Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever (Introduction+ EPISODE 1)


MANAN – A Unforgetable Love Forever
Hai friends Iam Sahana from Tamil Nadu this is my first FF and i dnt knw wheather u ppl like it or wat but i read all the ff abt manan only manan iam a silent reader. I dnt have guts to write a ff but gathered to do it. Hope u all will like it if u all dnt like it then let me know so tat i can stop writing and iam sure i wnt write again. By the way iam a Tamil girl iam fan of hindi serials for past 3 years infact i learnt hindi through serial now i can understand, speak and now learning to read also. So her it goes.

All characters are same Fab 5, Manik, Alya, Mukthi, Dhruv, Cabir
Nandhini Murthy is a soft kind hearted girl from Tamil Nadu who comes to Mumbai to study music becoz of her amms who is a music and dance teacher. Nandhini is a good singer and a dancer too. She is having a brother Rishab and Chacha, Chachi ( Chithi And Chithappa ).
Manik Malhothra is a handsome, arrogant, rich, rude guy that any girl will love to be with. He lost his mother at the age of 4, his father is a Big Business Icon in the World. He likes Music, Music his his first love. To hide his sorrows he is bully on everyone.
Nyonika Malhothra Manik’s stepmother after manik’s mom died his father dnt want to get married to anyone, but everyone forced him to get becoz he is out of country for the sake of business so to take care of manik. But she is interested in Money.
All the other are the same.

Nandhini’s house in Tamil Nadu
Amms : (Morning) Nandu get up its 5, today u have to get ur certificate ready to go to mumbai with ur chachi and chacha so get up.
With a lite moan a girl from bed gets up without opening her eyes goes to hall where her amms is taking classes for the students and hugs from back.
Nandhu : Good Morning amms and opened her eyes.
Amms : Good Morning nandhu, when will u get this habit of urs from ur mind becoz as u r gng to Mumbai i wnt be thr so whom will u c the first in the morning. Tis is all for 2 days only.
Nandhu : No amms i will take ur photo from here and keep it with me so tat my habit of seeing u first in a day will never get out of my mind ever. Amms i have learnt enough from u abt music then y r u sending away from u, i will join some other course here so tat i will be always with u. I am already missing u amms and hugs her.
Amms : Nandhu i know u r my sweat student ever but tis is not enough. My dream is to get u a big Karnatic singer and give all the talent, tis is only possible when u go out of tis state to Mumbai where SPACE ACADEMY is there and i came to knw tis is one of the best colleges in the world so there will be lots to learn from there and the faculty are also a best.
Nandhu : Ok amms as u wish. I will go, i want to see u happy amms thats it i will not do anythng that hurts u, and hugs her.
A students who is hearing all this speaks.
Stud 1 : OHHH! nandhu u r gng to study in SPACE, wow u r very lucky. And dnt forget us after gng to Mumbai.
Stud 2 : Nandhu will get lots of frnds there then why would she remember us she will be happy there. (keeping a puppy face).
Nandhu : AHH! dnt be too stupid i wnt forget anyone. Telling tis nandhu went to freshen up.
After getting her certificate frm her school she was getting ready to go to Mumbai and making arrangements for it. And her Chacha Chachi are also here to get them to Mumbai.

A hot young man is swimming in the pool and a servant is coming ther with a glass of juice in hand.
Servant : Baba here is ur juice and madam saab wants to talk to u and said u to come to her room with a shakee voice.
The young man getting out of the pool ofcourse its our very own Manik from the pool comes up and takes the juice.
Manik : Why r u getting tensed? its nothng to do with u she is always like tis she always want everyone to be her gulam so dnt worry its my worry to deal with her so u can go now. Telling tis manik drinks the juice and again jumps into the pool. After some times he is walking to his room.
Nyonika : Manik and he stops hearing her voice and turns back and again walk to his room again she is calling him. Manik, i said u to come and meet me in my room but still u r nt in now whr r u gng manik come and meet me now in my room, i said now got it. and turns to go to her room.
Manik : Cant u see tat iam in my pool so now iam going to shower and to get ready after tat i will meet u so bye for now.
Nyonika : Manik, manik, Manik………………………

After half an hour manik got ready and went to nyonika’s room to meet her.
Nyonika : So finally u got time to meet me.
Manik : Actually speaking i really dnt want to meet u becoz after meeting u my day is really turns worst to me so i prefer to stay far far away from u, but fait. Now come to the point for wat u have called me here and cut the grap come on speak up.
Nyonika : So Manik as u knw even i dnt like wasting time with u instead to concentrate on my business. As u knw u r in 2nd year of ur college and is opening in 2days i need u and ur stupid frnds to behave urself to freshers and professors and as well as to ur classmates becoz i dnt want any trouble in SPACE anymore u got it.
Manik : Carelessly looking here and there. So Nyonika u called me here to talk abt tis useless thing, Oh common nyonika u also knw that it wnt work on us so try another way and ah i always have another option for u to make up so dnt act too smart with me becoz we both knw that it is waste of time especially for u valuable for Business than me. Suddenly manik’s phone rings. Seeing the phone manik said bye to nyonika and turns back to go.
Nyonika : Manik tis time u have to obey me becoz i really fed up with u and ur frnds acts and media is creating more trouble for our college so tis i need to select students in merit than management its all becoz of u people. And tis i wnt let it happen and i will punish ur frnds badly and i mean it.
Manik : Got angry tis time Nyonika dnt ever try to touch my frnds becoz i dnt spare u i will do anythng for my frnds unlike u so dnt do tat.
Nyonika : Try me Manik Iam ur mom and i knw how to get u on track and tis time i will do wat i said so u better be careful and say ur frnds to be good enough. When it comes to my reputation i will and i can do anythng for it, think abt it Manik. Saying tis she walks off.
Manik is bruning in anger and throughing things here and there and drives out by his car ofcourse black clr car.

Precap : Manik and Nadhini’s First Meeting.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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