Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 9


Recap : Manik hears Nandhini’s voice, and mesmerised.
FAB 3 comes back and informs manik that ther is a introduction class for 1st year tomorrow in conference hall. Manik is happy to hears but impatient to wait till tomorrow. All the day Manik is present in phshical and his mind is occupied by her voice. Evening after returning to Malhotra’s Manison Mank opened his wardrobe aand took the pendent in his hand and settles in his bed.
From that day Manik is connected himself to that pendent he talks to it as it is his new frnd and shares everything to it, becoz after his frnds and his mom someother girl is attached to him is that pendent girl (in manik’s point ofview).
Manik : Hai, How to find u, i really need to find u? And i will. U know wat, today i heard a mismerising voice that could give me peace for ever and trust me first time a voice is disturbing me like hell. I dnt knw what happened to me from that day i met with an accident, becoz i was searching for u first and now for that voice. U know what Cabir calls me ROMEO and laughs. Takes a pause. Are u hearing me? Where r u yaar?.
Next day Manik wakes up early becoz to c the face of that voice and he calls cabir.
Manik : Cabir yaar wat r u doing?

Cabir : In sleepy tone. Doing pooja u want to attend?
Manik : Okay just complete it and come soon to my place.
Cabir : Before he could comlpete Manik disconnects the call. Arey Manik if u dnt want to listen, then y u call, Saale coming u wait and watch seeing his phone and gets up to go.
Nandhini again got ready and came and said bye to chachi. Becoz she want to go early for the practise today also.
In Malhotra’s Mansion Manik is walking here and there in wait of Cabir. When he enters and jus laid on manik’s bed.
Manik : Cabir Why r u late man, dnt u have any respect for my feelings, iam not getting sleep but look at u.
Cabir : Get up and sat on bed. Oh Mr. ROMEO. If u become romeo in one night then will we do, now stop u grap and tell me why u called me.
Manik : Sits next to him. Cabir yaar i have gut feeling that today also she will be in college early. Becoz aaj introduction hai, so she will definitely come to practise.
Cabir : Wow Manik, tere iss side tho mujhe abi dekneko milrey. But wat going to do after u see her any idea.
Manik : First let go cabir come.

In college Nandhini and Navya are in the music room tuning their instrument to practise. Navya went to bring water, Nandhini starts to sing the same song. Manik came to college with Cabir and hears her voice, Now Cabir also liking her voice.
Manik : I told u na Cabir, she will come, look she is here.
Cabir : Manik, u r right she is cool yaar, her is something. Aab cholo Romeo before she could stop singing lets start our mission.
Manik and Cabir listening to her voice coming to Music room, This time they want catch her so ther is no chance in closing eyes and mismerising. And stop in front of the door seeing Nandhini singing. Nandhini in closed eyes smiling and singing the song, They both stoped shocked to see Nandhini is the girl they r searching for, both look at each other and going on lisening to her, in sometimes there is full of smile in their face, eyes were closed and feeling like flying.
Nandhini Finished the song and prays the thambura and keeps it aside and saw both men were standing, she opened her eyes full and blinking it slowly, her heart is beating very fast like a train. Manik is still cant believe his eyes and stands there staring her. Cabir moves from his place towards her and gives his hand to greet.
Cabir : Too good, u r best wat a voice u have i must say. where did u learnt music too good man. Nandhini is standing there without any movement. Navya who is watching cabir talking to Nandhini goes near Nandhini. Oh Madhubala, u r also here and takes water from her and drinks it.
Navya catches Nandhini’s hand and both start to move cabir stops them, that his frnd want to talk to her. Bu Manik is still in shock.
Cabir : Manik yaar y r u standing here come na wat r u waiting for chalo wat u want her to do.
Manik starts to move towards her, but interupts by a call it was the same call came that night freshers night. And both rushed from there. Nandhini and Navya is happy.

Precap : Manik and Nadhini’s hide and seek. Manik catches Nandhini. Wat he will do now?????

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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