Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 11


Recap : Manik’s words to Nandhini.
Manik : Smiles and Winks and moves from there leting her free.
Nandhini : Nandhini smiles slowly and release a big sigh and turns back to c him.
Manik : Manik also turns to c her and smiles.
Nandhini : She smiles at her stupidity and feels shy that wat she is trying to do from morning to hear this and smiles. Aiyappa i was so stupid i was playing hide and seek with him and moves from there smiling to her class.
Navya saw Nandhini smiling and feeling little shy and coming.
Navya : Oie hello wat happen why r u smiling and ah u left me there like that, if he caught me instead of u means….
Nandhini : Is still in her guilt and shy smiling doesn’t notice wat is happening around her.
Navya : Gives her a strong push. Oie u r blushing, asse kya hau, tell me.
Nandhini : Tells her everything and also say how guilt she is feeling now.
Navya : Leave all that, What u said to him?
Nandhini : Sorry i forgot.
Navya : What? Pagal ladki, Thanks bhi nahi bola.
Nandhini : Ah navya, mae kya karu. U also done the same thing if u r there in my situation.
Navya : Situation khoon sa situation.
Nandhini : Again she thinks how he said and smiles. And to her senses. Arey leave it na, now tell me what should i do?
Navya : Take a blanket and sleep.
Nandhini : What?
Navya : Arey bhoothuuu Thank u bolo thank u.
Nandhini : Thank u but how Navya he wished me half and hour back and thank u after half an hour how stupid.
Navya : Hmm u should have thought it before.
Nandhini : Acha okay.
Navya : Nandhini, i doubt that if it is their plan to bully u means? Wat u will do? Think na first Cabir now Manik. I cant even think u between that frogs and croackroaches, its scary.
Nandhini : No, Navya i dnt think so. Now u tell me wat to do.
Navya : Okay leave it for now if he talks to u again means then u say thank u okay.
Malhotra’s Mansion
Manik is very happy that the 2 suspense face of his life, 1 revealed now and smiles and enters the mansion. All servants seeing him with open mouth, Nyonika is also there seeing him smile very happily from heart for the first time. Manik is unaware of wat is happening around him simply smiling and moves towards his room.
Manik : Takes the pendent and starts to say wat all happened today, U know i saw the girl who sang that song, i really got stuck cing her, now iam feeling happy for the first time. And i have to find u, then only i will get more happy moments i think so, u r very lucky for me yaar from that day iam smiling, verna tho… Leave it, now i have to find u yaar, but how. Cabir enters Manik’s room with a song, dhost dhost na raha…………. Manik hides the pendent under his bed.
Cabir :Kya…kya chupariyo mujhse.
Manik : Nothing yaar Ah na sit here.
Cabir : So Manik now u tell me wat happen there.
Manik : Tells everything with a big smile on his face. U know she is very cute, how she was hiding herself from me, bu i dnt knw why? i must tell u i was struggling to control myself not to laugh andd think the same and laughs.
Cabir : Who is watching his smiling face for the first time is also smiles back. Manik get up.
Manik : Slowly stops laughing. For What?
Cabir : Arey i wnt rape u chalo and takes him to the mirror.
Manik : Cabir……….
Cabir : Look at urself u changed, u r smiling na na laughing like a laughing budha c na look.
Manik : Cabir u such sadist and beats him. Nyonika enters the room. Both stops fighting, Cabir moves to go but Manik stop him.
Nyonika : Wat happen to my son today he is very happy and smiling, no angry, I missed anything.
Manik : Nyonika pls dnt spoil my mood just get lost iam very tired and have to sleep so pls move.
Nyonika : Gives him an angry look and walks off. Cabir also say bye to him and moves.
Manik : Again takes that pendent and lyies on bed looking deep into it and slept in notime. Nyonika comes there to take her mobile that she left in Manik’s room sees him sleeping like a baby and keeps the blanket on him, She notice something is struck into his hands and takes it to find a pendent of a girl and takes it with her and off the lights and walks off from there.

Precap : Manik panics that he cant find that pendent.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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  1. Awesome yaar

  2. Mahi13

    SUPERB UPDATE. Manan is sooooo CUTE. Loving ur ff a looooot <3 😉

    1. sahana jessie

      Thank u

  3. I’m sooo happy…such an awesome episode sahana…and I’m sure Manik wil get the pendant back from Nyonika..I think Nyonika actually cares for Manik,the way she covers him with blanket is a gesture of motherly love…I hope Nyonika and Manik patches up…don’t wanna see a separated Mom and Son…it’s actually soo heartbreaking….waiting for the nxt episode….
    Eid Mubarak all!!!

  4. Awesome episode
    Hope Manik gets the pendent

  5. U r amazing writer yar….
    I just love it….
    Keep going…..

  6. Anandi

    It’s awesome dear…waiting for the nxt update…
    Did Mubarak!

    1. sahana jessie

      Thank u wish u the same… Iam a christian

  7. awesome man

  8. fabulous…….superb going.
    keep smiling……………………

  9. Awsm plzz dnt ,,,Manik shuld bck the pendent frm nyonica
    May b she care but hidden behind hr rude attitude lyk Manik like mom lyk son

  10. Evn i was smiling nd laughing like a budhha….seriously damn cute epi… ohho bas pendent mil jaye jldii use..

  11. what ep it is££

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