him.
Manik : He again wrinks at her and smiles.
Nandhini : In mind (Aiyappa what is in him every girl is behind him, y not he is very handsome, his eyes is so wonder, his smile is enough to attract a girl, but aiyappa y he is looking so sooooo handsome and he is smiling at every girl naughty Manik) Nandhini what r u thinking just stop thinking abt him. What if he is smiling at every girl, how can i say him he should only smile at me nu.
Fab 5 starts their performance the audi becomes silent, they sing Man mere song from table no.21, Nandhini is again mesmerised in his singing and just cing him, Manik in other side also cing nandhini and singing.
Everyone claps after the performance and again shouts.
Rhagav : Wow..i can c how will be concert next month. Once again All the best. Fab 5 leaves from there.

Navya and Nandhini walking in the coridor, Nandhini is going on memering, navya try to hear it but cant.
Navya : Vese nandhu, performance is very nice na.
Nandhini : Ah Navya.
Navya : If we get a chance to learn music from them na we should what say.
Nandhini : Ah Navya.
Navya : I have to say Manik’s singing is very good and his voice matha rani manik ko acche voice deyae haina.
Nandhini : Ah voice ki saath saath…
Navya : Nandhu what happen to u what are u memering.
Nandhini : With anger, problem Manik is my problem, his smile is my problem and that girl……..
Navya : Hello Nandhu, girl which girl say it clear na.
Nandhini : Arey navya wo..ladki, was sitting behind me na wo..she was going on looking at Manik and she was also kissing him.
Navya : Laughing.
Nandhini : Why r u laughing.
Navya : Nothing come lets go. In mind ( u r jealous nandhu).
Nandhini and navya talking in their class room. Manik comes there.
Manik : Hai navya, cabir is waiting for u outside.
Navya : She gets his point and knows he want to talk to her , Gets up to go, but nandhini stops her.

Nandhini : Navya sit here dont go.
Navya : Obeys her. nandhu what?
Manik : Nandhini cabir is waiting so let her go.
Nandhini : So let cabir come na y r u?
Manik : Listen i want to take u some where, so come with me.
Nandhini : I wont have u heard it i wont.
Manik : R u sure, u dont want to come.
Nandhini : Yes iam sure i dont want u, in mind (aiyappa every girls is mad at him na so let him take someone of them y me.)
Manik : Last time r u coming with me r not.
Nandhini : No iam not coming and y should i come with u.
Manik : Sure.
Nandhini : How many times to say no no no…
Manik : Ok and takes her in his arms.
Nandhini : Is shocked and shouts to let her down. Manik leave me u cant do this to me everyone will c us what they will think.
Manik : I dont care, if u want me to let u down u have to agree to come with me will u.
Nandhini : Ah..ah..i will come leave me pls.
Manik : Lets her down, thats like a good girl and walk with me and takes her hand in his hand and both walks.

In car Nandhini is going on asking where he is taking her nu, but Manik doesn’t reply her and driving the car.
Nandhini : Aiyappa what he thinks abt himself, i really dont know where he is taking me pls be with me aiyappa.
Manik : Now who is this aiyappa, he ur cousin like that Abimanyu.
Nandhini : What? He is our god.
Manik : Oh thank god i dnt need to fight with another one and takes a sign.
Manik stops a car in front of a grand Mansion and opens the door for her.
Nandhini : Manik, where did u got me.
Manik : Come in urself will know.
Nandhini : Manik tell na i came here with u na so atleast now tell me na.
Manik : U want me to pick u up again to get u in, no na so just walk with me. Walks ahead.
Nandhini : In mind ( Ahhh..what he is thinking abt himself always boss around me, dont know whose house is this, Aiyappa save me from this Monster).

Precap : Manik rings the calling bell and the door opens and Manik says hai……..

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